Best Wireless Tattoo Machine

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Tattoo artists have different presences when it comes to the type of gun they use. Regardless of your preference, you need to consider buying the best wireless tattoo machines to do your job well.

Your tattoo gun should be comfortable enough to help you get effective results for your clients.

With the rising demand for people getting tattoos, many companies also produce different rotary pen tattoo machines.

It is prudent to do your research well before buying to get the best wireless tattoo machine that are available to order from Killer Ink Tattoo and to serve your needs well.  Read this information and reviews to help you make a wise choice.

Facts About Tattoos

Before you fully commit to the craft of tattooing, you might want to get to know it better and more thoroughly. To help you get started on that, here are some of the most fascinating facts about tattoos that you might want to explore further:

  • The art of tattooing always had sentimental, religious, and cultural values. Skin art always had a meaning to the wearer.
  • There have always been people of authority who have opposed tattoos. While some ancient civilizations have high regard for this artform, some also didn’t like it all that much.
  • Tattoo ink is made of gross stuff like crushed bugs. They can also contain some chemicals that you might not really want in your system. Fortunately, vegan inks are now becoming more easily available.
  • Tattoos can be removed but the process is still difficult. There are some claims about fading tattoo inks that offer semi-permanent skin art.
  • Tattoo cover ups, fix ups, and touch ups are very common. Professional Tattoo artists often need to see their clients repeatedly before a piece is deemed to be totally finished.

What is a Wireless Tattoo Machine?

As evident from the name wireless, it means that it is a gun that isolates the use of RCA cords or wires. Therefore, the machine’s operation is not limited to clip cords’ use but derives its power from a refillable battery.

  • Wireless tattoo machines use rechargeable batteries, and it is common to find that there are terms for controlling voltage output. They include;
  • Using a battery pack that allows for switch between voltage directly from the box
  • Using a foot-switch that will be wirelessly connected to the battery pack

The two options enable you to use a wireless rotary pen machine. However, there are pros and downsides to operating using a wireless tattoo machine.

How to Know That You Need A Wireless Tattoo Machine

With coil tattoo machines and rotary machines being the more traditional and conventional tools for the trade, some folks might need more convincing in giving wireless tattoo machines a shot. Do you really need it? How do you know if you need it?

The answer here is pretty simple: if you want a tool that’s easier to handle than your wireless tattoo machine or if you want to diversify your collection, then you should give wireless rotary pen machines a shot.

Since they are fashioned after pen tattoo machines, these wireless tattoo machines do not require a lot of getting used to unlike other kinds of tattoo machines. It can then help you get started on learning the craft or master tattooing yourself with more ease. They can also be friendlier to your wrists with their design.

If you’re also trying to explore your skills and capabilities in tattooing, we’d say that you need the right wireless machines. It can help you try out different techniques in executing strokes so it can help you grow as a tattoo artist.

12 Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Reviews

If you’re interested in a wireless tattoo machine, then you’ll most naturally want to know what the top one is. Getting to know the best wireless tattoo machines will put you a step closer into getting one, so it’s a crucial bit of information.

So, what is the perfect cordless tattoo machine? Like in choosing the best rotary tattoo pens, this is a tricky question that doesn’t have a straightforward answer.

In many cases, it depends from one user to another as there are several factors that can make one product a better choice for some but not for others.

There are a number of things that only the best wireless tattoo machines have, though, like reliable performance, easy handling, and accuracy, however. So if you want to be absolutely certain to get the right wireless machine, be on the lookout for such qualities.

1. Spektra Flux- Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Fast charging speed
  • Built in rechargeable battery pack
  • It is ideal for beginner
  • Quiet operation
  • LCD screen to view voltage, battery charge, and timer
  • Voltage range is between 5 and 12V dc
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy construction
  • Adjustable speed

Make your clients happy about your work with Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine. It does not matter whether it is your first time or a professional tattoo artist, and this wireless tattoo machine got you covered. With this model, you will need no more struggles with the wires since it is RCA cordless, allowing you to move around without any hassle.

Working with a noisy pen tattoo machine can be bothering to both the client and the tattoo artist. This device operates with a low noise level, thus allowing a comfortable environment for you and your client. It doesn’t produce irritating noise like other tattoo guns.

The wireless tattoo machine features a hollow cup with a 9-speed selection which allows you to operate at the speed that fits your job needs. For each operational speed, the tattoo machine displays a different light to know the speed you are operating with. The simple switch allows you to shift the speed.

2. Cheyenne Sol Nova- Best Wireless Tattoo Gun

Quick Summary
  • Two operating modes
  • Durable construction
  • You can adjust the speed
  • Fully-adjustable stroke length, needle depth and give
  • It doesn’t produce noise when working
  • Long battery life to serve a client
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design 

The Cheyenne Sol Nova design is efficient for tattoo artists to work around clients freely. Being completely cordless machines ensures you are not limited by the length while working.

Also, the gun features a rechargeable lithium battery which is a plus to its efficiency. Once charged under two hours, your full battery will last for up to three hours of work.

Quality equipment with simplicity in handling is always fun to work with. The Cheyenne Sol Nova features an ergonomic design that enables you to handle it with ease while working.

Cheyenne Sol Nova comes with a pen base that is controlled by magnetic fields. A magnetron switch is integrated into the base of the rotary pen machine.

The motor quits operating when the pen is placed on it. An RGB indicator flashes when the pen is picked up. It resumes operation instantly.

This tattoo machine has an advanced gear system. It is the most efficient tattoo machine available. You can select from multiple speeds and it also allows you to stop in the middle of a line so that you don’t have to start over if something.

3. InkJecta Flite X1 For Expert Tattoo Artist

Quick Summary
  • Quiet operation with minimum vibration
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Made of space aluminum frame
  • Powerful motor
  • Needle depth adjustment without having to stop
  • Two lithium-ion batteries
  • Five voltage outputs

The hale of working with one battery is hectic. To avoid this, InkJecta Flite X1 comes with two batteries as well as a battery charger. The dual battery system ensures you never stop working. When one battery is charging, then the other one is in use.

To enhance the machine’s efficacy, each battery has a 1500mAh capacity for a 6 hours long service. To add to the versatility, the model is compatible with other needles of your choice.

InkJecta Flite boasts an excellent covering aluminum frame. Enclosed in the frame are a powerful motor and a gear system made of high technology. However powerful the motor is, the tattoo machine still manages to provide a quiet operation while being super stable.

4. Mast Tour

Quick Summary
  • Japanese coreless motor
  • RCA cord connection
  • Start voltage: 4 V dc
  • 1 mast batteries included
  • Good for color packing and shading
  • The only problem is with the battery, actually machine works for only 3 hours

The bad boy here is what you need to get your work neatly done without any inconveniences. Coming with a powerful rechargeable battery and offer 6 hours battery life that allows you to handle bulky work without worrying about a power outage.

Also, it doesn’t matter whether the battery is full or empty. You can comfortably go on with work while plugged in to refill.

Isolation of the cord in the machine allows you to work freely anywhere without any limitation. The model also features a lightweight design that enables you to have complete control of the machine, thus improving efficacy.

The lightweight design also comes in handy since you can work for longer hours comfortably without any fatigue. With its excellent features, the best wireless tattoo machines can quickly switch into the work mode without any additional operations.

This tattoo machine has a wireless power supply that enables you to create an unlimited number of designs without wires. It is compatible with most machines and has a universal voltage so it can be used anywhere.

5. Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • LED display for tracking
  • It is easy to use and lightweight
  • Large battery capacity
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Has a typical stroke length of 3.5mm
  • Long battery life to attend to your client
  • Comes with 2 grips, and a USB port charge cord

The wireless tattoo machine comes with a large capacity battery that can sustain up to 8 hours after only 2 hours refill. The battery has a large capacity of about 2000 mAh. Despite having a long-lasting battery after refilling, you don’t have to worry when it goes off since it is still operational while plugged in to refill. Therefore, no downtime when working.

The LED display is unique to this machine compared to other tattoo guns of its caliber. The LED display is efficient in keeping track of work and hours you handle a task. Also, the display enables you to set the voltage precisely for your job.

The high-quality stainless steel needles ensure you have a good experience while using the machine. The needles are individually packaged to ensure your health safety and avoid infection. The suitable needles for this machine are the EN50/51 series needles. The needles also have a round liner for fine lines and detailed work.

6. Stigma Tattoo Kit with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Quick Summary
  • Quiet operation with minimum vibration
  • 20 pieces of individually sterilized needle cartridges
  • Comes with a wireless tattoo power supply and wireless tattoo battery packs
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Made of space aluminum frame
  • Powerful motor
  • RCA, clip cord and cordless compatible
  • Two lithium-ion batteries
  • Five voltage outputs

While other rotary machines might be confident in fast charging and battery life longevity, stigma boasts two batteries. The batteries are of high capacity and allow you to focus on work nonstop. The batteries also reinforce the cordless nature of the machine, enabling you to carry it around easily.

The wireless tattoo machine kit also features five different voltage outputs, which you can alter to fit your needs.

The professional machine kit boasts 20 pieces of needle cartridges made of stainless steel for time to time usage. The needles are well crafted to enhance the efficacy of the machine. Also, the machine boasts compatibility with other needles.

Stigma features a compact and lightweight design, which allows for comfortable operation. The barrel features a hand strap to enhance better grip enabling you to have maximum control of the machine.

7. Solong Tattoo Kit with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Quick Summary
  • 9-speed function
  • High-quality aluminum alloy
  • 10 W motor made in Taiwan
  • 2 batteries and a DC adapter
  • Comes with a tattoo power supply
  • Self-protection function
  • Standby mode

An elegant-appearing tattoo machine gives you a fantastic tattooing experience together with your client. The multifunction machine can handle different functions like 9-speed shifting, perfect liner, and self-protection. The model is carefully crafted with aluminum alloy to make your work outstanding.

The function unique to the machine is protecting itself from overload. In case of an overload of the pen or when power runs below 6 V, a red light flickers, and the system’s operation stops.

The fact that the machine is wireless makes it conveniently easy to maneuver. Their plug-in option available is convenient for long jobs in case the battery runs out.

8. Hawink Rotary Tattoo Machine with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

  • FAULHABER powerful motor system
  • Easy to master
  • Appealing appearance
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Operates with a low noise level

For quality concerned artists, HAWINK rotary pen tattoo machine got you covered. The elegantly crafted piece features a rotary tattoo pen powered by a FAULHABER motor. The motor guarantees you satisfaction and value for your money. By the 4 and a half-ounce weight, the model allows you to have reasonable control of your work without fatigue.

It boasts an ideal weight of 4.5 ounces. The weight is geared to give you comfort when working for long hours without fatigue and ensure you have control of the work. To add to the lightweight nature, the model is super stable.

9. Hawink Pen Style Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • Lightweight and stable design
  • Attractive appearance and a powerful motor
  • Stable and operate under low noise
  • Does not require a RCA cord connection
  • It doesn’t overheat
  • The machine doesn’t hurt or cause skin irritation

The powerful German motor technology gives this bad boy a better chance ahead of the market. The motor makes the model powerful, stable, and strong. The motor enables the machine to provide the excellent rotating force you need to give long-lasting imprints.

The machine’s design is excellent to maximize comfort. The elegantly crafted machine works on the skin gently like an actual pen. Due to this, minimum ink is used when making imprints. All the approaches of the machine give an enviable combination to help attain outstanding results. They include product dimensions, weight, and the accessories you need to get the job done.

The machine has a 1PC high precise control gadget for working and a 1PC 900mAh rechargeable battery for charging. The two gadgets ensure that you work continuously without any disruptions. The battery is wireless with 3 control speeds, while the high-precision control gadget has 5 control speeds.

10. Hildbrandt Javelin Wireless With Tattoo Power Supply

Quick Summary
  • RCA connection
  • Rotary machine conversion kit
  • Runs on rechargeable lithium battery with a 2000 mAh capacity
  • Compatible with a scorpion or Neo-cartridge tattoo needles
  • Powerful red magnet

The starter kit boasts a uniquely designed magnetic needle drive to allow fine movement between hard and gentle spots. Also, the pen I crafted to minimize vibration that might cause skin trauma.

This wireless tattoo machine kit features a magnetic needle drive which a lot of things offers a contactless and smooth operation. Also, it features damp vibrations, which enables you to make quality tattoos and avoid skin trauma. Also, it features cross-contamination control.

With the lightweight, compact design, the machine features an ergonomically designed model. This enables ease of use, giving you comfort and maximum control of the machine while working. Also, the lightweight nature ensures you can handle work for long hours without any fatigue.

11. Ambition Rotary Battery Pen- Best Cordless Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • High-quality brushless motor
  • Good item for a beginner or a pro
  • Working voltage: 3.7V DC
  • No RCA clip cord

This machine is one of the best for beginners and learners. Its feel of a real pen makes it comfortable to use and ensures accuracy in the tattoo procedures. This machine is a good way to start your career in the tattoo industry.

The wireless tattoo machine creates a long-lasting vibrant color due to its greater penetrating power deep into the skin. It is likable primarily because it enables you to achieve various tattooing styles and techniques, unlike other tattoo machines.

The machine is compatible with either Neo-cartridges or regular cartridges. You can change the cartridges back and forth without much hassle.

The Neo cartridges are made to ensure smooth artwork and to maintain high standards of hygiene. This cartridge allows for overall organization and orderliness of the workspace.

Magnetic fixation included in the gun kit will enable you to have your needles secure at any point you want while working.

12. Equaliser Proton MX Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with all cartridge needle types
  • Working Voltage = 7 to 9 volts DC
  • High-quality coreless motor for better outcome
  • Easy to hold and work with
  • Sterilization makes it safe to use

The machine uses higher positioning and standards RHEN, which is the top brand of cartridge needles. The needles are of high-quality stainless steel sterilized with ethylene oxide. The cartridges are also sterilized and individually packaged, ensuring safe and ease of use.

The well-rounded rotary tattoo machine enables you to achieve several styles and techniques. It is wireless and steady in hand.

The pen is sturdy with a good grip without using grip tape. The machine also comes with a fully equipped tattoo kit. You can get a long-lasting vibrant color due to the machine’s greater penetrating power deep into the skin.

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Picking The Best Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

At this point, you have essential information of the best wireless tattoo machines you can choose. However, we cannot miss having the best wireless tattoo machines pick of the day from the list above. One of the best wireless tattoo pens kits is therefore based on customer satisfaction and efficacy when handling a task.

Going with Solong rotary tattoo beginner kit, the model comes with numerous amazing features. With the self-protective function, standby, and 9-speed selection, only to mention but a few, the machine is the one to go for any day.

However, since everyone has their machine of choice depending on different factors, you might choose your choice with the list above.