Hawink Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine Review

Talk about classy and high-quality tattoo rotary machines, you’ll end up talking about Hawink Tattoo Machine. This is not actually a pen tattoo machine. It’s actually very high in quality and lightweight rotary tattoo machine.

Hawink Tattoo Machine is produced by Hawnik CNC, one of the best tattoo machine producing companies in the world. They make absolutely classy and exclusive machines. Not everyone can afford them. But those who can, are the winners.

Don’t worry. The prices are not that high. But if you compare with other devices, it’s 2-3 times more expensive than your regular rotary tattoo machines. There are many reasons why it’s expensive.

We’re not going to make you understand the value of their brand. No, they don’t sell pieces of equipment with brand value. They create value for the machines by making them with great materials and with great craftsmanship.

Hawink Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine Review

Hawink Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine with German FAULHABER Motor CNC-Q2

The Hawink Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine is a premium product. Why? Because it’s made with high-quality materials such as Aircraft Aluminum alloy. The same material is used to make airplanes. That surely makes it a premium quality tattoo machine.

You can call it a hybrid tattoo machine. Because it’s a pen-shaped rotary tattoo machine. Rotary tattoo machines and pen machines have a significant difference. Professional artists prefer rotary tattoo machines.

Why’s that?

It’s because rotary machines are more rugged and are more efficient. Efficiency, in this case, is measured by how long it can be used for tattooing. On the other hand, pen machines are less efficient but the designs are more precise because there’s more freedom of movement.

For critical designs, professionals do use pen machines. But that’s very limited use. They do most of the work with the rotary machine and add small details with the pen. But with a pen-shaped rotary machine that gives you freedom like a pen and efficiency like a rotary machine, just think what you can do with it!

  • Made in Germany
  • Main Material is aluminum alloy
  • Weighs about 128g
  • Maximum Stroke is 3.3 mm
  • Stich frequency is between 25 to 160 Hz
  • Operating voltage is between 5 to 10V
1. Build Quality

Hawnik CNC uses the latest technology to manufacture their machines. Also, the material used to make this is used for making aircraft. So, you can expect premium quality build from this Hybrid machine

2. Best Combination of Pros

With the flexibility of pen machines and the efficiency of rotary machines, this is one hell of a tattoo machine. It has heat resistance like a rotary device and the freedom to move like a pen device. It runs smoothly for a long time like a rotary machine.

3. Noise and Stability

With its low noise and high stability, this can undoubtedly be considered the best tattoo beginner kit on the market. Check out our reviews for more information.

  • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Longer stability
  • Temperature resistant
  • freedom of movement
  • Low noise
  • Quite expensive

Critical Analysis

If you have already checked the link, you must’ve seen that it costs quite a lot. But to be honest that’s a fair price according to the technology that Hawnik CNC has combined to create the best of the best hybrid tattoo machine.

You can buy this tattoo machine and expect efficiency like two devices. It was reported to last for quite a long time until it showed some minor issues.

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Final Words

This device is basically for highly-enthusiast present or future tattoo artists. After reading this Hawink rotary pen tattoo machine review, if you feel enthusiastic about perfecting your skill, you should definitely give this tattoo machine a try.

It will be an investment for the future. So, consider buying before switching to some other hobby. Because this hobby can earn you money.