How Long Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo? Many People Wonder

Getting a tattoo on the body is fun and interesting. But once we have done it and it’s getting older, most of us can’t remain happy with our tattoos. Indeed, we regret having the tattoo on your body and would like to remove it.

Hence, before removing the tattoo pigment, you should know about everything related to tattoo removal. For example, you need to know how long does it take to remove a tattoo and the money it will take.

And that’s why we are here today to let you learn everything about tattoo removal, how much time it will take to remove the tattoo, and more. So, keep reading between the lines.

How Time It Required To Take For Tattoo Removal Treatments

We do believe that removing tattoos are totally normal. You just need to set the treatment plan about how much time it will take for removing a tattoo from the very beginning.

The treatment plan will depend on multiple factors such as skin types, local anesthetic, and tattoo artists’ validation purposes.

The tattoo removing methods you will use determine how long it will take to get rid of an original tattoo based on adaptable skin types.

For example, laser technology will remove most tattoos in a faster way compared to natural methods. Below, we will break down everything you need to know. For this, the initial consultation is highly encouraged.

Prominently, to completely remove unwanted ink treatment varies greatly for colorful tattoos.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

We would love to introduce the particular types of laser treatments for the tattoo removal procedure using a high-intensity light beam. It will assist you in revealing clear skin where your multiple ink particle once were.

This light beam breaks up the pigment color into smaller pieces, and you may need to apply the laser treatment session to remove the tattoo partially or entirely.

Indeed, the laser tattoo removal work is like a charm and based on multiple sessions. You are required to reach out to a well-trained and skilled person who can assess your treated area.

A professional tattoo artist also can provide you with valued suggestions on the laser session process for complete removal based on your skin type.

The age, size, and colors of your amateur tattoos will determine how much treatment or laser wavelength you are needed to remove the tattoo.

The q switched laser is extremely confined for Indian skin to treat excessive pigmentation on your skin. Laser energy is also used for laser hair removal treatment which is very trendy and has become very popular in recent days.

Direct sun exposure is harmful to the tattoo removal method, and it’s better to avoid swimming instantly to heal the treatment site fully.

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How many sessions Does it take for the Removal Process of a Tattoo

You should go through the following steps to apply laser treatments for tattoo removal sessions:

  • The tattoo artist will give you eye protective equipment
  • He will test and observe how your skin reacts to the laser and choose the most effective energy to treat your tattoo.
  • Finally, the tattoo artist will use the laser to pass laser pulses of high-intensity light beam through the top layers of your tattooed skin. Only the tattoo pigments will absorb the light beam.

A small tattoo requires only a few pulses, while a large tattoo needs more pulses to remove the tattoos. Whether it’s a small or large tattoo removal session, they need several treatments to remove the tattoo completely.

Generally, it takes about 6-7 sessions for the elimination of an unwanted tattoo with laser treatments. Undeniably, it will take an extended time for larger tattoos. As the lighter tattoos will take little time than larger tattoos for the taking away.

We would highly recommend waiting for 6-8 weeks between each session for the betterment.

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Yes, the laser removal process is expensive and less painful or time-consuming than other surgical removal procedures.

The cost of the removal session significantly depends on the size and complexity of the particular tattoo.

Moreover, after completing a successful laser tattoo removal session, proper skin care is also mandatory in that treatment area. Therefore, an additional cost will be obligatory.

Tattoo Remove With Salt

Table salt is an ingredient you can use to take away a tattoo. Apply the salt to a gauze sponge and sand your tattooed surrounding skin down with the salt. Don’t remove the salt from your tattooed area until your skin turns dark red.

Next, apply antibiotic ointment and cover-up tattoos for 3 days. After a week, you can peel off the top layer of your skin. To get the best output, you may need to apply these table-salt tattoo removal procedures several times.

Make sure you wait for 6-8 weeks before applying the next treatment. At this instance, you might ask about the time duration of removing an unwanted tattoo with salt?

Well, it’s not as effective as the laser tattoo removal process. So, it takes more time (about several months) to get rid of a tattoo.

Remove A Tattoo With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide also helps you to fade your old or superficial tattoos. Before applying this, scrub the tattooed area with salt or sugar & coconut oil. You should spend 5-8 minutes exfoliating your skin with salt or coconut oil.

Afterward, use a cotton swab and dab it with hydrogen peroxide. Next, apply it to your tattooed area.

Like other natural tattoo removal methods, it also takes time to remove the tattoo. You need to wait for weeks after weeks or months to get rid of tattoos by applying hydrogen peroxide.

Remove A Tattoo With Aloe Vera

You will get multiple options to having a tattoo removed would be to have a tattoo fade for a cover-up tattoo. Aloe vera is also an effective and natural way to remove tattoos from your body.

Just rub your tattooed skin with aloe vera four times per day, and it will remove the tattoo over time. As it’s a natural remedy, you should wait several months to eliminate the tattoo.

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Factors That Determine How Long It Will Take To Remove A Tattoo

Apart from these, the following criteria will also determine how many sessions it will take for removing a tattoo.

Tattoo Location

The location of your tattoo will affect how fast the tattoo fades. Tattoo pigments will break up and start oozing out from the skin when the technician treats the tattooed area with a laser.

This tattoo removal process will occur more quickly than usual if you have tattoos on the area where blood flows strongly. That’s why tattoos near your heart fade away faster.

On the other hand, areas where blood flows weakly like feet and hands, take a long time to fade away the tattoo.

Tattoo Color

Tattoo colors also determine how long it will take for removing a tattoo. You need a few sessions to remove the black tattoo as black ink responds to the laser well. But blue, white, yellow, and pink are some challenging shades to fade away.

However, there comes a greater advance in laser technology. Using the newer laser systems, removing any color of the tattoo will be a piece of cake.

In most cases, the color of amateur tattoos depends on the individual skin type and skin color. In darker skin tone indeed be appropriated with light ink color.

Tattoo Ink and Size

A tattoo in a larger area of your body takes more sessions to apply laser treatment. Consequently, it will take more time to remove a big tattoo from your body. In contrast, a small tattoo takes a few sessions to get rid of it from your body.

Furthermore, tattoo ink matters for tattoo removal works. If these are high-quality ink particles, it will unquestionably take high time to remove and the tattoo ink particles trapped in the dermis of your skin.

Formerly, ink particles have been flaming into tiny fragments, and your body can safely reabsorb them.

Body’s Immune System

Different tattoo ink is made with versatile ingredients, and some of these increase the longevity of the ink. However, a skilled tattoo artist takes more time than an amateur tattoo technician.

On the top, an individual’s immune system differs from completely removing older tattoos. The body’s ability or immune system and laser wavelengths play a vital role in eliminating layered tattoos. There are also many areas in our body where blood flow high or less.

Tattoo Age

Your tattoo will fade over time when it’s getting older. So, you need to apply comparatively fewer treatments than a new tattoo requires to remove the tattoo.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove A Tattoo

Generally, it will cost you between $200-$500 per treatment to take away a tattoo with a laser. And a larger or smaller tattoo requires more than one treatment to get rid of the tattoo. The more treatments you need, the more money it will take.

Indeed, you need to spend $3500 on average for a complete laser tattoo removal.

However, tattoo color, size, age, and placement will also affect the cost of tattoo removal. For example, you need to spend more bucks if you want to eliminate a tattoo from a larger area.



Honestly, there is no set time for intervals between laser removal treatments. You can take an interval of 3, 4, 5, 6, or more weeks. To get the best output, we recommend you apply each laser treatment after 6-8 weeks.


No, it’s not possible to eradicate a tattoo completely in one session. You need multiple treatments throughout several sessions to fade the tattoo.


Blood circulation, tattoo color, the size of the tattoo, and tattoo location are some factors that make the laser tattoo removal go faster or slower. For example, tattoos near the heat will fade quickly compared to the hand tattoo as blood flows strongly there.


Over time, the personality of people may change to convince them to remove the unwanted tattoos. Some people may regret placing a tattoo on their body, and they decide to remove it. And some people don’t want to carry the same old tattoo. Hence they want to alter the unwanted tattoos and expect to place innovative something on their skin.


Yes, some tattoos are more difficult to remove than others. For example, you can easily laser remove your black color tattoos than the blue tattoos. Therefore, it’s easy to remove the tattoos that are in your chest and arm compared to the tattoos located on your hand and feet.


Yes, you can speed up the tattoo removing process by drinking plenty of water a week before the day you will remove the tattoo. It will help regenerate your skin cells and keep your skin hydrated, which will help the laser light to break the pigments faster.

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We hope you will get the answer to this question: how long does it take to eliminate a tattoo?

Generally, it takes several months to laser remove your tattoo. Therefore, tattoo size, color, and the removal method will determine the time it will take to remove the tattoo.