First Tattoo Tips – The Undeniable Truths You Shouldn’t Ignore

I assume how often you have been eagerly awaited to attach your passion and emotion – the first tattoo – within yourself.

Hence, we are pretty sure before going to the tattoo parlor, you might feel insecure and impatient! Perhaps, you are kind of puzzled regarding the good tattoo artist too, whom you should prefer.

You have many questions circulating in your mind about where the tattoo placement should be and will not give you severe tattoo pain.

Moreover, you were probably filling your Instagram folder with thousands of bookmarks of tattoo styles and inspiration!

As we care about your feelings, we have compiled a comprehensive guide for your assistance, every single do and don’t according to the world’s best tattoo artists.

You can literally read everything on this blog from beginning to end and get all the helpful tattoo tips at a glance!

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What to know before you head to the shop?

You know, as we believe, the first impression is everlasting. For getting your first tattoo while you contact them either by text or over the phone, what did you feel internal? how did they sound?

If you remember their pretty humble and friendly attitude over the phone or text, visit the shop. We have assembled the significant factors to look for in a parlor while getting your first tattoo.


Yes, the finest shops must ensure and maintain their proper hygiene. It is essential to think twice to get your first tattoo.

All the needles, new ink, gloves, tattoo ink particles, plastic wrap, ink caps, and tubes must be medical-grade and not reusable. To prevent your tattoo infection piece by piece basis cleanliness is paramount.

All the appropriate equipment and tools must be individually packaged and sterilized, treated like those of a professional surgeon or dentist. Check whether the tattoo artists maintain hygiene and machine-sanitize the tattoo tools and should be consistently tested.

All the factors are crucial to completely normal your first tattoo and shining for a prolonged time without any side effects.

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Usage of Waste Bin

You can look around the studio to reassure yourself that the tattooist utilizes a clean paper towel, safely disposes of needles in a waste bin, spray or wipe everything with medical-grade utensils during the tattoo process.

Pick Your Choice

The interior decoration, cleanliness of the tattoo parlor indeed gives you the same vibes of their thoughts. Take time and don’t compromise with the quality and the tattoo artist if it’s a bit expensive! Considering your budget and tattoo design, you can pick the best that might suit you.

Comfort Zone

Make sure that you feel when you first enter the shop for getting a tattoo. No matter how expensive the interior decoration or luxurious tattoo shop it is! The vital point is how do you feel actually. If it gives a friendly atmosphere and adequate cleanliness, we don’t think upscale tattoo shops in the posh area are mandatory for getting a tattoo.

However, hanging antiques, wall posters, oil paintings, and other arts might reflect and expose most artists’ passion briefly.

Suppose you might be seen that walls are messed with flash art, jumbled pictures, or posters randomly. If you want to do simple or smaller tattoos with an economical budget, you can go for it.

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Style and Elegance

Precisely, let me tell you that you love organized and classy things, the in-depth, high-level tattoos.

It could be versatile and traditional Japanese artwork, Mythology, American traditional imagery, or something classical that comes to your devotion and imagination.

Additionally, the obscure techniques and the brilliant combination use a color palette that makes it more impressive.

Should it be worthy of picking a typical street tattoo shop for getting a tattoo as your preference?

Not at all; a well-organized, stylish, elegant, and comfy tattoo shop might fulfill your expectations.

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What to look for in a tattoo shop or artist?

Yeah, you have a thousand options for getting your first tattoo! Your nearby tattoo parlors are also doing amazingly well.

But, based on which criteria, you can narrow your research and pick the best shop for your new tattoo?


With your good research, you got a few top-notch tattoo shop addresses that provide quality services. What happened next? Did you think were they welcoming you with a smile, said hello?

Showed the exact tattoo design chart or anything contemporary, Neo-traditional, classical, and modern based?

Did they reply politely with patience, the entire things you wanted to know? Are they willing to provide medical advice about tattoo aftercare instructions or a free touch-up appointment initially?

Yes, reconsider all the modest things that will tell you how enthusiastically they take their profession.

If you are satisfied overall, you can go to get your first tattoo in that parlor.

Talk Personally with Tattoo Artist

Your first tattoos are going to be an unforgettable experience. And on the top, you will spend a painful journey for a few hours or more with the tattoo artist.

Therefore, it’s indispensable to feel their personality. If they are truly inspirational we have no doubt both of you are going to be the perfect couple. You can check their profile and take the basic idea about their personality or interest.

You possibly hang out and talk about a great idea concerning a new design on your skin tone, tattoo aftercare, or healing process.

If both of you are great companions, we believe your pain tolerance level will automatically turn more delightful at the tattoo time.

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Search Skilled Tattooist

The skilled tattooist glorified the achievements of the best and branded tattoo studios. Nevertheless, they might be slightly expensive than typical tattoo artists.

But quality matters and your first tattoo will establish its footsteps and remembrance on your mind ever after. So, if you find the best tattooist by following the magazines and who received awards, fame, reputation per their clients’ massive honest reviews, we won’t mind.

What’s the Most Common First Tattoo?

There’s a myth; the first love is eternal. In the same way, we can feel your sentiment if it’s the first tattoo. However, many peoples don’t have an emotional attachment. They only want to get a tattoo for fun making and seeking memorials, meaningful quotes, and beautiful-looking images.

Common Tattoo Placement

The first-timers were generally asked to make creative and eye-catching designs on their hand, neck, or face tattoo based on the skin tones. As all these placements are significantly visible, they would love to see it to the others. Those tattoos that can’t be covered up are named job stoppers.

There’s still a vast area of job field like a medical, lawyer, army where detectable tattooed skin is restricted for the employees.

For completely healed first tattoos less painfully, the most professional tattooist discourages making those on specific places.

Considering some noteworthy aspects such as design, either complex or straightforward, visibility and position, the tattoo artists encourage the following top five body locations.

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Calves Tattoo

The preferable place is calves for the tattooist to the freshers as there is a considerable amount of fat and muscle. On the top, having the minor nerve endings, it’s undeniable truth these are moderate painful areas.

Hence, the artists happily encourage the enthusiastic people about getting their first tattoos.

Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a decent place for getting a tattoo for the first time as it is one of the minor painful locations. For the artists, it’s like a clean canvas, and they can make most tattoos either complicated or simple designs on it effortlessly.

Hip Tattoo

The artists sometimes prefer it most as it is the ideal place for hiding and getting a tattoo covered up without trouble, excluding beaches. Yet, if you are skinny and have a thin layer and less fat, roughly your hips to pillow the bones, you might also feel extreme pain.

Ear Cartilage Tattoo

Well, it’s become a new trend, and this location has gained immense popularity, and the ink is tattooed straightforwardly onto the ear cartilage. That’s why it causes a less hurtful design than conventional areas. Additionally, this location of the body is pretty simple. You can make a tattoo here as a trial.

Outer Shoulder Tattoos

Indeed, fewer nerve endings are the reasons for laser tattoo paint. In that sense, the artist often recommends making the first tattoo design on the outer part of the shoulders.

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Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo


You have to pick the hygienic, comfortable tattoo artist who has vast experience and got licensed from the very beginning.

Compared with the other skin tones, distinguishing your skin and evaluating which tattoo design suits you most.

As an example, the darker colors perfectly suit with darker skin tone, deep red always perfectly with it rather than lighter hues.


Adequate sleep is mandatory before getting a tattoo. To heal your first tattoo completely, you have to strictly prohibit alcohol and take a healthy diet and plenty of water. It started healing at the surface layer; therefore, taking alcohol unquestionably postponed the healing procedures.


For a healing tattoo, you have to maintain proper aftercare. Once your tattoo starts healing you can apply fragrance-free soap, antibacterial lotion or cream, a clean towel, and try almost to hydrate your tattooed part of your skin.


If you have sensitive skin, it might create itching or mild allergic reaction, another name for burning sensation. If you feel it, you are badly needed medical advice and proper medication. Therefore, you have to frequent touch-ups with the artists whenever necessary to get new tattoo care tips. You can contact a professional dermatologist if it’s going to be rigorous skin damage.


Prolonged sun exposure might be prone to risk rather than the tattoo heals. For this, you have to prohibit direct sunlight or UV rays of the sun strictly. You can cover your tattoos while you have to go outside in daylight.

The best sun protection cream will give you an additional advantage. Beware, you have to pick the perfect product as all cream might not suit your tattoo.


If you feel suffering from any sickness, please stop getting a tattoo. It’s better to ignore the pain killers.

Moreover, when it’s required to shave regularly the place you tattooed before. We recommend stopping shaving until it is healed completely, even it’s an emergency for your everyday body maintenance.

You may be wondering whether a tattoo will hurt. We’ve got all the answers for you on how much pain each needle is likely to cause as well as some tips on where people can go in order to achieve the look they want without too much hassle.

What does getting a tattoo feel like?

Every tattoo artists have different procedures. Here we discussed what maximum artists do for the first tattoo. If there is found any hair to the selected place at first, they shave it, and sometimes it’s not required.

Feeling Sensation

After that, they will convey the stencil of your tattoo onto the exact position. Moisture stick and water are used to grant its placement in your preferred location.

At this time, you might feel the commotion, and it could be slightly itching or tickling.

 Now is the time for working on the tattoo. At this moment, you are started feeling stinging, vibrating, tremendous pain, burning, or prickling sensations.

What should you do then?

You have to take a deep breathing and, if possible, try to hold something firmly.

 Otherwise, you can watch TV or hear high rhythm music to dive out your immerse to another imaginary world.

Realistic Design :

The time duration varies from the design’s complexity and location how time does require for each session. After utilizing needles and ink piercing, they start shading and coloring on the drawing lines.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the Minimal shading technique, which is inspired by Japanese artwork.

This method creates animals, fish, or flower designs and applies versatile shading and color contrast. Those seem so realistic that you probably immerse into the fantasy world.

Feeling Pain :

Well, it differs from person to person; not everyone’s pain tolerance level is similar. Some will tell you that outlining is more painful than shading. And the other peoples will express their opinion differently.

There are a number of things to consider before practicing tattooing. We’ve got you covered. Find out here how each type of material will affect your progress and what wattage/electrical equipment is required for each stage.


When the tattoo work is finished, each artist applies an ointment and makes a bandage.It is called the open wound. Not everyone uses the same lotion; the brand might be different. However, Shea butter is very popular as a tattoo aftercare lotion.

Completing all the first tattoo processes will brief you about the tattoo healing process and set you the do and don’t that we mentioned earlier.

As you can see, we have thoroughly explored most of your options as well as some very helpful tattoo tips to make your new journey more fun. We hope, through this blog, you will own an incredible first tattoo experience that perhaps does not have to be your last.

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