Solong Tattoo Kit Review

Solong is one of the largest tattoo kit manufacturers in the world. They are widely known among professional tattoo artists. If you ask any tattoo artist which brand they rely on, they’ll say Solong undeniably. Because of the quality assurance they can get from Solong, you can’t expect similar quality from other brands.

That’s why they are one of the most widely known tattoo kit and accessories manufacturers of the world. Solong offers some tattoo kits which you can use personally. 

A tattoo is about self-explaining. You can judge a person’s personality by seeing their tattoo. The best way to self-explain yourself is with a tattoo kit that understands the value of personality.

Solong Tattoo Kit Review

Solong Tattoo Kit Review

Starting from tattoo kits, tattoo accessories, and permanent makeup kits, Solong’s reputation is worldwide. Some tattoo kit makers have kept their machinery confined within the touch of professionals but Solong has been making tattoo kits for the home and professional use. That’s why for home use, you can easily rely on their tattoo kits.

Some tattoo kit companies are notoriously reputed just for keeping their kits of great quality but accessories of bad quality. But you can’t complain about Solong’s accessories because they have the same quality as the given accessories with a whole coil tattoo machine. They are sustainable and the pricing is at hand.


  • Country of Origin: China
  • Mother Company: Yiwu City Solong Imp & Exp Co. Ltd
  • Established: 2008
  • Marketplace Availability: eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, DHgate, Aliexpress
  • Tattoo Product Experience: 7 years
  • Client Base: Worldwide



Solong Tattoo produces every single product in an automated way. So, every product is similar in accordance with quality and quantity. There’s absolutely no chance of having two different quality products from the same batch. They have maintained the reputation of providing quality products by actually producing quality products


Prices introduced by this company has created a fuss because many companies had to reduce their prices to cope up with Solong. Thus the market became customer friendly. So, you can say till today, Solong provides the best quality products in the least possible price


You can buy Solong products from many market places both retailer and wholesale amount or even a single product. he products are always available due to the regular production.

  • High availability
  • Less price
  • Automated and handmade machines
  • High build quality
  • Comes with warranty

Underdeveloped website

Critical Analysis

Solong has a line of 5-10 fashion products every month newly introduced. They have a lot of things planned ahead for almost 10 years. But there’s a problem that no one can deny.

They work through the worldwide market by their website, but their website is not well developed. You can see that some products are blank. That means those products are still not available on their website. You can find them on different marketplaces though.

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Final Words

Apart from this one issue, I can put my foot down and suggest you buy products from Solong. If you’re serious about buying professional or personal tattoo kits or even tattoo accessories, buy from Solong blindly.

You can trust them for quality and service. The best part is that they have a very versatile line of products to buy from. Another factor is that they originate from the most technologically advanced country, China. So, you can seriously rely on them for your tattoo kit.