Stigma Hyper V3 Review

It’s not possible to be a leading brand of the world without excellence. Stigma is one of the leading rotary tattoo machine brands in the world right now. That means they have a level of excellence peaking so high that it can be seen from every end of the world. One of those peaks is the Stigma Hyper V3. The Hyper V3 is one of the 11 great devices that Stigma offers.

This Germany based company has all the qualities to conquer the rotary tattoo machine world. To state one quality, the first would be that it’s German. German companies never compromise with quality. It’s a basic nature of their race. That’s why you can easily rely on anything they make.

I will share everything you need to know about the Stigma Hyper V3 tattoo machine in my Stigma Hyper V3 review as it is a rotary tattoo machine beginners kit.

Stigma Hyper V3 Review

LUBANF Tattoo Rotary Tattoo Machine Guns Stigma Hyper V3 Style Shader Liner Silver Colour Aluminum Tattoo Gun Strong and Quiet Motor Body Art,Gray

You can compare the looks of this piece of machinery with a colorful gun. It does look like a pistol. Instead of shooting bullets, it shoots and pours paint on our skins. And it does it very precisely.

Stigma Hyper V3 is made with aluminum alloy. It produces low noise and at the same time, better quality paint. The motor is beginner-friendly and very flexible to work with. Stigma wanted to make it with stainless steel. But they found that, due to the shape and power it carries, it’ll be too heavy to carry. That’s why they made it with aluminum alloy.

The Stigma Hyper V3 is a tattoo machine that has been designed for professional use. It is made with aluminum alloy and features a short-stroke, which makes it ideal for use with both liner and shader needles.

It’s lightweight, thus, balances perfectly at hand during work. That’s another reason why the tattoo comes out perfect and precise if done with this machine. Tattoo artists prefer this model for business purposes too. It’s one of the best quality tattoo machines to invest in as a professional tattoo artist.

Let’s check the specs to find out more.

  • Made in Germany
  • Made with Aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight than stainless steel rotary machines
  • Can run efficiently for 6 hours without heating
  • Equipped with hex wrenches
  • Professionals prefer to use more often
1. Build Quality

It’s built with aluminum alloy, which makes it very rugged and very sustainable. Also, it’s very lightweight. Thus, you can maintain balance better than other devices.

2. Comfortable and Noise-free

It’s very comfortable to use for professionals. It’s equipped with two hex wrenches, just like the professionals want a rotary machine to be, a precise and deadly machine for artwork. It has a very powerful motor but German technology made it noise-free.

3. Temperature Resistant

If a professional tattoo artist works for 8-10 hours a day, he has to keep two machines or give the machine a break. Because, due to constant use, the device becomes really hot that it’s dangerous to use even. But with this one, you can work straight for 6 hours without any heat. You won’t have to have two devices for professional use.

  • Made with aluminum alloy
  • Can be used for a long time
  • Heat resistance for up to 6 hours usage
  • Noise-free
  • Comfortable for everyone to use
  • Equipped with two hex wrenches
  • Not that much beginner-friendly

Critical Analysis

Stigma claims to make devices for all types of skilled tattoo artists. That means their devices are supposed to be beginner-friendly. But specifically, this device has set a different milestone. The specifications make it a professional device.  It’s not that beginners and home-based users can’t use it, they can if they want.

There’s an advantage to this setback. If they perfect the skill someday, they can choose a new career any day.

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Final Words

If you’re a professional, this tattoo machine will be perfect for you. But if you’re a beginner, don’t worry at all. You can buy this as well. You can set it up easily and use it at home and even practice. So, whatever your skill level is, feel free to give this tattoo machine a try.