Solong Tattoo Machine Review

With the most variety of machine types, Solong is one of the best Tattoo machine manufacturers in the world. Originated in China, this company has been in the tattoo machine manufacturing business for the last 7 years.

They have perfected every type of tattoo machines including both hand-made and machine-made types. So, if you ask someone about relying on Solong, they’d tell you to do that. Because they have such a reputation that people can count on them for the best quality tattoo machines.

Let’s get to know them better. Being a sister concern of the Yiwu City Solong Imp & Exp Co. Ltd, they have entered the business back in 2011 and have been crowned as one of the bests ever since.

Solong Tattoo Machine Review

Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine Pen 20pcs Needle Cartridges 8 Inks Digital Power Supply Professional EK129-1

Solong has been in the game for not that long but still have perfected everything. That’s due to the dedication of providing clients with the best products. This is a dedication that every tattoo artist or home tattoo affectionate person expects and should expect from any tattoo machine manufacturers.

Their tattoo kits and accessories are amazing. But in this article, we will review their tattoo machines.

So, let’s get on with this Solong Tattoo Machine Review.

  • Types of Machines: They have machines of three categories, Coil Machines, Rotary Machines & Pen machines
  • Sub Category: Among the 3 categories, they have a total of 24 tattoo machines you can choose from
  • Tattoo Machine For beginners: Each category has a dedicated machine for beginners to practice
  • Buyer Protection: 14 days replacement policy and 6 months free maintenance warranty
  • Personal Patent Brands: Three personal patent brands, Solong Tattoo, Stigma & Tornado
  • Price: Between the stage of Cheap and affordable

They make their machines ensuring comfort at both ends. They ensure comfort for the artist and the customer as well. The artist can get comfortable using the machine and the client can get comfortable getting service from it.


The machines’ ease of use lets everyone to sharpen their skills by practicing over and over. Also, they are quite cheap, which enables everyone to get their hands on the devices.


Solong is very concerned about the safety of their clients as well as their employees too. That’s why they maintain a safe environment at their factory and use high-quality products only.

  • Safety issues highly maintained
  • Practice skin
  • USA made colors
  • Very easy to use
  • Comfortable for everyone
  • High-quality material
  • Safety commodities sold separately

Critical Analysis

The only setback we realized using their product is that they have safety features for every machine, but they sell those safety commodities separately. Some might say it’s a corporate policy, but they keep their prices low.

My suggestion would be to increase the price marginally and include some safety items along with the machines, not with the kits only.

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Final Words

Apart from that only fault, we found absolutely no other technical or technological defects in their products. They manufacture the products cleanly and also ensure safety at both ends. That’s why they were able to achieve such peaks in such a short time.

It takes a company ages to be one of the bests in the world. But they became one of the best in a very short time. That was only possible because they provided the best quality product to their clients. You can rely on them without question.

Our suggestion will be not to use a tattoo machine without proper safety measures. Ensure your safety first, then use a machine.