Tattoo Blowout Or Healing: The Confusion & What To Do

Is my tattoo blowout or still healing? We get this question from thousands of people who tattooed their skin for the first time. After a few days, when they observe their tattoos looks blurry lines or smudged, they get panicked. But we don’t find any clue behind this unless the tattoo turns into blue haze … Read more

The Hippest Tattoo Ideas for Men for Your Next Ink

People get inked for various reasons. Some get them to serve as reminders of the good and even bad things in their lives. Others use tattoos to express their individuality. There are also those who just think they look cool. No matter what the case is, getting a tattoo is always a personal matter. It’s … Read more

11 Things That You Should Know in Taking Good Care of Your Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is pretty much an investment. You’ll most likely spend a lot of time looking for inspiration and crafting the perfect piece, researching about the process, and choosing the best artist. It can also be an expensive process as getting inked itself can be quite costly. With all of these said, it makes … Read more

Tattoo Healing: How Long It Takes and What You Should Do

When preparing to get inked, it’s also very crucial to learn how to heal a tattoo. Unfortunately, not a lot of people pay as much attention as they should in getting better acquainted with the process of healing a tattoo. As a result, they end up having to go through a more painful experience than … Read more