Hummingbird Rotary V1 Tattoo Machine Review

Hummingbird Rotary Tattoo Machine is a true originator in tattoo equipment. The staff works around the clock to construct user-friendly stylish machines that tattoo artists of every skill level love to have in their arsenal boxes. The V1 model is about preserving that reputation and providing next-level body artistry for tattooists across the globe.

Hummingbird Rotary V1 Tattoo Machine Review

BRONC Premium Quality Rotary Cartridge Tattoo Machine Gun Kit Pen Type for Professional Tattoo Artists (Black)

By purchasing this machine, you are giving yourself a real gift. Below that exterior packaging is a better experience than you had before. Maybe you are contemplating switching machines because other brands could not meet the standards.

Professionals with the best skills can use this machine as an everyday utensil. Likewise, beginners will have a tool providing the ultimate control without messing up the picture when trying their luck. Here is the best tattoo machine review.

  • Adjustable dampening control – This feature assists your hand to make sharp lines and a good amount of shading that increases your capability for detailed image creation
  • Dial – Use the dial to control everything that happens with the machine. For example, turn it clockwise for greater line control and counterclockwise for shading
  • Soft feel – The machine feels very comfortable sitting in your hands allowing you to exert as much energy as you choose while retaining ultimate control
  • Needle retainer – With this tool, you can obtain a precise, stable point of attack. Check out our user reviews to learn more.
  • Tube vice locking system – A system with an ergonomic design so you can grip the machine better
  • Swiss, Maxon motor – Strong and durable motor that produces a total of 10,000 hours of runtime
  • Lightweight – At only 82 grams you can carry anywhere. The lightweight also allows you to control the drawing better
  • Stroke length – You can adjust the swing between 3.2-3.5 mm to get the needle where it needs to go
  • 4-7 volts – Generates enough power to get the job done
  • Aluminum-alloy – Increases efficiency


  • Works quicker than typical tattooing machines
  • Best to use for detailed lining and shading
  • Runs automatically; no need to deal with plugs
  • Does not require rubber bands
  • Produces low noise and has smooth vibrations as the motor move
  • Nothing complex to figure out; just twist and pop out the motor


  • It does not have many colors if you are purchasing from the Amazon page. You can only find the different colors on other marketplaces. The base colors you will find are red, gold, coffee, purple, green, black, blue
  • Made in China – this alone raises quality concerns

Critical Analysis

This machine seems to do the job well enough for beginners who are testing out the waters in their newfound career choices. Moreover, professionals will get a competent machine for skill mastery. Since it weighs lightly you can really grip the machine and guide the needle with more control. This means you can feel comfortable testing out new designs without worrying about messing up the picture. I’ve learned that this product got tested with nonstop runtime for at least 24 hours.

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Final Words

The V1 is the best Hummingbird tattoo machine that I have found during my search. It does any job that you desire. Many tattoo professionals call this the original tattoo machine for Hummingbird. I concur. I would add it to my professional collection any day.