FK Irons Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

Ask for a tattoo machine that looks the smartest, you’ll get the FK Irons Rotary Tattoo Machine. FK Irons is one classy tattoo machine manufacturer. Tattoo art is considered stylish. It’s a very creative culture that exists in our society.

No one ever thought about making the devices look better. But now, FK Irons are making devices look as cool and awesome as the culture itself. The Spectra Direkt 2 is a matte black device that looks absolutely stunning in anyone’s hand.

Are you worrying that this FK Irons Rotary Tattoo machine review will only be about looks? You’re wrong! The Spectra Direkt 2 is not here only because it looks stunning, but also because of its exquisite features and specifications.

FK Irons Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

FK Irons Spektra Direkt2 Tattoo Machine

This design and technology are patented by FK Irons. The spectra Direkt 2 has a multiverse system that accepts cartridge grips without any adapters. This means you won’t have to buy adapters to make it work. The performance level is actually smoother than most other devices. Just like pouring tea from a pot to the cup, it is also very quiet. Makes almost no noise while working.

You don’t need anything special to work with this machine. Just like any other one, it works with standard needles. Unlike some models which need a specific type of needles, this one works with any standard needles.

Let’s check the specs for more information.

  • Made in the USA
  • Interchangeable stroke caps up to 4.0 mm
  • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Anodized for ultimate durability
  • Maintenance-free
  • Hex Drive MotorBolt system compatible with other devices
  • Silent during high or low voltages
Build Quality

To make it sustainable more than other similar devices, FK Irons made it with Aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized it for ultimate durability. So, build quality is better than most other similar devices


Usually, for working smoothness, machines require a small amount of lubrication. But the Spectra Direkt 2 doesn’t require any type of lubrication. It’s smooth by nature.


It’s very comfortable to use. After using on different people, they all said they were more comfortable with this device than other devices.

  • 3 different stroke caps
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Ultimately durable
  • No lubricants required
  • Hex drive motorbolt system
  • Very comfortable to use
  • Very classy design
  • No needles are given with the product

Critical Analysis

Everything is okay with this product. Except for one important detail. All the tattoo machines require needles to draw tattoos. This tattoo machine does not come with needles. How awkward is that? The makers thought about making it suitable for all the standard needles but forgot to put some needles in the machine just to feel more secure.

This is a small mistake. I don’t know if it’s deliberate or not. But they should start providing needles in the box. Just a standard needles machine is not enough. You need needles to fit in first, right?

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Final Words

The fact of not having needles may be awkward. But tattoo needles are easily found in almost every tattoo shops. That’s why the company decided not to take the burden. Apart from these small details, everything else is top-notch. You can go for this tattoo machine easily without any doubt or hesitation at all.