The Hippest Tattoo Ideas for Men for Your Next Ink

People get inked for various reasons. Some get them to serve as reminders of the good and even bad things in their lives. Others use tattoos to express their individuality. There are also those who just think they look cool.

No matter what the case is, getting a tattoo is always a personal matter. It’s a commitment that you’ll wear on your skin forever so it’s important to get the right one.

If you don’t know which one to get yet, here are some of the best tattoo ideas for men that might just tickle your fancy:

Name Tattoos

Name Tattoos

We know, it’s cheesy having someone else’s name inked on your skin but it’s also a good example of one of the most meaningful men’s tattoos out there. On most occasions, it’s a demonstration of the wearer’s love for or commitment to someone else.

Name Tattoos

It’s quite tricky getting a name tattoo, though. First of all, you’d want to tattoo the right person’s name on your body. Couples are often tempted to do so but usually end up regretting them when they break up, so we don’t recommend this. No matter how much you love your significant other, if you think you’ll regret it later, don’t have their name tattooed on you.

Names of your kids or parents are usually better options, however. They are, ideally, some of the most permanent people in your life, so declaring your love and commitment to them is a wonderful thing to do.

Where to put one? These are some of the most popular examples of armband tattoos in men, so you can always put it there. Some folks also like to put them on their chest, forearms, or fingers.

Word or Phrase Tattoosquote tattoos for men

If you don’t want to ink someone else’s name on yourself, you can go for an inspiring tattoo that features a meaningful word or phrase instead. It could be a quote from a song, movie, or book, a line you came up with, or simply just a word that resonated with you. If you have words that hold a lot of meaning for you, they can be the perfect things to have on your skin.

Where to put one? As a simple tattoo for men, some like to place it by their collar bones or forearms. Depending on the design, they can also work nicely as a tattoo for men’s hands.

The pain of getting a lip tattoo can be an interesting question. You might think it will never compare to any other form or injury, but once you finally decide on this path there are few things more painful– unless they involve needles.

Something from Your Childhood

Tattoo Ideas for Men

Many would agree that nostalgic pieces are considered as the coolest tattoo ideas ever. It says a lot about your personality and what you loved as a child which could shape you as an adult. It can also be said that it can be a great way to express your quirkiness.

In this regard, cartoons, TV shows, movies, or books can offer ideas for the best tattoos for men. It could be an iconic character, setting, or even an event or it could be an obscure reference. Whatever it is, if you connect strongly with it, it might prove to be a great tattoo idea for you.

Where to place such tattoos? Thanks to the amount of space on one’s calves men’s tattoos on legs tend to get very creative and expressive, so you can opt to put it there. Most areas on your arms and back work, too.

A Work of Art

A Work of Art

Works of art can also be great sources of tattoo ideas for men. There’s so much inspiration that you can take from them, so make sure to check them out.

When using a work of art as a source of inspiration, however, you have to follow a set of etiquette. Lifting a piece of artwork on the internet and having it copied to your skin is a total no-no. No matter how much you love and connect with the piece, someone else worked hard to produce the piece so it’s crucial that you ask for permission to use it. Most artists allow personal use like such, so you don’t have to worry.

Taking cues from a work of art is all good, too. You can just take the whole vibe and have your tattoo artist give you something similar. With the right expert, you can get a great piece from scratch.

Something Minimal

minimalist tattoo design

If you’re looking for small tattoo ideas men, there are also lots to choose from. Going minimalist is a trendy choice as more and more folks are now getting teeny-tiny tats with the simplest illustrations, symbols or letterings.

One interesting trend is the line tattoo. They’re not necessarily small in some cases as they can run through several body parts but they’re very minimal since it’s just a line. It can also be very striking and meaningful when designed right.

Where should you put them? Minimal tattoos vary greatly in style, shape, and size so they’re not just for a specific area. The placement also helps make it look more striking so you should be careful in choosing the spot to place them. They’re commonly placed on the hands, fingers, arms, and sides. You can also use them as an armband tattoo if you like.

It’s not just about how much a tattoo machine costs. You should also consider what type of equipment it will be used with and its durability to give you an idea if the price tag is worth it in comparison

Sticker Tattoos

Sticker Tattoos

Sticker tattoos blew up in recent years because of how quirky their art style is and how well they demonstrate the evolving tattoo styles today. What’s so interesting about these tattoos is the fact that they’re both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional at the same time. They typically feature an art style that looks like a 2D artwork that you’ll see as vinyl stickers but as they also look like they were just stuck on the skin, they give off this 3D effect at the same time.

Where should you put one? Many find this to be a perfect idea for men’s tattoos on shoulders while others wear them as calf or arm inks. It’s your call where to put them but they’re nice to show off, so it would be great to place them somewhere people will see them.

Classic Graphic TattoosClassic Graphic Tattoos

Classic graphic tattoos continue to be some of the best tattoo ideas for men. Most guys continue to be attracted to traditional graphic art when getting inked, so why not give this a shot, too? Despite being the conventional style, you can still get creative and find ways to make your ink more unique. All you need is a good inspiration and a great tattoo artist and you can be sure to pull off something amazing.

You can put classic graphic tattoos on your back, arms, ribs, chest, neck, and legs. It should depend on how big or small you want them in. The actual design can also play a huge role in choosing the right spot for your new ink.

Have you ever wanted to print out a tattoo stencil but didn’t know how? Well, it’s easy. Check our article for instructions on printing your own designs.

Line Drawing Tattoos

Line Drawing Tattoos

These are also very popular tattoo drawing ideas as they’re whimsical, unique, and modern. They’re minimal but also very striking and bold which can be the perfect match for a lot of guys’ personalities. You’ll also be able to find tons of inspiration for this tattoo style online.

They’re the best options for hand tattoos for guys but they can also work in other areas.

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Your Own Design

Your Own Design

If you’re looking for the most unique tattoo ideas, you might want to do your very own design. By coming up with your own artwork, it’s highly likely that you’ll get something that no one else has yet.

If you don’t think you can come up with creative tattoos on your own, you can also commission an artist to help you out. You can either turn to your favorite artist so you can realize what you have in mind. They don’t necessarily have to be a tattoo artist. However, it might be a good idea to also look for a tattoo artist that can translate an artwork effectively if you’re going to something like this.

For more inspirational tattoos ideas, you just really need to look around. The social media pages of tattoo artists, illustrators, and graphic designers are great places to get started. Doing some reflection should also help you arrive on a decision on what you want to ink on your skin.