Best Lotion for Tattoo Healing and Maintenance in 2022

The best lotion to use on tattoos speeds up the skin healing process through a combination of actions. These actions include forming a protective barrier in the skin’s topmost layer against pathogens, providing skin-nourishing nutrients and adding extra moisture. These are invisible actions obviously but their results can be seen nearly as soon as the moisturizing … Read more

Best Tattoo Care Products According to Experts

Imagine dealing with bloody scabs and itchy dry skin on your fresh tattoo. Ouch! Frankly, the most excruciating suffering arises after leaving the tattoo artist’s haven and into the self-care stage. Additionally, leaving your new body art dry is the most painful blunder you could ever make. Yikes! We know with every tattoo comes to … Read more

The Best Tattoo Aftercare Products You Must Have

With the tattooing industry experiencing rapid growth, different companies have formulated different types of aftercare products in an attempt to meet market demand. The tattoo lotions have, as a result, been availed with the aim to provide an effective solution to ensure excellent shape for many years to come. We personally  use following items in … Read more