13 BEST Wireless Tattoo Machines & Why You Will Love Them

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With the advent of the wireless revolution, tattoo getting is no longer a problem of tangles and cords while getting tattooed. The best wireless machines allow you to tattoo your entire body without worrying about pesky cords and wires getting in your way

It’s tough to break the habit of being tethered to a cord, but wireless is hot in 2018 and will be even hotter in 2021. Join us on this journey as we explore some options for staying connected without wires.

Cheyenne Sol Nova


  • Two operating mode
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Gear system
Spektra Flux machine

Budget Friendly

  • Low noise level
  • 9-speed selection
  • Long battery life
  • Adjustable speed
Solong Tattoo Kit

Editors Pick

  • 9-speed function
  • 10 W coreless motor
  • Standby mode
  • Easy to maneuver

Facts About Tattoos

Tattoos are full of mystery and magic, but do you know all about them? Here’s a few things that might surprise you.

  • Tattoos have always been a part of culture, religion, and tradition. They had a special meaning to the wearer.
  • Some ancient civilizations were highly reverent of tattoo art, while others did not appreciate it all that much.
  • A lot of ink is gross. It’s made of crushed bugs and chemicals. But vegans can now easily find inks that don’t contain any of these things.
  • Removing tattoos is still very difficult. The fading of tattoo inks is considered to be a semi-permanent option for tattooing.
  • Professional tattoo artist often need to see their clients a number of times before a piece is complete.

What is a Wireless Tattoo Machine?

It is a gun that does not have any wires, and it derives its power from the battery pack, which can be recharged and switched at adjustable voltage via wireless foot switches.

How to Know That You Need A Wireless Tattoo Machine

The question of whether or not you need a wireless tattoo machine is pretty straightforward. In my opinion, if you are looking for more control than what a traditional coil machine and rotary machine can offer, then wireless machines may be worth testing.

These are fashioned after pen tatoo machines which give you much greater precision in where ink goes on skin as well as how deep it penetrates into the dermis layer below that epidermal surface we’re all so familiar with seeing everyday because they don’t restrict movement like their counterparts do.

What are the top brands of wireless tattoo machines?

Our tattoo experience has changed greatly, and these are the top three manufacturers of wireless tattoo machines: Below we cover all of the top tattoo machine brands, along with their features.

What are the Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2021?

1. FK Irons Spektra Flux- Best Wireless Rotary Tattoo Machine

Artists have been tethered down by wires and all of that complicated equipment for too long. The Spektra Flux is the first truly wireless tattoo machine, so you can freely express your tattoo style without being tied down. 

The innovative design of the Powerbolt makes it easy to pop in and out, with interchangeable power bolts.

The LED charge indicator lets you know when your device reaches 100%. With 1.5 Amp charging speeds for up to 10 hours on a single voltage cartridge.

Flux wireless rotary tattoo machine combines ergonomic design with the latest technology, making it both lightweight and comfortable while incorporating a disposable grip.

Due to its Bluetooth capabilities, you can update the firmware wirelessly with ease, and tattoo artists can pair it with a footswitch or mobile app in the near future.

If you use the 4mm Direct Drive technology in your tattoo parlor, you will not need the old coil tattoo machine of the past so you can enjoy the lining or color packing.

Have you noticed that your tattoo is a little more inflamed than usual? This could be due to one of two things. A blowout or normal healing process, so make sure and check out our article on the subject.

People Also Ask

how much does a Spektra Flux cordless tattoo machine cost?

It costs approximately $1,000 to buy this machine for your business. Spektra Flux Direct Drive Tattoo Machine is one of the most expensive tattoo guns on the market.

2. Cheyenne Sol Nova- Best Wireless Tattoo Gun

The SOL Nova tattoo pen is the best wireless tattoo machine for those who want to improve their dot work or pepper shading.

The short construction form and the BLDC motor that works in steady mode allow you to enjoy constant power as well as consistent stitch frequency at all times – from 25 Hz operating frequencies.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of battery power with the Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited. Two additional batteries are included so you may continue to operate this tattoo machine for an additional five hours of runtime while they charge.

The machine is easy to use and has a sleek design which makes it appealing. As it’s shaped in an angled fashion, it’s the easiest tool for all types of tattooing, and its low vibration silent operation prevents your hand from tiring.

3.5mm needle stroke length provides control over depth and shallowness of lines in multiple styles, and is ideal for extreme styles.

It is a little heavier (150gm) than the above model, but it has a higher voltage range (4.7 to 12.6).

With innovative jack cage protection it provides optimum plug connection safety and roll inhibition to assure that rolling away never becomes an issue.

People Also Ask

Does Sol Nova wireless tattoo machine have any disadvantages?

You might be wondering if the Sol Nova wireless tattoo machine has any downsides. It only offers one color at a time and requires several passes with ink to show on the skin, which means more time getting ready.

How to protect your wireless tattoo machine when traveling with it?

Traveling with your wireless tattoo machine requires you to protect the tattoo needle from getting damaged. You can do so by wrapping the base of the device in zip-lock bags, and then you can place that in another plastic box so you won’t have to worry.

3. InkJecta Flite X1 For Expert Tattoo Artist

With the Flite X1, you’ll be able to enjoy an unparalleled experience while tattooing. This intuitive and ergonomic design allows for effortless control with near-infinite stroke length and adjustments that will satisfy even the most picky client.

As a cordless device, 4.5-16.5 volts give you power without rattling or clicking and replaceable grips allow you to adjust your needle depth with a press of a button.

There is a detachable lithium battery pack with an 8-hour battery life, as well as two rechargeable batteries and a battery charger that come with the Inkjecta. Another notable feature is that the top edge of the power button displays the remaining battery life at a glance. The technology is handcrafted exclusively in Australia.

As adjusting voltage is not intuitive at first, but with practice, will become easier. This device includes training instructions and a CD that has tattoo flash designs option.

The LED wheel lets you choose the right setting for your tattooing requirements, and the dual nanotechnology motor makes this a unique device that doesn’t need to be missed.

People Also Ask

What do you need to do if your InkJecta wireless tattoo machine malfunctions?

Wireless tattoo machines can malfunction, but don’t panic Try turning the device off and on again. If this doesn’t fix it, replace any dead batteries (battery life lasts up to 24 hours) or adjust proximity detection zone settings until it works properly.

Are InkJecta Flite wireless tattoo guns good?

InkJecta Tattoo Flite is a lightweight tattoo gun with wireless power supply that ensures accurate results without requiring bulky cords. It is also waterproof, making it a great choice for fast tattoo artists.

4. Mast Tour

The Dragonhawk tattoo machine offers tattoo artists the convenience of a wireless machine at an affordable price. At just 82 grams, the machine is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for tattoo artists on the move.

There are several new features provided by the Mast machine. These include an LED light for enhanced visibility, a seamless frame with a comfortable grip, and a durable frame that can be autoclaved after use. Furthermore, the frames themselves prevent any leaks or spills from occurring inside the machine.

The Pen-style machine is great for lining, fine dotwork, color parcking and shading. It has a high quality stainless steel spring inside its body mechanism which makes it perfect for all kinds of work including black and grey realistic pieces.

To ensure the tattoo artist’s comfort and safety, the tattoo grip can be sterilized in an autoclave prior to use. This will make the tattooing session as safe and comfortable as possible.

You will be able to work for 6 hours with the powerful rechargeable lithium battery and no matter the battery’s charge, because this device does not require cord connections. This ensures that there will be no interruptions from a power outage.

Do you have a tattoo that needs to be removed If so, invest in and utilize the best laser removal machine in order to maximize your experience

People Also Ask

What comes in the dragonhawk Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine?

The Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit includes everything you will need for your next tattoo job: a tattoo pen machine, tattoo pen sleeve, inks, cartridges, needles, and power supply.

Does Mast Tour wireless tattoo machine have any coreless motor?

The coreless motor of this device can provide excellent speed and precision. It should last for at least 3000 hours of service, which is powerful enough for most tattooing applications.

Is dragonhawk a good tattoo brand?

I love this brand, it’s a quality rotary tattoo pen with excellent durability, and it’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you want to start in this business you’ll be happy with your purchase.

5. Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk is often discussed when a new tattoo machine technology is launched, as well as when affordable tattoo machines are discussed.

For the first time ever, you can roam free with your pen and ink. Dragonhawk’s Mast Saber Wireless Battery Pen machine is here to provide freedom on where and how you want inking done.

It’s fun to use and easy to maintain. The versatile stroke is perfect for hours of tattooing action.

During a single charge, this device’s battery will last 8 hours. You can adjust the needle depth to your desired level by adjusting the needle length between 0mm and 4.5mm in order to prevent the stem from breaking off inside tissue or body parts when you are done using it.

It also has thick lines so now every line counts as perfect; no more worrying about if that thin line will hold up over night because this pencil does not fade away like some other brands do after only an hour have passed by carelessly being used too much before they’re put back into their protective case.

With its LED display recording your working voltage, there are never any worries again. My favorite feature on this product is that you can read the voltage easily and adjust the settings easily by changing the voltage regulation button.

People Also Ask

Using Mast Saber, should I get a liner or a shader tattoo machine?

It’s an excellent option if you want to tattoo liners or shaders. Because of its dual-action technology, you can switch between either style seamlessly.

Can I do large tattoos with Mast Saber wireless tattoo machine?

Thanks to Mast Saber’s wireless tattoo machine, tattoo designers no longer need to worry about size restrictions. They offer three speeds that you can adjust to fit any design, and the handle can be adjusted to fit any posture and height.

6. Stigma-Rotary Tattoo Pen Gun® Force

Stigma-Rotary® Force is a rotary pen-style tattoo machine with two drive systems, due to its German-made brushless motor, it is capable of pushing needle cartridge with greater precision.

In addition to being robust and reliable, the Rotary Tattoo Machine features a cam mechanism for maintenance-free operation throughout your day. When working on large or small designs, choosing the right tool can provide powerful performance, delivering better results.

Unlike other tattoo machines, this tattoo machine has an LCD screen that displays the voltage and capacity of your battery, as well as a switch that you can press to turn it on and off.

With a single charge, the tattoo pen is capable of providing six hours of stable operation. The accompanying app allows the tattoo pen to be customized.

It is a good investment for your tattoo business since it is available with both RCA and clip cord input, so it can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike.

The Stigma-Rotary® Force provides a wide range of stroke length, including 2.8 mm for shading, 3.7 mm for lining, and 4.5 mm for solid color packing. I particularly like the ease and convenience of adjusting the needle depth.

People Also Ask

Why do you need Stigma-Rotary® Force wireless tattoo machine?

A Stigma-Rotary Tattoo® Force wireless tattoo machine has many advantages; it is easy-to-use, lightweight, and gives you freedom when working on larger tattoo designs. In addition, it lasts longer than other tattoo machines, so you can spend more time designing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a stigma tattoo machine?

Stigma wireless tattoo machines are the cheaper alternative to traditional tattoo machine, pricier equipment. On the downside, they can’t be used for as many types of tattoos and their quality isn’t guaranteed like that of a more expensive machine.

7. Solong Tattoo Kit with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

The Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Machine is a highly intuitive machine that works with your hand. You can create anything from eyebrows to lips and every stroke has the same feel as you would get if you were doing it by hand – all while maintaining low noise levels.

With its built-in Taiwan engine, the Solong Tattoo Pen Machine ensures durability and long-term use, even though it offers quick cooling times so you can get inking again as quickly as possible. The product’s durable aluminum alloy anodized finish by using premium quality machines makes it a long-lasting product.

The rotary tattoo Pen machine uses a needle bar with 3.5mm stroke capacity for large strokes and cartridge needles for fine lines.

There are several things included in this Wireless Tattoo Kit, including the wireless tattoo power supply, foot pedal, batteries, charging cable, adapters, tattoo guns, and needles that can be used with the tattoo guns.

It is portable and can handle different voltages, so there is no problem inserting the makeup pen needle, and there is little noise, usually just a few vibrations from the powerful motor.

As an experienced tattoo artist, the Solong rotary pen wireless tattoo machine kit will be a game-changer for you. This machine is CE certified and comes with a warranty of one year, which makes it a reliable performer that will pull off beautiful lines, colors, and shades.

People Also Ask

Who is the Solong wireless tattoo machine for?

For those who want a more personal tattoo, the Solong wireless tattoo machine is good for it. The end result will be a pleasant, and uniquely designed addition that can last as long as you want it.

Does a wireless tattoo machine have any voltage gear feature?

There is also a voltage gear, which regulates the power that is delivered to your needle using conventional power supply.

8. Hawink Tattoo Machine with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

You’ll never experience another tattooing adventure like you will with HAWWINK’s rotary tattoo machine.

There is a range of operating voltage from 7 to 11V for this machine, and its powerful European Faulhaber motor and long battery life give it great performance, while remaining lightweight and easy to use.

As it is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum alloy, it can endure the constant use with no problems. It also prevents any infections or side effects caused by its hygienic material.

Despite the low vibration of the Japanese motor, this product is incredibly reliable and powerful for a long time, even on the most sensitive skin types. It comes with many different attachments, and it is able to work with any needle size.

With a needle depth adjustment feature, the needle is weighing 128 grams (0.28 pounds) including the disposable grip, easily fits in your hand without adding bulkiness, and a greater voltage range than other comparable models, this tattoo machine is ideal for both beginners and seasoned artists alike.

People Also Ask

Does this device have dual tattoo machine access at the same time?

In the hawink rotary tattoo machine pen kit you can select between two tattoo machines so anyone can choose the type of tattoo design they wish to have.

9. Hawink Rotary Pen Style Tattoo Machine

HAWINK Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen Style Supply Coreless Motor 900mAh Battery Power with Two Battery CNC-M-WE

Get the perfect tattoo machine you’ve always wanted with the hawink pen-style machine. This wireless performer wirelessly runs up to 9 hours on a battery pack, and it is available in black or white. The energy efficiency of this wireless tattooing machine will blow your mind – 85%. It comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity as well.

The hawink rotary pen machine is extremely quiet, comfortable in your hand, and a breeze to setup. It has the potential of becoming an indispensable tool for any engineer or machinist who needs fine precision on their jobsite. The price may be high but with this wireless machine you can get rid of all those awkward wires that make your workspace look cluttered.

People Also Ask

How many tattoo pen machines should a tattooist have?

Having different tattoo machines will prevent you from overusing one and breaking it or getting bored, but it’s not absolutely necessary as there are plenty of tattoo pens on Amazon in case something goes wrong.

10. Hildbrandt Javelin Wireless With Tattoo Power Supply- Best Wireless Tattoo Machine for Beginners

As the complete package, this Hildbrandt Javelin kit will ensure an excellent tattooing experience for you and your clients. The starter kit is equipped with a specially designed magnetic feature of the pen base, offering convenience of usage to give a smooth transition between hard and gentle surfaces.

There are lots of cool things about this wireless tattoo machine, including magnetic needle drive, damp vibrations, cross-contamination control, and corncob shape.

With the lightweight, compact design, the wireless tattooing machine features an ergonomically designed model. As a result, operating the machine is comfortable and you have maximum needle control. Also, the lightweight nature allows you to tattoo for 1.5-2 hours at a time without getting fatigued.

People Also Ask

What tattoo equipment do you need as an amateur tattoo artist?

I would recommend investing in high-quality equipment so that you will be able to produce high-quality tattoos. It is the best option for beginners who are starting out

11. Ambition Rotary Battery Tattoo Pen- Best Cordless Tattoo Machine

This machine is one of the best for beginners and learners. Its feel of a real pen makes it comfortable to use and ensures accuracy in the tattoo procedures. This machine is a good way to start your career in the tattoo industry.

The wireless tattoo machine Pen creates a long-lasting vibrant color due to its greater penetrating power deep into the skin. It is likable primarily because it enables you to achieve various tattooing styles and techniques, unlike other tattoo machines.

This device’s informative LED screen display makes it very easy for users to actually use it because it accurately displays the current power status, timer, and output voltage of the device.

You’ll love how easy it is to switch out cartridges back-and-forth without sacrificing quality time spent on finishing work, thanks to the tattoo machine’s compatible needles and cartridges.

Neo cartridges are designed to make tattooing smooth and maintain high levels of hygiene. This cartridge tattoo needle provides an overall organizational and hygienic workspace for tattoo artists.

Magnetic fixation included in the gun kit will enable you to have your needles secure at any point you want while working.

People Also Ask

Does this device have any voltage gear feature?

Yes, it does. In addition to the voltage gear, the needle speed can be changed between high speed, which results in quick tattoo ink lines, and low speed, which results in smoother and more detailed work.

12. Equaliser Proton MX Tattoo Machine Pen

The tattooing machine uses higher positioning and standards RHEN, which is the top brand of cartridge needle. The needles are of high-quality stainless steel sterilized with ethylene oxide. The cartridges are also sterilized and individually packaged, ensuring safe and ease of use.

The well-rounded rotary tattoo machine enables you to achieve several styles and techniques. It is wireless and steady in hand.

In comparison to other wireless tattoo machines on the market, the Equaliser Proton offers the best low voltage response, thereby allowing you to use that machine for the lining as well.

With regards to the tattoo pen machine itself, it features a durable design in conjunction with ergonomic grips that do not require the use of grip tape. The machine also comes with a fully equipped tattoo kit. You can get a long-lasting vibrant color due to the machine’s greater penetrating power deep into the skin.

People Also Ask

How does Equaliser Proton wireless tattoo pen work?

Equaliser Proton professional tattoo machine is designed to be faster, quieter and easier on your arm, but still produce excellent results for everyone. The top of this device has two interchangeable heads, one needle-point and one shader-point which are both able to provide professional quality work just like any other traditional machine.

13. M PMU Wireless/Cordless PMU Machine- Best Permanent Makeup Tool

M PMU Wireless/Cordless PMU Machine - Ombre Powder Brows Miroblading Shading Eyeliner Lip Microshading Tattoo (Pink)

Have you ever wanted to feel like a pro by giving your clients perfect brows, but felt held back because of the cords and wires? The permanent makeup microblading tattoo machine is here for all those times when life got in the way. It’s super-easy to use and once tethered it never gets unplugged from power.

It is designed to operate at a low noise level so that you can work on your clients without being too distracted. It also has an ergonomic design for easy gripping, ensuring complete control while working on them.

If you want your makeup artist to be free from power cords and wires while working on a client, then the permanent makeup system is the ideal tool.

In part, this freedom is due to a high-capacity lithium battery that can run up to two hours when charged fully; it charges rapidly so there’s no downtime between jobs.

How to choose the best wireless tattoo machine Kit?

The best way to choose a wireless tattoo machine is by looking at the advantages it has over wired ones.

  • Ensure that your device is free of vibration and noise level issues, as both artists and their clients can suffer seriously from these issues.
  • In order for this to be successful, it should be light and well balanced in weight distribution, so user can work for lengthy periods without fatigue or discomfort, preventing wrist pain. The battery is an additional weight, which creates an issue with weight distribution.
  • Ideally designed wireless tattoo devices are suited for specific tattoo genres or styles, such as realism/hyperrealism, blackwork, etc., but there are many machines available that meet these needs.
  • There will be minimal or no maintenance required, and it will be easy to use, as well as provide superior maneuverability.
  • It doesn’t need any lubricant, making it less messy and less likely for your hands to get dirty, and making it a more enjoyable experience in the long run.

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Picking The Best Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

All above products have a wireless feature and are lightweight. Let’s conclude this article with some of the best wireless tattoo machines. Additionally, tattoo artists’ lives are also becoming easier since corded machines can be irksome.

One worth mentioning, Solong rotary beginner kit, comes with many amazing features that will make it your favorite for any task! Features like self-protective function and standby are just some examples of what makes this product so great.