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What is the best white tattoo ink?

White tattoo is not a new thing in the tattoo world. Using white ink is essential because you can use it on almost any tattoo ink shade.

It works well for making black and white tattoos for shading purposes. White ink tattoo works well for different skin tone, even for people with darker skin.

We have done extensive research to help you get best white tattoo ink brands that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. Check their comparisons below.

StarBrite Colors Tattoo Ink by Tommy’s Supplies – Brite White – 1/2oz BottleStarBrite Colors Sterilized InkView on
Dynamic White Tattoo Ink Bottle 8ozDynamic White Tattoo InkView on
Intenze Tattoo Ink Snow White Opaque 1 ozIntenze Tattoo Ink Snow WhiteView on
Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink, Samurai White, 2 OunceKuro Sumi Tattoo Ink WhiteView on

14 Best White Ink for Tattoo: Creating Something New

As a tattoo artist, if you want your tattoo to have a beautiful design, then picking the right white tattoo ink is crucial. It will help you get a better tattoo design for flowers, among others. Below is our top recommendation on the best white tattoo ink items.

1. StarBrite Colors Sterilized White Ink- Best White Tattoo Ink for Dark Skin

Quick Summary
  • It’s one of the old-timers
  • Highly pigmented
  • Irradiated and sterilized
  • Fade-proof
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Vibrant color
  • Made in the USA

This StarBrite Colors Sterilize White Tattoo Ink is preferred by many tattoo artists because it is a fully authentic solution. This professional-grade white tattoo ink provides vibrant colors that are fade-proof.

The white tattoo ink is highly pigmented to ensure it’s long-lasting. With this ink, the tattoo artist will only be limited by his creativity.

Ease Of Flow

StarBrite white tattoo ink flows very easily, making it easy to apply with accuracy to get the perfect tattoos. The ease of flow guarantees reliable quality when used. The ease of flow also enhances creativity. You can use StarBrite ink to create any pattern you can think of.


This white tattoo ink is safe to use and will leave your bodyskin healthy – no infections or irritations. This is because it is irradiated and sterilized to kill all microorganisms that might cause infections.

  • Formulated for long-lasting use
  • The white tattoo ink meets high-quality standards
  • Doesn’t irritate
  • Easy to use
  • Sealed to prevent contamination
  • Dries very fast

2. Dynamic White Tattoo Ink- Best Tattoo White Ink

Quick Summary
  • Sterilized ink
  • White color
  • Predispersed tattoo ink
  • 100% authentic
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made in the USA

The Dynamic White Tattoo Ink takes care of all aspects of performance and quality to a certain level that other white ink brands cannot attain and it’s a favorite among tattoo artists.

Being that it’s a sterilized best white tattoo ink brand, no microorganisms can be found in it. For this reason, your tattooing is taken care of. Its white color makes it useful for a variety of purposes, including tattoos outlining.

Long-Lasting tattoo ink

If you love the beautiful designs of your tattoos, you’d want it to last for as long as possible. This Dynamic white ink is as dynamic as its name. It produces long-lasting high-quality tattoos and related marks with no fading issues.

Bolder Color

The more your tattoos is bold, the more it will stand out, even if it is just a simple tattooing. This Dynamic white tattoo ink provides bolder marks because it is a pre-dispersed white tattoo ink. The pigments will get into your tattoos and maintain its color even after you heal.

  • Can be used for a variety of tattoo styles
  • Can be used for blending
  • Non-fading
  • Produce optimal healing
  • Contains premium tattoos pigments
  • A bit watery and thin

3. Intenze Tattoo Ink Snow White- Best White Tattoo Ink Brand

Quick Summary
  • Mixes perfectly with other colors
  • Tamper-proof bottle
  • Vegan friendly
  • One-ounce bottle

Intenze Tattoo Ink Snow White Opaque brand is known to work like magic for tattooing, and this intenze tattoo ink snow white doesn’t disappoint and high in demand among tattoo artists.

The greatest advantage of this solution is that it can mix with other Intenze snow-white opaque ink so well, giving you a variety of shades for your small designs. So, in terms of shades, this brand reigns supreme compared to other snow-white opaque ink.

Pre-Dispersed tattoo ink

Intenze snow-white Tattoo Ink Snow White Opaque ink is pre-dispersed ink that stands out among its peers. While many white ink in the market produce a creamy shade or are translucent when healed, this ink provides a pure shade that can last for many years.

Ideal Consistency

This intenze snow white tattoo ink is professionally designed to have a consistency that’s easy to push easily under the skin while retaining its white color. You can use it to enhance the highlights in grey and black tattooing.

Normal healing or tattoo blowout? That’s a tough question! If you have any questions, I recommend checking out my article on the topic.

  • Does not have any hazardous ingredients
  • Formulated not to dry out fast
  • Safely sterilized
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • The color appears to be too transparent for some users

4. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink White

Quick Summary
  • Superior consistency for the best white tattoo ink designs
  • Bold, bright colors
  • A grey and black dream
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Vegan friendly
  • Made in the USA

If you are looking for a best white tattoo ink brand that can help you achieve all your tattoo goals, this Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink fits the bill.

Its vibrant colors are what make it a darling to many tattoo artists and enthusiasts. The Kuro Sumi white tattoo ink is made from organic ingredients, making it safe to use for white ink tattoos.

Gives Your white ink tattoos Dimension And Life

Kuro Sumi white Tattoo Ink uses a crisp bold character that will breathe life into your tattoos. If you have some new tattoo ideas to try, this is one of the best white tattoo ink to use for you. It is versatile and flows easily. What makes it so special is that all its ingredients are organic, making it friendly.

Bright, Audacious Colors

Many professional tattoo artist worldwide use kuro sumi white tattoo ink because of its audaciousness and brightness. Once it heals, the tattoo ink will leave an attractive mark on your white ink tattoos that many people will admire.

  • Minimal fade
  • 100% authentic
  • Vibrant colors
  • Cruelty-free
  • Organic ingredients
  • May spill when not handled well


Quick Summary
  • Sterilized ink
  • Long-lasting color
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Versatile and light
  • Easy to penetrate

This small bottle, weighing only 0.5 ounces is a powerhouse on matters to do with tattooing. Viking ink offers optimal performance and is completely authentic.

Professional artist designed this Viking ink, giving it the versatility that a white tattoo ink needs. The tattoo ink is authentic and blends well with other inks to provide a variety of shades.

Superior Consistency

The Viking best white tattoo ink is made from organic ingredients that give it a perfect consistency for ease of application. Many tattoo enthusiasts like viking ink because it is designed for perfection. It is friendly and safe for the tattoo part. The consistency makes it suitable for all types of tattooing.

viking ink Comes In A Variety Of Colors

Viking ink offer over 50 colors that you can choose from. The ink can also mix perfectly, meaning you can work your way into getting a color that works well for your skin tone.

Stop what you’re doing and read this article about how tattoos are unprofessional. Maybe your boss will be impressed that you took the time to learn more, even if they never taught any of us at work about inking up our bodies permanently as a profession.

  • Safe for use
  • Long-lasting
  • Sterilized – no microorganisms that can harm your skin
  • Organic ingredients only
  • Does not change color over time like some ink
  • A little watery and may not create certain patterns

6. Bloodline Authentic White Ink

Quick Summary
  • 1oz Bottle
  • Superior healing property
  • Best for highlighting
  • Highly pigmented

Bloodline Authentic white Tattoo Ink is an all-purpose tattoo ink that finds application for a variety of tattoos needs.

Designed and developed in the US and in collaboration with one of the world’s best tattoo artists, this white tattoo ink is 100% authentic and has been endorsed by many tattoo enthusiasts and artists. It works well when it comes to highlighting works because of its high pigmentation.

Best For Highlighting Work

Bloodline Authentic white Tattoo Ink contains the most vibrant and brilliant colors on the market today. This makes it suitable for use in lightening all colors. For example, you can mix it with black to form grey shades.


Bloodline Authentic white Tattoo Ink colors will stay for long without fading. This will make your favorite tattoo design last for many years.

  • 100% authentic
  • Excellent healing property
  • A pre-dispersed tattoo ink
  • Brilliant and vibrant colors
  • All-purpose white
  • The ink color may slightly vary from the color shown on the site

7. Element Tattoo Supply White Tattoo Ink

Quick Summary
  • 1 oz bottle
  • Variety of colors
  • Pre-dispersed ink
  • Milky texture
  • All-purpose black

If you are into blending tattoo colors, this ink should be on top of your best white tattoo ink list.

Its milky texture allows it to blend well with other ink products. Element White Tattoo Ink makes it one of the best white tattoo ink for highlighting purposes. One of its components is sterilized water, making it safe for use on human skin.


All-Purpose tattoo ink

Bloodline white tattoo ink served several tattoo-related purposes. You can use it to highlight other colors or blend them with other colors to produce different shades.

Safe For Use

This is a sterilized tattoo ink, meaning it doesn’t have any microorganisms that can infect your skin. The fact that it is made from organic ingredients makes it even safer.

  • Highlights so well
  • Can mix with other inks
  • Non-acrylic and solvent-free
  • Sealed bottle top to prevent contamination
  • Highly pigmented and bright colored
  • May dry too quickly and fail to hold well

8. Authentic Radiant Colors White Ink

Quick Summary
  • Milky texture
  • Ideal for highlighting
  • Excellent flow rate
  • Authentic
  • Easy pigment dispersion

Authentic Radiant Colors U Pick white Tattoo Ink is 100% authentic and flows conveniently. This white tattoo ink has awesome healing power, meaning, once it’s applied, you’ll have to wait for long to enjoy the full benefit of your tattoo without pain.

It has a vibrant power white color that makes it stand out. This is the main reason it impresses many tattoo experts.

Pigment Dispersion

This white tattoo ink is preferred by many tattoo enthusiasts because of its dispersion ability. Its color palette is quite impressive, with its ability to blend with other colors when mixed. This brand works with top tattoo artists to ensure it provides what they need.

Excellent Flow Rate

With Radiant Colors, what will limit a tattoo artist is his creativity. This white ink flows easy making it possible to create intricate geometric designs like a flower.

  • Vivid hues and a bright color palette
  • Easy to apply
  • Mixes well with other inks – made using homogenized, uncut, pure pigment
  • Latest technology used in its developed
  • Sterilized
  • Maybe clumpy

9. BIOTOUCH Micropigment White Lighten Pigment Color

Quick Summary
  • 15 ml bottle
  • Best for lightening
  • Permanent makeup, tattoo Microblading, and use
  • Stays fresh for long after opening
  • For professional use only

BIOTOUCH Micropigment White Lighten Pigment Color is great for lightening other colors. Its color is of high-quality, making it the most suitable white tattoo ink for microblading, permanent tattoos, and all other permanent cosmetic needs.

Many professionals like it because it can stay for over two years after opening without expiring. It comes in a 15 ml bottle, which is good value for money.

Safe For Tattoo And Cosmetic Use

This white tattoo ink is made of pigments formulated with oxides of iron, making it safe for use anywhere on the body. It can be used as a colorant and for micropigmentation.

High Rate Of Color Retention

The white tattoo ink is made using high premium ingredients which ensures a high rate of retention. Once applied, this ink dries out fast like most inks. It dries slowly because of the ethanol and microfine particles in it.

  • Do not cause skin infection
  • Authentic product – meets all quality standards
  • Can be blended to match skin for lip liner, eyeliner, and eyebrows
  • Dries slowing
  • May fade off quickly if not applied by a professional

10. POWER WHITE Millennium Moms

Quick Summary
  • Designed for easy flow
  • Very pure pigmentation
  • Consistent quality and color at all times
  • Smooth pigment mixture
  • 5 ounces or 5 ml bottles

Whether you are a professional or budding tattoo experts, you’ll like this ink. Power white millennium offers vibrant colors and comes in 0.5 ounces or 5 ml bottles.

This white ink will complement your tattoo work quite well, more so because it is rich in tones and lasts longer. Because of its pure pigmentation, it’s safe to use and won’t cause any skin irritation.

Formulated For Professional Use

This is not a product that any armature can pick and use. It is designed for professionals for excellent results.

Vibrant white Color

This white ink is made from the highest quality pigments which give it the perfect white color that many tattoo lovers appreciate. If you are looking for long-lasting colors with rich pigments, don’t look further, this ink has all that.

  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • A homogenized pigment/carrier mixture
  • Rich tones
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable
  • May not show well on darker skin

11. Dynamic Color Heavy White Tattoo Ink- Best White Tattoo Color Ink

Quick Summary
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • One of the best-selling white ink brands on Amazon

People who are looking to apply this ink over superficial fingernail tattoos, Dynamic Color Heavy White Tattoo Ink will be fit for them.

Take note that this Dynamic white tattoo ink is dispersed. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a single pigment in it! Instead, it means that the powdered particles of pigment are finer than the powdered particles in stable pigment ink.

This is where Dynamic Color’s suggestion about diluting its ink comes from, too.

When the finer powdered particles of pigment are mixed well with a carrier liquid, the resulting white tattoo ink tends to flow better. In short, the diluted ink flows smoothly from the pen to the skin, a transition that also translates to better tattoos.

Since the white tattoo ink becomes embedded in the skin faster and better, there’s little need to make numerous passes over the same area. This means a shorter healing period for the client.

12. Moms Nuclear UV White Tattoo Ink Invisible Fallout Ultra Violet

Quick Summary
  • A trusted name in the tattoo industry
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Use animal ingredients and toxic chemicals to enhance the pigment
  • Extremely reliable quality

Moms Nuclear is one of the best white tattoo ink brand for the past 20 years. We also like that the names for the colors are evocative instead of being boring.  It isn’t important in the white tattoo inks’ performance but it definitely adds interest to color-related conversations.

What’s more important obviously is the fact that every bottle of Millennium Mom’s white ink has been checked for the life of the pigment, its flow rate, and its color consistency.

Avoid wiping off the ink as soon as it’s applied on the skin and the needle is pulled away from it. Let the white tattoo ink sit for a couple of seconds, apply a few more layers, and then wipe off the excess.

These steps will enhance the vibrancy of the colors since the so-called soaking allows the ink to penetrate the skin even deeper.

13. High White by Bob Tyrrell – Intenze Tattoo Ink

Quick Summary
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Offers more than one shade of white ink
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Consistent color and quality every time

We have seen it used on African-American skin and still stand out, as excellent tattoos should be. Of course, the High White by Bob Tyrrell white shade really stands out on fair skin, as well as call attention to the tattoo art on olive to brown skin.

We also appreciate that the product has just the right consistency – neither too watery nor too thick. It doesn’t dry out quickly on an ink cup so you can take your sweet time on tattooing.

The white ink transfers well into the body, too, and looks black when the tattoo is fresh as it is when it’s healed fully.

But the client should take proper care of his new tattoo. Otherwise, the white tattoo ink can fade faster.

14. World Famous Tattoo Ink

World Famous Tattoo Ink - Vegan-Friendly Professional Tattooing Inks - Fuji Mountain Mixing White (1/2 Oz, Fuji White)

We also appreciate that World Famous tattoo inks are sterilized with gamma radiation, an effective way of eliminating possibly toxic pathogens in the tattoo ink.

The crystal-flex bottles are designed with a secure twist cap to ensure that not even a drop of tattoo ink will be spilled during transport. The tamper-proof label also prevents unauthorized use of the ink before it’s in your hands and ready for application on your clients’ skin.

The World Famous tattoo ink apparently have high pigment content that make them look bright and bold both in the bottle and the skin.

Buyer Guide of Best White Ink for Tattoo

The Main White Tattoo Ink Ingredients

There are two main ingredients in pre-dispersed tattoo ink. First, the carrier can either be a single substance or a mixture of two or more substances. It has several purposes including keeping the pigment distributed evenly, preventing pigment clumping and preventing pathogen growth, as well as making the white tattoo ink flow smoothly into the body.

The most common and safest carriers are ethyl alcohol, purified water, witch hazel, glycerin and propylene alcohol. Surprisingly, some tattoo artists will use Listerine – yes, the mouthwash – as a carrier!

Second, the pigments are the substances that give the tattoo ink their colors, which can range from black and white to every hue imaginable. Ash, soot from burned wood and powdered carbon were the common pigments used in ancient tattoos. But modern tattoo ink uses a combination of original mineral pigments and modern pigments.

Pigments can also be plastic-based or vegetable-based depending on the desired color. Research has shown that white tattoo inks can contain as many as 200 different additives including colorants and preservatives. As such, individuals with allergies to these ingredients should consult with their doctors first before getting tattoos.

In general, nonetheless, modern white tattoo inks bought from reliable manufacturers in the tattoo industry are considered safe for use on human body.

Before You Buy  Best White Tattoo Ink, Consider The Following Factors:

If you are a beginner in tattooing, it can be very challenging for you. To make things easier for you, we’ve researched some important factors for the selection of the best white tattoo inks.

Lasting Duration

Ask yourself how long you want the tattoo art to last. If you want a tattoo that lasts only for a few months, choose an ink that fades faster.


Tattoo inks that use natural products are safer than those that contain artificial ingredients. Vegan-friendly inks will be safe to use, no matter your skin types.

Skin Suitability

Consider your skin types before you buy tattoo ink. If you have a dark skin, black tattoo ink may not show well. Also, some inks are suitable for oily skins or dry skins.


In some cases, you may not be able to find a tattoo color that matches your skin. If that’s the case, choose white tattoo ink that can be mixed with other inks to produce the shade you want.

Tested products

Use products with registered trademarks and are tested and approved by tattoo expert tattoo artists or dermatologists. Grabbing any ink you come across may expose toxic chemicals. Check all the available tattoo ink reviews too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why You Need White Tattoo Ink

White tattoo inks are popular among those who want impalpable body art. They don’t work well for outlining but are excellent for highlighting. That’s why many artists only use them for highlighting other colors to provide interesting shades and shapes.

Black and white look quite impressive when used together. So, depending on your skin, the artist will find a way of using the white ink to get exactly what you need.

How Do White Tattoo Inks Differ from Other Colors?

Apart from the color difference, white tattoo inks fade faster compared to other colors like black inks. As the white   ink fades, its color will change to a different shade. It may become yellowish and make your tattoo show like a scar rather than a tattoo.

Does white tattoo ink fade and How to Keep a White Tattoo from Fading

Yes, white ink tattoos fade. They don’t last as long as black tattoo inks. To protect the white ink from fading, make sure you protect it against sunlight. The UV radiations from the sun are the main reason why these inks fade. You can cover it with a piece of cloth or apply sunscreen.

Do white ink tattoos always end up with raised skin?

For the white ink to get into your skin, the skin will have to be affected. That’s why all tattoos, irrespective of color, will result in raised skin. It’s only that the raised skin looks more prominent with white color because it is lighter.

How can I best protect my white ink tattoo after the procedure?

Caring for your skin after a white ink tattoo is similar to what you’d do after using similar products. One most important thing to do is to protect the tattoo from sunlight before it heals. Also, avoid the body art from coming into contact with moisture. Use sunscreen and avoid swimming.

How long do white ink tattoos last?

Your skin type will show through a white tattoo ink even when it is still fresh. As time goes, more of your skin will show as the white color fades. So, expect your white color tattoo to last for between 45-60 days. However, the white tattoo ink can last longer for people with pale skin. This is because melanin affects the white-colored ink tattoos. If you have pale skin, the inks may last for up to 1-5 years.

Why Does white-colored ink tattoos Hurt More than Other Colors?

Since the white color is used to highlight other colors, the artist will be working on raw skin. To reduce the pain, it’s advisable to choose richly pigmented white-colored ink tattoos, so you don’t have to go over them repeatedly. 

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Final Words- Picking The Best White Ink Tattoo For You

We normally consider how the products perform, how easy to use they are, how convenient they are, and what customers say about them.

Among these ten best white tattoo inks, we can still pick the one we feel is the highest rated, and that’s none other than Bloodline Authentic white Tattoo Ink. This is an all-purpose, 100% authentic white tattoo ink that’s recommended by many tattoo professionals.

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