Best Tattoo Practice Skin to Improve Your Skill In 2021

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As a tattoo artist, you need to practice more to hone your skill and take it to the next level. With practice, you perfect your skills before going lose on your clients. The best tattoo practice skin is important for beginners and professionals who want to develop their skills.

If you want to find more about the best tattoo practice blank pieces, read our reviews and guide to discover which tattoo practice skin is right for you. You can use them to try different tattoo machines to find one that you like.

10 Best Tattoo Practice Skin Review

You cannot do your tattoo practices on the human body because the tattoos ink will remain permanent once you apply.

You need to get fake skin to help you see how the tattoos ink will look like once you apply it on real skin. We have recommendations some of the 10 quality tattoo practice skins that will improve your skills.

#1: Microblading Supplies 3 Piece Practice Tattoo Skin

Quick Summary
  • Set of 3 fake skin sheets for eyebrow tattooing
  • Realistic and quality Silicone material
  • Decent price
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Great for perfecting your skills

If you are honing your needling and micro-blading skills, this silicon tattoo skin will help you tattooing practice the technique perfectly.

You will a set of three tattoo practice skin to begin your eyebrow tattooing technique. After practicing on these silicon sheets, you will finally know how to micro-blade and shape eyebrows professionally.

Some tattoo practice materials like pig skin might not be the best for tattoo practice skin options because they are thick, and the tattoo doesn’t remain true to the color.

Using this silicon sheet feels like real human skin, which makes practice realistic. Therefore, it is easier for you to know the amount of pressure you need to apply and the feeling after micro-blade your client.

Whether you are an eyebrow specialist, beginner, professional, or tattoo enthusiasts, these three eyebrow tattoo practice skin will enhance your skills.

You can perfect your micro-blading skills using these fake tattoo practice skins, which work amazingly well.

Do your math; if you are to take a micro-blading course, it will cost you a lot of money. With these tattoo practice skins, you can save more money and learn how to micro-blade at home.

You can get help from various YouTube tutorials, and with time, you will have the right skills for eyebrow tattooing.

#2: Yuelong Double Sides 10 Sheets 8×6 Practice Tattoo Skin

Quick Summary
  • Great to test the progress when taking tattoo lessons
  • It gives great product touch feeling
  • Thicker for double side use
  • Similar to human skin
  • Silicone material
  • Plain surface for a freestyle design

Get a realistic experiment when tattooing and micro-balding with this plain tattoo skin sheet. It is great for beginners and professionals who want to up their tattooing technique.

Practicing with this Yuelong tattoo skin practice sheets gives you confidence, and you can also use it as a platform to exhibit your artwork.

When picking a tattoo skin practice sheet, it is great to consider a quality material that will help you practice well. This one features a synthetic skin-like make to give you a real feeling. You can buy the rubber practice skin as a gift for your favorite tattoo artists.

No tattoo artist wants to work with a blank tattoo practice skin that is difficult to use. You want to sharpen your skills easily, and this calls for skin that is easy to use.

You will enjoy this one because it is flexible and looks like pig skin. It is easy to use because it gives the same feeling like human skin.

This skin tattoo sheets is thick enough to give you double side use. Therefore, you can use both sides to practice different tattoo techniques, even outlining.

The only down side is, the smell is pretty strong which has been disliked by many customer

#3: Tazay Soft Silicone Blank Silicone Tattoo Practice Skin

Quick Summary
  • Made of quality silicone material and does not allow ink to spread
  • Package contains 10 pieces
  • Decent price
  • It is durable and reusable
  • Thicker for double-sided use

Choosing the right tattoo skin practice item gives you the feeling of tattoo art a real person. It is great to select a tattoo practice skin that you can easily use on the contours and the body’s different curves.

This silicone practice skin provides a better skin touch feeling, and it doesn’t contain impurities. You can wrap it around the legs, arms, back, and chest.

A quality tattoo practice skin should be durable and reusable. You don’t need to spend your money buying plenty of tattoo practice skins because it can cost you more in the long run.

The 10-piece fake skin product features a raw silicone material that gives you durable use and the ability to reuse.

Not all tattoo practice skins are easy to work with since most don’t give you the feeling of pig skin. This is an exceptional piece that provides ease of use for beginners.

It is thick enough to help you use it multiple times on both sides. You will also enjoy a larger tattoo area which you can use several times.

Beginners and professional tattoo artists get a perfect experience with this tattoo practice skin, which improves their art. Unlike most silicone tattoo practice skin, this one gives you a great product touch feeling and a clean surface to work on. Additionally, it is elastic and soft to suit your requirements.

#4: BIGWASP Large Size 8×12″ Tattoo Practice Skin

Quick Summary
  • Quality reusable rubber and silicone material
  • Holds tattoos ink well
  • It is a disposable type
  • The soft and stretchable material

If you are starting your tattoo journey, you need to get several tattoo supplies. Apart from picking the tattoo machine, you also need a large and medium-size synthetic tattoo skin to train.

BIGWASP tattoo skin is high quality, and it comes with five sheets that you can use to train any ink design. The practice products are made for novice artists, which helps them improve their skills.

Training on these product feels like tattooing real skin type. The sheets are made from skin-like synthetic material, and they hold the ink perfectly well. You will also experience less messes when working with these practice sheets.

These high-quality fake skin product saves you money because you can reuse them several times. Their material is thicker, soft and it stretches easily to help you do your work perfectly. Additionally, you can use both the front and the backside of the sheets.

The downside is, some users have commented about needing to go over lines on the sheets multiple times.

#5: ITATOO Tattoo Practice Skin

Quick Summary
  • Flexible silicone sheets and does not allow ink to spread
  • 10-piece tattoo practice skin
  • Larger tattoo area
  • Flexible fake tattoo skin

ITATOO is a top brand that provides quality and affordable tattoo practice products. This product is made from a synthetic material with skin-like feeling to make it easier for you to work with.

This blank tattoo skin practice allows you to practice different methods ranging from shading to outlining. You will love the blank surface, which gives room for better practice and freestyle designs.

The first thing you should check when buying a tattoo practice skin is the quality of the material. You want to work with a material that gives the real feeling of human skin. Luckily, this is what you will get from this practice skin.

You will be impressed with this tattoo skin’s thickness, which allows you to practice on both sides. Therefore, you have a larger area to practice your designs. The sheets work well when training shading, line work, among other methods.

There are more possibilities you will get with this blank tattoo skin practice. You can choose to warp it on an object to get the right contour you need. You will also get a blank sheets that helps you practice almost any tattoos ink design.

#6: Hslife 12PCS Blank Practice Tattoo Skin

Quick Summary
  • Quality silicone material and does not allow ink to spread
  • 12-piece blank tattoo skin practice
  • Flexible to work with
  • Hook and strap for contouring around body parts
  • Allows freestyle designs
  • Real feeling like human skin of these sheets gives much more command very the art with a lot more realistic designs

Tattooing is a skill you need to practice until you perfect your skills before trying the tattoo needle on a client. If you have the best tattoo practice skins sheet, honing your skills will be easy, and it also gives you confidence when drawing any body part.

If you need the best tattoo practice skin for convenient application to human body part or objects with a similar color to the human skin, get the Hslife 12PCS practice sheets that works amazingly.

You don’t want to have limitations when you are practicing how to tattoo. This is exactly which these practice skins have a surface that enhances freestyle designs. You can train different methods, and you will get the feeling of normal human skin.

Another great reason to work with these 12 flexible fake sheets is their flexibility. It is easy to wrap them around an object to achieve the perfect contour you need when practicing. You will also get blank sheets to enable you to do whatever you want.

If you are a beginner, you will appreciate having these sheets in your practice supplies. Not only are they suitable for beginners but also experienced tattoo artists. You can do your practices ranging from lip to eyebrow or any other technique you want to try. Some apprentice tattoo artists prefer this.

#7: Wormhole Practice Tattoo Skin

Quick Summary
  • Made of durable silicone material
  • A thickness of 0.047 inches
  • The use of different needles and a triple of tattoo machine proved that it is a durable material
  • Set of 10 pieces 10 tattoo practice skin

If you want to train micro-blading and tattooing, this 10-piece practice skin will help you do that.

This fake skin is suitable for beginner tattoo artists looking forward to improving their skills to a professional level. It gives you a feeling similar to the human skin, and you can practice a wide range of tattooing methods.

The blank tattoo practice skin is made of quality silicone product that is flexible enough, and it doesn’t contain any impurities. You can gift a tattoo artist with these practice skins, and they will appreciate it.

A quality fake skin product should be flexible enough to make working with it easy. This one has the same feeling like a human skin, and it is easy to use. Working with it is exactly what you do on the human skin.

The product is thick enough to allow you to use both sides for your practice. All the pieces have a blank surface which helps you train your favorite freestyle design.

#8: Gospire 10pcs 8×6 Microblading Practice Tattoo Skin

Quick Summary
  • Synthetic flexible rubber material
  • 10-piece tattoo practice sheets
  • This is universally suitable for using any technique of drawing, needle or ink and paint.
  • Thickness of 0.05 inches
  • Skin tone color

If you want to become a professional in the tattoo industry, then you need to do a lot of practice. As you know, you cannot train your tattooing work on real skin type.

That is why you need to use blank tattoo practice skin like Gospire to enhance your artistry skills. The 10-piece blank tattoo skin practice is suitable for beginners,  since the skin easily accepts ink, any colors, and needles. and expert artists who want to train and sharpen their skills.

You will have an easy time working with this tattoo practice skin. You need to prepare the skin and apply some Vaseline, then start tattooing. When tattooing, wipe the excess ink on the surface with a paper towel.

This practice skin is made of a synthetic skin-like material that is flexible enough to help you work with it easily. It has a size of 8×6 inches which is enough surface to help you train.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tattoo artist, you will get the best from this tattoo practice skin. Working with it will help you improve your tattooing skills without using the real skin for practice.

#9: Segbeauty Double-sided Tattoo Art Practice Tattoo Skin

Quick Summary
  • Package includes 5 practice skins
  • Made of silicone material
  • 3mm thick and A4 size

Enjoy great practice lessons with this tattoo blank tattoo practice skin that works well. It is thick and soft like normal skin, and it holds the ink pretty well.

This fake skin is made of high-quality stuff that is stable and cleans easily. You will also appreciate its texture which is great for tattoo practice.

The practice skin is thick enough to accommodate the needle depth. It features a high-quality silicone material which gives it a soft feeling like pig skin.

Unlike other tattoo practice items, this one gives you a larger practice area to enhance your skills. You can even save your work and frame them or choose to hang them for display purposes in your shop.

These are your ultimate tattoo practice sheets that hold the ink well hence great for practice. You can use them for micro-blading, and they don’t stain easily like other skins. Additionally, it is easy to remove any unwanted streak pattern.

 #10: A Pound of Flesh Practice Tattoo Breast Silicone Fake Breast

Quick Summary
  • It is 3-inches deep
  • Professional quality display
  • Realistic-looking body parts
  • Silicone and rubber-based material

Learn new tattooing skill with this tattoo practice breast that gives you a nice 3D display.

A Pound of Flesh Practice Skin is great for both professionals and beginners who want to enhance their tattooing skill. It holds the color permanent and gives you a good platform to strengthen your tattooing skills.

The rubber breast and torso offer you a real-like curve and shape, which gives you the experience of tattooing real skin type. It holds the color permanently, and the torso and the breast give it a realistic look.

If you would like to show your customers how the tattoo ink will look on them, this skin is great for visualizing the design. It helps you show your technique and how the final tattoo ink will look like.

This is one of the main reasons that make the practice skin great for display and practice. A Pound of Flesh Skin has a top-quality material that is flexible and easy to work with.

#11. Mehron Face Painting Student Practice Head

Quick Summary
  • Washable and durable vinyl material
  • Silicone raw material
  • Smooth texture for easy use
  • Professional quality practice head
  • Approximately 8″ x 10″ x 18″

Use this practice head for face painting and professional makeup training. It is a quality practice head that gives you a nice platform to perfect your skills, especially if you are a beginner. You can use it to test makeup products, create unique designs and practice various skill.

The practice head is made of vinyl material that has a smooth texture hence easy for paint applications. You will also find it easy to work with when blending colors and shades.

This is a professional quality practice head that is washable hence a great tool for perfecting your face painting skills. You can develop your own designs, and you can wash them easily with water and soap.

#12. Silicone Tattoo Practice Hand by Nikko Hurtado

Quick Summary
  • Rubber-based materials
  • 2-inch thickness
  • Measures 7 inches long and 8-inches wide

The same way you can tattoo different parts of the body, so are tattoo practice skin to suit every body part.  If you want to train how to tattoo hands, work out the details first on this silicone and rubber practice arm. This fake silicone hand will come in handy.

It has the right shape and size, which gives you the feeling of tattooing a real hand.

These nikko hurtado fake skins are not only used to practice. You can also use them to showcase your talent. The hand acts as a good display to highlight your artistry techniques to potential clients.

If the practice skin you choose is not made of quality materials, then you will have trouble working with it. This one gives you an easy time to practice, and you will love using it to strengthen your skills.

This is another problem you will face with tattoo practice skin. If it cannot hold the ink well, then you will not get the desired design. This skin is designed to give you better performance when practicing because it can hold ink permanently.

Choosing The Right Tattoo Practice Skin

Tattoo practice skins are essential for tattoo artists who want to try different designs. These artificial skin look like real human skin, which makes it easy to work with them. The following are some information that will help you pick the best tattoo practice skin first.


Various materials are used to make these fake practice skin. You can either choose silicone, rubber, PVC, or pig skin from a butcher shop. Always pick a material that is closer to the human skin to get the best experience.

Double-Sided Use

Does the practice skin allow you to use both sides? A good one should have this feature so that it can last longer. The skin should also be thick enough to allow double-sided use.


You should also consider the size of the synthetic skin since they vary depending on the brand. You can get small, medium, and large practice skin to suit your tattooing techniques. A larger size is better because it provides more space for practicing.

Ink Compatibility

You should also consider how the skin will be compatible with different colors. Get a practice skin that can hold ink well for a better outcome.

Patterned or Blank

Some practice skin comes blank, while others have patterns. The blank is suitable if you need something to add to your creativity, and it is great for beginners, since the skin easily accepts ink, any colors, and needles. Patterned tattoo skins can limit your creativity, and they might not be as flexible as you would love.

Body Part

Another essential thing to remember is the body part. Which body parts of the human body do you want to perfect your tattooing skills?  You can get bits of the human body in synthetic silicon materials like legs, face, hand, breasts, head, and much more. You have the chance to pick a wide range of body parts to give you a contemplation how the real tattoo ink will look like.

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Picking The Best Tattoo Practice Skin for You

We have come to the end of the best tattoo practice skin reviews, and I hope you will find it easy to pick the most suitable practice skill to enhance your skill.

All these fake skins are great for beginners and expert tattoo artists since the skin easily accepts ink, any colors, and needles and they ensure you get a real feeling of the human skin.

As you know, the final decision on which practice skin lies on your hands. The most important thing is to choose a practice skin that matches your needs.

We recommend the Yuelong blank tattoo practice skins as the best option to suit a wide range of users. They are great for micro-blading and tattoo art practice. These high-quality sheets come at a decent price, and they are easy to use. They also provide double-sided is, and the stuff is quality for tattoo practice.