Best Tattoo Starter Kits for Beginners

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Plato said that the ‘beginning is the most important part of the work,’ and it pretty much hits the nail on the head when it comes to tattooing.

Proper and ample preparation is a solid part of becoming a tattoo artist as you really can’t get into this trade without being ready for it. You need the right tools at the very least to get started.

This is the very reason why the best tattoo starter kits for beginners are available in the market today. These products are conveniently designed for novices so they don’t have to make separate purchases just to get started.

Solong Complete Kit


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good build
  • Handy inclusions
  • Good Customer Service
Grinder Tattoo Kit

Budget Friendly

  • Professional-grade machine
  • Reliable performance
  • Quality build
  • Reasonable price
Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit

Editors Pick

  • Very convenient
  • Best for lining and shading
  • FCC certified
  • Heavy-duty

If you’re looking for some, we’ve rounded up a few recommendations for the best tattoo equipment for beginners 2021 and some tips on how you can find them below.

10 of the Best Tattoo Starter Kit for Beginners 2022

1. Hummingbird Bronc Pen Machine- Best Starter Tattoo Gun Kits

Quick Summary
  • Aircraft aluminum frame
  • Swiss motor
  • 5-12V working voltage
  • Adjustable 3.5 to 4.5 stroke length
  • RCA connection
  • 154g weight
  • The most preferred option for lining and shading
  • The kit includes machine tray, O-rings, ink cups, disposable gloves, transfer paper, super lube, tattoo needle cartridges, RCA cord
  • 1-year warranty

Pen-type tattoo rotary kits are considered as some of the best tattoo kit for starters since they’re easy to wield. Transitioning from actual pens to rotary tattoo machines is simplified by these products, so they’re highly recommended to novices.

This explains why we’ve also chosen the Hummingbird wireless rotary machine kits for beginners to start this list.

Created to have a feel that’s as close to an actual pen as possible, lots of users testify to how easy this pen is to use. It also helps that it has a nice weight balance, allowing users to wield it comfortably and with great precision.

Aside from handling, it’s also very easy to use. The needle cartridges is very easy to pop on and off, allowing you to quickly set up your unit before you start working.

1. Easy Handling

While tattoo pens are known for their easy handling, the Bronc Pen rotary machine kits for beginners tend to take things up a notch. How? For starters, it has a pen-like feel. Most tattoo pens offer the same but as this product is made to replicate the feel of handling an actual pen, it might make transitioning from illustration pens to tattoo machines easier for some.

Second is the fact that it has little to no vibration. The Swiss motor is rather exquisite as it doesn’t make it difficult for users to hold and wield the machine while they create their lining and shading on the skin. Because of this, you also don’t have to worry about tiring out your hands and arms easily.

2. Notable Performance

Rotary machines may be versatile but not all of them are capable of delivering the best results when lining and shading. Some attribute this to the fact that rotary machines are softer hitting than coil tattoo machines, so you might need to get a dedicated liner for creating crisp and clean lines.

However, this isn’t the case with the Bronc. It also creates solid lines despite being a tattoo pen machine, so you can already do a lot with this device. It also offers very smooth shading so it’s a true all-rounder pick.

3. Excellent Value for the Money

This rotary machine for beginners might not exactly be less expensive but it still offers great value for its solid construction and performance. For its price, it will already give you a reliable Swiss motor and a versatile performance. As its results are also comparable to more expensive products, it can already be a great less expensive choice for some.

  • Packs, lines, and colors nicely
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Compatible with all needle cartridge
  • The tattoo kit comes with the basic items needed to get started
  • High-quality construction
  • Pen-like feel
  • Little to no vibration
  • Some additional purchases will still be required

2. Solong Tattoo Complete Kit- Best Professional Tattoo Gun Kit

Quick Summary
  • 10 wrap coils machine
  • Clip cord connection
  • 1 digital power supply
  • 1 switch/foot pedal
  • 14 bottles of 5ml ink, various colors
  • 1 1ml black ink color
  • 20 3RL/5RL/3RS/5RS sterile tattoo needles
  • 10 disposable tattoo tips
  • Rubber bands
  • Radiant Colors
  • Ink caps, ink cups
  • Transfer paper
  • Grommets
  • O-rings
  • Tattoo tip cleaning brush
  • Tattoo machine adjustment tools
  • Tattoo Practice skin which has a similar feel to human skin
  • Disposable tattoo gloves

If you ever thought that you need a large capital to get started on body art, the Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Tattoo Kit will prove you wrong. This is one of the very few complete tattoo machine sets that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – perfect for most artists who are thinking of giving tattooed a try.

This coil tattoo machine is possibly the very definition of a tattoo kit, comes with everything you need to get started on the craft. It comes with a coil machine, 14 ink bottles, power supply, power cable cord, foot pedal, and a lot of essential accessories. So once you receive your package, you can already begin body art without needing to go out to buy any other accessory.

Further taking its great value up a notch is its solid performance. This coil machine set is pretty much a steal as many Solong tattoo Complete machine coil machine reviews can also attest to how well the tattoo machine works.

1. Fantastic Value

For its very affordable price tag, you’ll really be surprised at how many inclusions this set comes with. The convenience alone that this 10 wrap coils tattoo beginner kits offer is worth more than it’s being sold for, so it’s definitely a steal.

2. Versatile Performance

While tattoo coil tattoo machines are only either a liner and shader, the one that comes with this set is more versatile and can do both. This further boosts its value and functionality, making it possible for you to complete a design with just a single device.

The coil machine also does so adequately as it has enough power for clean lines and softness for shading and packing in color.

3. Comes with Everything you need to start

Again, with the long list of its inclusions, you can also count on this product to already allow you to get started as soon as you receive the package.

  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Versatile tattoo machine can line, color, and shade
  • 1 ounce Ture black ink comes free
  • Generous amount of ink colors
  • Can be used for lining and shading
  • Add-ons make it a very convenient and practical option
  • Amazing value for the money
  • Digital Power supply is easy to work with
  • One year warranty with free replacement service
  • Doesn’t come with a case or bag so storage can be a bit tricky
  • Instruction manual can be improved

3. Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit-Best Tattoo Starter Kits

Quick Summary
  • 4 coil tattoo machines (conventional liner, power liner, soft shader, color packer)
  • 10 wrap coils
  • Digital DragonHawk tattoo power supply system
  • 50 304L Dragonhawk sterile needles
  • 4 steel tattoo machine grips
  • 1 set adjust tools
  • Ink caps, ink cups
  • Transfer paper
  • Tattoo practice skin
  • Foot pedal
  • Clip cord
  • Travel case
  • Bottles of Immortal tattoo Inks, Made in the USA

The Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit is another product that will blow you away with its convenience and performance. The coil machine might be pricier than the previous kit but its inclusions will automatically justify the price tag.

What coil machine sets this apart from a lot of the items on this list is the fact that it comes with not just one tattoo machine but four of them. You’ll get a liner, power liner, shader, and color packer in one order. As a result, you’re guaranteed that you’ll have the right equipment that all kinds of designs will require.

With the different types coil machines included in this Dragonhawk complete tattoo kit, novices can get the hang of using individual devices for specific purposes. It might be a bit of a hassle to set up 4 machines for a single job but the precision these tools offer might still be preferable to some. So if you’re the type who wants to make sure that your detailing work is flawless, check out this item.

1. Wide Selection of Tattoo Machines

As Dragonhawk complete tattoo kit coil machine comes with four different tattoo guns, you can quickly have your own collection of tattoo kit with just one purchase. It comes in a 10 wrap coil and will save you from having to shop around for color packers, liner, and shader individually which can be very time-consuming and overwhelming.

2. Excellent Value

With its friendly price tag, it can be surprising that you’ll get quite a lot of items with this purchase. The long list of inclusions in this coil machine kit is definitely worth a lot more, making it a solid steal. The performance of the items included in the set are very satisfactory, too, so this purchase really promises a lot.

3. Great for Beginners Tattoo Enthusiast

Not all best tattoo kits have to be ready to use straight out of the box. This one isn’t and it’s alright, especially if you want to learn how to work with coil tattoo machines. As you’ll get four in one order, you can even learn how to work with a specific type of tattoo machine with its help.

  • Practical and offers fantastic value for the money
  • Comes with fair amount of learning material you need to start tattooing
  • Reliable quality with 1-year warranty
  • Set of 4 tattoos for lining and shading
  • Promises to deliver great results
  • Great for novice tattooists
  • Good customer support
  • Needs more instructional information for first-time users

4. Dragonhawk 1013-7-Best Tattoo Kits

Quick Summary
  • Atom Pen with Precision DC motor and adjustable needle depth
  • Dragonhawk tattoo power supply
  • RCA connection
  • Clip cord connection
  • Ink caps, ink cups
  • 20 pcs needle cartridges, assorted sizes (You can buy new needle cartridges separately)
  • Foot pedal
  • Carrying case
  • Best for lining and shading

Also referred to as the Atom Pen rotary machine, the Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit is another option worth checking out if you want something that’s easy to work with. Being a pen-type tattoo machine, it’s one of the least fussy options available, making it a solid choice for tattoo beginner enthusiast.

This rotary machine set might not be as loaded as the others listed above but despite requiring a few additional purchases for you to get started, you can be guaranteed that it’s worth the investment. Why? For starters, it’s not that expensive. It’s actually one of the most affordable rotary tattoo pen in the market and the fact that it comes with a number of useful add-ons, you can already consider it to be a steal. Performance-wise, it can easily compare to other pricier options.

1. High-performing and Versatile rotary tattoo machine

The Atom pen rotary machine is a notable tattoo machine on its own, so the addition of the extras to make this starter kits a more convenient option is a great plus.

The device is versatile. It can line, color, and shade nicely with just a few setting tweaks. As a result, this item can be worth considering even for just the tattoo machine alone. you also get a needle cartridge, a connection line, and a rotary tattoo pen too.

2. Friendly Price Tag

Dragonhawk has always been known to offer good-quality tattoo accessories so this item offering great value shouldn’t be too surprising. The Atom Pen rotary machine alone is already recommended by many, so by adding the extras to create a starter kit with it at the core just gave the brand another leg up in the competition. This pick will truly offer great value for your money, especially if you’re a novice who just wants to get start tattooing without too much fuss.

3. Ease of Use

With a tattoo pen as its core component, you can also expect this product to be very easy to use. The Atom Pen doesn’t require a fussy set up as you only really need to attach a needle cartridges to it and plug it in to start working.

  • Comfortable handling
  • Great price
  • 1-year warranty
  • Versatile tattoo machine
  • Easy to use, handle, and maintain
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Good balance
  • Comes with a fair amount of learning material
  • No practice skin included
  • Tattoo machine can heat up rather quickly

5. Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit-Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners

Quick Summary
  • In this beginner kit you get two tattoo coil machines (.44 Magnum 8 wrap liner and .38 Calibre 10 wrap shader)
  • 10 Wrap Coils
  • 2 rotary tattoo guns (Silencer liner and shader)
  • Hildbrandt Afterlife dual machine digital power supply
  • 2 clip cords
  • Foot pedal
  • Basic fundamentals of Modern Tattoo Textbook
  • Hildbrandt tattoo Training video tutorials
  • Tattoo Crash Course 101
  • Teach Me to Tattoo Website exclusive membership
  • 7% Hildbrandt VIP Membership Card
  • 50 Hildbrandt professional tattoo needles
  • 3 aluminum grips
  • 7 bottles radiant Colors ½ oz Turbo Black
  • Ink caps, ink cups
  • 1 set of sterilized disposable tubes
  • Autoclave-safe ink tray
  • Carrying case
  • Including disposable gloves, O-rings, grommets, rubber bands, stencil paper/transfer paper, Spanner tuning key set, step bushings, and tubes cleaning brush set
  • Practice skin

Compared to the other best tattoo starter kits above, this might be a bit pricier but the Hildbradt Tattoo Kit is still one of the best tattoo gun starter kit for beginners 2021 out there. Built to serve as a training kit by the said brand, you’ll get everything you need to get start tattooing with this item.

What sets it apart from the other starter kits on this list is its comprehensive beginners’ guides on how to start tattooing. It comes with a textbook, ink caps, paper towels, transfer paper, tattoo ink colors, needle cartridges, video tutorials, 10 pieces of wrap coils, and exclusive access to an instructional website so if you’re a novice, lots of information will be readily available to you by purchasing this item. As a bonus, you’ll even get a membership card for the brand’s products as an extra add-on.

As it also in this tattoo complete kit you get two rotary and coil machines, beginners will also have easy access to the basic kinds of tools that they need to be acquainted with. In turn, it can promise a more comprehensive introduction to the craft.

1. Different Types of Tattoo Machines

If you want to try both coil and tattoo rotary machines, this will be a convenient kit for you as it comes with both kinds of devices. You’ll get two-coil tattoo machines and two rotary machines for lining and shading, allowing you to choose which variety to master first. Beginners will benefit from this assortment as they won’t need to purchase different types of machines separately anymore.

2. Comes with Lots of Instructional Information

As a training kit, there’s an overwhelming amount of instructional materials with this coil and rotary machine. So if you’re the type who needs a reference material on hand while you learn, this can be a solid pick for you.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Will cover all areas in teaching you how to tattoo
  • Comes with a lot of instructional materials and you need to start practicing tattoos right out of the box
  • Very convenient and practical pick
  • Best for lining and shading
  • High-quality inks included
  • Highly functional digital power supply
  • Need a separate machine for lining and shading
  • Coil machines may be a bit challenging to assemble

6. Shark Tattoo Kit- Best Starter Kit for Tattooing

Quick Summary
  • 4 coil machines, 7-10V working voltage, 10 copper coils
  • LCD display digital power supply
  • Clip cord connection
  • Foot pedal
  • 2 black, 2 silver alloy grips
  • 5 disposable grips
  • 1 set stainless steel tips
  • 1 set disposable tips
  • Foot pedal
  • Tattoo machine attachments including O-rings, grommets, and rubber bands
  • Practice skin, Disposable gloves
  • Ink caps
  • Tip cleaning brush
  • Manual booklet and DVD
  • Carrying case

Even by just quickly browsing different tattoo kit options, you’ll quickly see that lots of buyers aren’t big fans of the inks that come with their coil machines for free. So if you want to skip spending money on something you might not like, the cast-iron Shark Tattoo Kit might do the trick for you. As this cast-iron set doesn’t include inks, you’re free to choose on your own what kind of ink you want to learn tattooed with.

Aside from its list of inclusions, the cast-iron starter kit for tattooing are also very promising. Made with cast iron bodies, they promise durability. They can be quite heavy but you’ll definitely get used to its heft with regular use so it shouldn’t be a problem.

1. Solid Tattoo Machine Construction

The four tattoo coil machines included in this beginner kits sport cast iron frames so you’re guaranteed a very solid construction. They promise durability and stability. However, they can be quite heavy, so keep this in mind, especially if you’re a beginner in tattooing.

2. Instructional Inclusions

This cast-iron coil machine kit includes an instructional book and a DVD that will teach you how to use the machine. So you can easily get a quick introduction to your tattoo machine kit no matter what kind of learner you are.

3. Your Choice of Ink

While not including a set of inks may bum some folks out, it can still be seen as an advantage. Lots of users tend to have qualms with the inks that are included in beginner tattoo kits so if you’re forced to buy separately, you’ll be able to take a pick from your many options. As a result, you can do your own research and choose according to your preferences and knowledge.

With this freedom, you can get started on the right foot with a solid set of tattoo beginner kits and a reliable set of inks. The free inks will not hold you back and complicate your learning process if you’re a starter tattoo enthusiast with this set.

  • FCC certified with guarantee free replacement service
  • It Will allow you to use high-quality ink
  • Includes instructional materials
  • Will let you practice on actual skin or practice skin
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • No ink and ink cups holder included
  • Reports of non-working DVD inclusions

7. Grinder Tattoo Kit By Pirate Face Tattoo-Best Tattoo Beginner Kits

Quick Summary
  • 4 coil tattoo machine (liners and shaders), 10 wrap coil
  • Dual voltage digital power supply
  • 7 bottles Radiant Colors ink
  • 27 disposable nozzles
  • 8 stainless steel nozzles
  • 27 x Disposable tips
  • Foot pedal
  • 1 adjustable tool kit
  • Ink caps
  • 1 tattoo practice skin
  • Paper towels
  • Transfer paper
  • Ink cups
  • 1 pair disposable gloves
  • Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo by Charles Jordan
  • Training DVD
  • Carrying case

If your idea of the best tattoo starter kits includes a sought-after instruction on tattooed, then the Grinder Pirate Face Tattoo Kit would appeal nicely to you.

Grinder tattoo kit by pirate face coil machines comes with the Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo which contains a lot of vital information about the craft. It has 240 pages of the things novice tattooists need to know so it’s considered by many as a must-read.

The purchase of this tattoo kit by pirate face tattoo complete kit also comes with exclusive access to an apprentice portal website, letting you connect with fellow apprentices and novices with ease.

To help ensure great output, this beginner kit also comes with high performing tattoo coil machines. They line and shade well, promising you the results you want.

1. High-quality Machines

Despite its friendly price tag, this beginner kit comes with very reliable tattoo coil machines. They’re well built and performs beautifully with proper execution. They’re also made of high-grade materials so you can count on them to last a long while.

2. Helpful Instructional Materials Included

The main draw of this grinder tattoo kit is its additional educational materials. A lot of tattooists testify to the usefulness of the book that it comes with, guaranteeing that you’ll learn a lot from it as a novice or apprentice. Comes with American-made tattoo ink, needles which is safe to use on human skin.

3. Friendly Price Tag

Since you won’t just get a reliable set of tools with this pirate face tattoo complete kit but will also learn a lot from its extras, it’s also safe to say that this kits for beginners offer great value for your money. You’ll definitely be able to cover various bases in becoming a tattooist by getting this beginner kit.

  • High performing beginner tattoo kit
  • No additional purchases necessary to get started in tattooing
  • Includes a highly sought-after educational book
  • Very useful extras
  • Great value for money
  • Suitable for beginner tattoo enthusiast and apprentices
  • Some buyers received incomplete kit

8. Solong Tattoo Complete Kit 3 Pro-Best Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Quick Summary
  • 3 coil machines (liner and shader), 10 coils
  • LCD digital power supply
  • Foot pedal
  • Clip cord
  • 8 5ml ink bottles
  • 50 assorted size sterile tattoo needle
  • 2 aluminum alloy grips
  • 50 disposable nozzles
  • 50 rubber bands
  • 50 grommets
  • 50 O-rings
  • Ink cups
  • 1 cleaning brush tips set
  • 1 set adjust tools
  • 7 types radiant colors
  • Paper towels
  • Transfer paper
  • Practice skin
  • Manual

Those who are looking for something that performs like a high-end machine sans the hefty price tag, the Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3 Pro might be a best tattoo machine choice for you.

Since the solong tattoo gun brand is known for tattoo guns that replicate the performance of expensive brands, it can certainly be a solid choice for starter who want the best but can’t spend a lot on basic tattoo equipment just yet.

Featuring 3 coil machines for liner and shader, this beginner kit also comes with a lot of tattoo companies so it’s perfect for those who want to get a lot of practice without spending so much.

1. Value for Money

With Solong tattoo friendly price tag, reliable performance, and a large number of inclusions, this beginner kit can certainly offer you great bang for your buck.

2. Lots of Tattoo Supplies Included

With the number of inclusions in this beginner kits, you can certainly use it for practicing without worrying about going through your supplies quite quickly since it’s also very affordable.

3. Professional-Grade Performance

Solong tattoo products are widely known for their very friendly price tags and high-end performance. This tattoo kits for beginners 2021 comes with coil machines that are designed to perform the same way which is why it’s such a great budget best tattoo kits choice.

  • Suitable for beginner tattoo apprentices
  • Excellent value
  • High grade practice skin
  • Tattoo machine performance is comparable to more expensive brands
  • Lots of tattoo supplies included
  • Contains all of the tools and accessories you’ll need to get started
  • Some users aren’t big fans of the ink
  • Set up instructions can be improved

9. Eyepower Coil Machines Tattoo Complete Kit- Best Starter Tattoo Kits

Quick Summary
  • Tattoo machine
  • Professional digital power supply
  • Foot pedal
  • Clip cord
  • 5 tattoo ink colors bottles
  • 1 steel grip
  • 1 plastic grip
  • 25 needles, assorted size
  • 20 rubber rings
  • 20 grommets
  • 20 rubber bands
  • 9 disposable tips
  • Stencil paper/transfer paper
  • 1 practice skin
  • Paper towels
  • A&D ointment
  • Ink cups
  • 1 set of cleaning brushes
  • Instructional book and DVD

Rounding out this list is the Eyepower Tattoo Complete Kit, it may be easy to dismiss since it’s a single-gun kit but it’s still worth a shot if you’re not looking into getting several guns anyway.

It may only come with one tattoo machine but it can already do everything, freeing you from the tedious chore of setting up several devices to complete one piece.

This coil tattoo machine kit may also not come with a lot of tattoo accessories and extras but it’s still worth a shot, especially if you’re after an affordable practice kit. It can already make do, especially if you’re not too fond of worrying about storing a lot of loose parts.

1. High-quality Machine

While this starter kits only comes with one tattoo machine, it proves to be an all-rounder that can compete with many dedicated tattoo gun kit in the market today. It runs smoothly and offers great output as well.

2. Great Value

It might not have lots of extras but this tattoo starter kits for beginners is still worth every penny and more because of its quality and performance. Some users even say that it’s worth the money just for the gun alone, the extras are just bonuses.

  • Suitable for beginner tattoo apprentices
  • Worth the money
  • Good-quality tattoo machine
  • High-grade practice skin
  • Tattoo ink colors is not recommended for use on human skin
  • Set up can be a bit challenging at first

10. STIGMA Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

Quick Summary
  • The tattoo machines have an ergonomic design
  • Lightweight rotary machines
  • This rotary tattoo machine is a suitable one for all tattoo artists
  • Practice skin, Disposable gloves, foot pedal, ink cups, transfer paper, tattoo ink, needles and Clip cord
  • 1-year warranty

Stigma complete tattoo kit offers is that you don’t have to get used to handling multiple machines. Stigma rotary can be a less overwhelming method to learn for many beginners. So instead of getting the hang of using different devices, you just need to find the right settings on your digital power supply to get the results you need.

What makes stigma rotary tattoo starter kits a lot more attractive to lots of users is its very friendly price tag. This rotary machine kit is possibly the most affordable on this list.

With its dependable performance and versatility, it certainly offers great bang for your buck. As a result, many consider it to be a strong contender for the best tattoo machine kit precision work in the market.

  • This Rotary machines comes with lots of accessories and supplies
  • High-quality machine
  • Highly versatile
  • Perfect for beginners
  • High grade practice skin
  • Machine handles well and performs smoothly
  • Great value for the money
  • No cartridge needles, tips included
  • Power supply might need replacing in the future

Additional Information for Best Tattoo Gun Kit

What is a Tattoo Kit or Tattoo Equipment?

With the ten impressive coil and rotary machines mentioned above, you might already have an idea about what a starter tattoo kit really is. It’s basically a set of tattoo guns and accessories as well as supplies sold as a package. They’re meant to help you get started on tattooed right away, eliminating the need for purchasing other coil and rotary machines separately.

Usually, they come with a tattoo machine and its accessories, a power supply, and various peripherals like extra needles, tips, O-rings, rubber bands, and even disposable gloves. Some also throw in practice skins so you can quickly test out the device without having to do so on your skin or on fruits.

However, some beginner tattoo kits do not have a long list of inclusions a well. Some just include the tattoo machine unit, its power cord, and manual. They may not be as convenient picks as others but they can still be worth looking into as they offer models that aren’t classified as entry-level types. They can be worth investing in, so make sure to look into them as well.

Tattoo Kit in a Nutshell

A quick look at our coil and rotary machines list above will already tell you a lot about kits. They’re an assortment of fully loaded sets and a simplified assortment of essentials, giving you ample options when taking a pick for what can work best for you.

If you want to make sure that you’ll get the best professional tattoo gun kit, however, you should have a checklist of the tattoo machines included in the listing you’re eyeing. To help you with that, here’s our list that you can use as a guide to ensure that you’ll get everything you need to get started in tattooing:

1. High-quality starter kit for tattooing

What makes a rotary machines tattoo kit for beginner worth buying is the very machine it comes with. If the device that comes with the one you’re eyeing isn’t a good performer, skip it. There are tons of other coil tattoo machines kits with decent to impressive machines as our list above also proves. You don’t have to settle with a less than stellar device just because of the large number of inclusions that come with the kit.

2. Dependable power supply

The best tattoo beginner kit is very convenient to get because they also come with a reliable power supply. It basically frees you from the tedious chore of searching for good power supply when you don’t even know what to look for.

Note, however, that some power supply products seem fancier than others, so it will be pretty easy to get enticed by them. Before going for a tattoo gun with so many bells and whistles, do your research first, however, as not all power supply models are made equally.

3. Power cable cord connection

It might seem that including a power cable cord for an electronic piece of complete tattoo kit is a natural thing to do but just to be sure, be on the lookout for these items.

4. Grips

Tattoo grips are must-haves because they will make the easy handling of machines possible. They usually come in a heavy-duty metal variety, so make sure your set includes one or two of such. Some coil machines kits can also throw in a few disposable ones and they’re great bonuses. They can certainly make cleanups easier for you, so if you can get some, it’s a nice plus.

5. Tattoo Kit

This is where things can get tricky. A lot of coils and rotary machines tattoo kit for beginners can distract you with a large number of extra supplies and then skimp on the tattoo machines that matter, so doesn’t focus too much on them. While it might sound nice that you’ll get 100 grommets or O-rings with your purchase, you might not necessarily need to get as much if the price is jacked up.

What are the tattoo supplies that your kit should include? It really depends if you’ll get a rotary or coil machine. However, most sets come with the following:

  • Elastic bands
  • Grommets
  • O-rings
  • Disposable gloves
  • Tips
  • Tip cleaning brush set
6. Practice materials

Practice skins and transfer papers are also included in some of the most cool complete tattoo kit in the market. They tend to make things a lot more convenient for beginner tattoo apprentices because they will let you get to tattooing right away. With their help, you can test out handling and work with the tattoo machine and tattoo inks that come with the set without putting your own skin at risk of errors and maybe even irritations.

Don’t expect a large practice skin, however, or maybe even the highest quality skin. Some are quite good, however, so you can certainly familiarize yourself with tattooing on the skin with their help.

7. ink bottles in different colors

Ensuring that you can really get started as soon as you get your unit is the set of inks that typically come with complete tattoo kit. They’re not always the top picks of professionals but they’re good enough for practicing.

They can work well on practice skin and fruits but sometimes they’re not recommended on human skin. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best not to risk it and just stick on using the free inks on practice skins. Once you’re ready to work on your skin, get inks from more reputable brands instead.

8. carrying case

While a case isn’t exactly integral to the performance of the kit, it adds great convenience, so we recommend looking for kit with this add-on. It doesn’t matter if you plan to travel with your tattoo machine or not, it’s still great for storing and keeping your complete tattoo kit in one place.

Types of Starter Tattoo Kit

Another thing to note about the coil and rotary machines kit is the fact that they’re often classified into two varieties. This categorization is used to mark the contents of the set being offered.

What are the two types of kits? First, are professional coil or rotary machines kit. They include heavy-duty professional-grade tattoo guns. Most of the time, they don’t include lots of tattoo kits and can be quite bare.

The other type is the tattoo starter kit. These include the more practical tattoo beginner kit that is also easier to handle. They also tend to include a lot of extras.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Machine Kit Precision Work

After learning about the basic information about coil and rotary machines tattoo kit, the next thing you might want to know about is how you can wisely choose the right one. With so many different options available, having to choose can be an overwhelming and confusing task. So how do you do it? Here are a few tips that we recommend you keep in mind:

1. Decide what kind of tattoo machine you want.

The tattoo machine included in the kit should be the biggest deal-breaker or maker when choosing a complete tattoo kit for beginners. It’s pretty much the most important inclusion in such sets after all as they do determine how you’ll hone your tattooing skills. So make sure to look closely at the tattoo guns included in the sets you’re eyeing.

To narrow down your options, you should also decide which type of tattoo machine or tattoo equipment to get. Do you want to take things easy? Go for rotary machine. They’re easier to handle and if you opt for tattoo pens, you can transition from your drawing pens to a tattoo machine rather smoothly.

If you want to go all out and learn how to work with the classic tools of the trade, you can also opt for kit that come with coil machines. There are also a few kits that include both types, so if you can’t decide, those might appeal to you as well.

2. Work with a budget.

Complete Tattoo kit comes at various price points so it’s also wise to have a budget when shopping for one. It will significantly narrow down your options and will allow you to prioritize certain things.

While the price tag of these items doesn’t always determine the quality of their performance, it might be a good indicator of the quality of their inclusions, however.

So if you’re planning on skimping, make sure to be careful with the extras. The inks are always the first tems that you should be careful with, so be prepared to spend a bit more to get a higher quality ink that’s safer to use on human skin.

3. Read tattoo kit reviews.

To get an idea about how the kit you’re eyeing works, read reviews. If you’re eyeing a popular tattoo kit, you can easily find lots of feedback about it. Be discerning with what to believe, however, as these writeups can be very subjective.

Tatoo Kit Facts

To get to know the tattoo kit better, here are more facts that you should know about them:

Tattoo kits are controversial topics in the industry.

A lot of expert tattoo artists do not recommend learning the craft on one’s own as it poses a lot of dangers. Not everyone is aware of how much at risk one is of infections, permanent scarring, and other medical complications when they don’t really know much about what they’re doing. Tattooing is rather invasive, so going in blind is not ideal.

What does tattoo kits have to do about this? Well, they’re very tempting for novices to try tattooing on their own. They make it very easy to get started and have a go at this form of art.

However, if you’re apprenticing or being trained by a pro, getting a complete tattoo kit can still be a good idea so you can have your own gear that you can practice with at home.

It’s easy to spot an inferior tattoo kit.

Even if they’re marketed as the best tattoo gun kits, it’s still quite easy to spot a tattoo kit that is not worth its cheap price. If you also know which are the best tattoo machine starter kits brands, you won’t get duped by these lousy options.

Should I Become an Expert Tattoo Artist?

Now that you already took the leap and started looking at beginner tattoo kit to get started on your journey as a tattooist, it’s also just normal to ask whether you should pursue this career or not. There may be douts in your head, especially since it’s not necessarily an easy craft. Tattooing requires great skill, unique style, lots of creativity, and good techniques to become renowned, so it’s really quite easy to feel insecure about your choice.

However, the right answer as to should you become an expert tattoo artist or not shouldn’t come from some stranger on the internet. If you believe that tattooing will let you pursue your passion, then you should definitely go for it.

Giving it a try with the help of the best starter kit for tattooing also wouldn’t hurt. As our list above shows, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to get one, so the risk of trying the trade out shouldn’t be that high. Even committing to an apprenticeship shouldn’t be too bad, as you can learn a lot from it.

Once you gave it a try, then, you can decide whether you should become a tattoo artist or not.

Four Things to Remember about Tattooing Technique

As a novice tattooist, you have a lot to learn. However, there are just four most important things you should keep in mind about the tattooing technique. These are the following:

Proper Sanitation

You should never ever cut corners when it comes to sanitation. This craft comes with health hazards that are easily avoidable by observing cleanliness, so make sure to take the right steps to ensure that your tools and space are sanitary.

Learn the Basics Correctly

When learning the basics, you should also pay close attention to doing it properly. It might feel like doing it a certain way will make things easier but don’t give in to the temptation. You can tweak your own techniques later on but it’s better to learn the tried and tested techniques as well while you’re still trying to hone your skills.

Use a Dictionary

When doing letterings, quotes, or anything with words, it’s best to use a dictionary. Double-check your spelling so you don’t have to worry about fixing errors later on.

Master Tattoo Aftercare

It’s also crucial that you master the techniques involved in tattoo aftercare. As a tattooist, you’re supposed to be the expert on this matter, so make sure to learn it very well. Hustle Butter is a popular tattoo after-care product, you can feel fre to use. to know more about hustle butter tattoo aftercare please read this article.


What is the best tattoo starter kit to get?

The best tattoo gun kits isn’t just one specific product. It really depends on the user’s skill level and preferences. This is why it’s important that you choose carefully so you can be sure to end up with the right kit for you.

How much does a tattoo kit cost?

Tattoo kits are available in various price range. As our list above shows, it can be unbelievably cheap to quite pricey. It all depends on the brand and machine model that is included in the set.

What do you need to start your tattooing?

There are quite a lot of things that you need to get to start your tattooing. Firstly, you’ll need everything that comes in a tattoo kit as they’re the basic tools for the job. You’ll also need to get quite a lot of tattoo kit. You can refer to the list above for the tattoo beginner essentials.

Can I be a tattoo artist if I can’t draw?

Yes, you don’t have to be a highly-skilled illustrator to be a tattooist. However, this will limit the things that you can do, so you might want to hone your skills in drawing as well.

How long does tattoo apprenticeship last?

Tattoo apprenticeships can take 1-5 years, depending on various factors. Plan accordingly as there’s also a chance that you won’t be making a lot of money during that period.

Do tattoo apprenticeships pay?

Most tattooists actually had to pay for their apprenticeships although some shops do not require such. It really depends on where you live as some states and cities highly regulate their tattoo schools. As for getting a pay as an apprentice, the chances are also slim. It’s like an on-the-job training so don’t expect to make money right away while learning to become a tattooist.

What is the best fruit to practice tattooing on?

Grapefruits, oranges, melon, and honeydews are said to be the best fruits to practice tattooing on. Thanks to the texture of their surface, they can feel somehow similar to actual human skin.

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