Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review

Starting from a garage back in 2004, Hildbrandt is now one of the biggest and best tattoo machine companies of the world. They are in business for about 15 years. Right now, with a tagline of “A tattoo pen for every artist”, they have conquered the world of tattoo kits.

Hildbrandt has tattoo kits made with high-quality materials. These kits are wildly known because they are very easy to use and clients can also expect comfort. Unlike other companies, they don’t manufacture kits only for artists.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Review

Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Professional 4 Machine Set + TKHPRO2 Gun Needle Power Supply Inks Carrying Case Training

They want each tattoo enthusiastic to find out the artist within. That’s why they have home and beginner kits for those who want to practice and wake the inner artist. This Hildbrandt Tattoo kit review is about such a product.

The unique and catchy name along with state of the art technological build, the Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit Pro 3 machine gun is some kit. The whole kit contains 6 items:

  • Pro 3 Machine gun
  • TKHPRO 2
  • Needle
  • Power Supply
  • Ink
  • Case

This means, if you buy this kit, you’re set. You don’t need any accessories along. You would have to buy afterward but for starters, you don’t even need safety items. They come with the kit as well.

This product is called state of the art for several reasons. Let’s start with the specifications to find out.

  • Liners & Shaders: 0.44 magnum 8 liner and 0.38 caliber 10 wrap shader
  • Power Supply: Hildbrandt afterlife Dual machine digital power supply with the ability to run two machines at once, two separate clip cords
  • Tattoo Medical & Safety Supplies: The kit contains the following safety items and supplies – Latex Gloves, O ring packs, Rubber bands, Step brushing, Practice skin, and Spanner tuning key set
  • Needles: 50 Hildbrandt needles in groups of 10 needles per set
  • Grips & Tubes: 3 different aluminum grips and sterilized 1-inch tubes
  • Ink: High-quality 7-color inks made in the USA with stainless steel Cupholder and Convention carrying case
1. Ease of use

Three separate grips are given to ensure comfort to both the clients and the artist. The idea of the kit is to bring out the artist within. So, the prior is the enjoyment of the users.

2. Voltage Problems Solved

Tattoo kits were very sensitive to electricity before but this kit can run in as low as 3.8v. Now you don’t have to worry about short-circuiting the device.

3. Buyer Protection

Every single product comes with a designated warranty as a protection for the buyers. But trust me, you don’t need to use the warranty.

4. Sterilized Tubes

The tubes are sterilized to make sure they don’t carry any germs.

5. 50 Needles

50 needles with 10 in each group so that you never fall short of needles anyways.

  • High-quality materials
  • Sterilized tubes
  • Buyer protection ensured
  • No more voltage problems
  • Usage is very easy
  • Highly suitable for professionals
  • A bit complicated for beginners

Critical Analysis

This an all-rounder kit but still there’s one setback. It’s kind of a positive setback but still, worth mentioning. The company says this here is a kit for everyone, but some features might be a bit confusing for the newer users. So, they have to practice a lot before perfecting.

I think on some level the company knows it. That’s why they provide practice skin and lots of needles with the kits so you can practice without any hesitation.

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Final Words

This is the kit for you only if you’re willing to buy one that has everything you need. If your expectations are not that high you can opt for any other kit. But no other tattoo kit will offer the state of the art technology or the accessories the Hildbrandt Pro 3 provides. So, this is actually the best buy for you.

If you like challenges and really are passionate about perfecting tattoo art, go buy the Hildbrandt tattoo kit Pro 3 Machine Gun and give it a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it!