Best Tattoo Needles – Reviews and Guide

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Tattooing is a typical modern fashion in this new generation, and people get a tattoo for different reasons. It could be you want to get a tribal tattoo, express something, peer influence, or media influence, among other reasons. One of the essential items that you need to make an outstanding artist is the best tattoo needles.

There are various needle types that you can consider depending on which one works well for you.

You can choose flat tattoo needles, round liners, or magnum shader needles. The needle size also varies, so you need to choose high-quality ones for body art. We have compiled a handy reviews and buying guide to find the best shading needle for tattoos.

Pirate Face Tattoo PFT 100 pcs Assorted Tattoo Needles - Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum Needle - 100pk by Pirate Face TattooPirate Face Tattoo NeedleView on
Dragonhawk Tattoo Needles Assorted Liners and Shaders 200 Pcs Sterilized Mixed Size Tattooing Needle BoxDragonhawk Tattoo NeedleView on
YILONG 200pcs Assorted Mixed Size Tattoo Needles Set (100Pc Liner and 100 Shader) 25Pc-3RL, 50Pc - 5RL, 25Pc-7RL, 25Pc-5RS, 25Pc-7RS, 25Pc - 9RS, 10Pc-5M1, 15Pc- 7M1 for TattooYilong Tattoo NeedleView on
ACE Needles 50 pcs. 9 Round Liner Pre-made Sterile Tattoo Needles - 9RLAce NeedlesView on

12 Best Tattoo Needles for Color Packing 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

As a tattoo artist, you need to understand the tattoo needle groupings to help you pick the best tattoo needles. We have a top list of 12 great needs that are great for lining, coloring, or shading. Compare these top picks to determine which one is right for your work. Whether you want the best needle for tribal tattoos or for line work, you have different options here.

1. Pirate Face Tattoo Assorted Tattoo Needle 100 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5M1, 7M1- Best Quality Tattoo Needles

Quick Summary
  • Variety of needle sizes (3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5M1, 7M1)
  • Singly packed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Each needle has a safety membrane
  • Compatible with most regular tattoo machines and tattoo tubes
  • Medical-grade stainless steel construction

Pirate face tattoo round shader needles are among the best tattoo needles in the market today. The needles come in various sizes to fit into virtually any tattoo machine.

With such quality round shader needles, you can confidently serve your clients, and both parties will be satisfied. The needles in the best set and packaging are exceptionally done.


While some round shader needles tend to be almost the same size, the pirate face tattoo is ahead to give you a more comprehensive range of needle sizes. The range enables you to select from the round shader, magnum shader needles, to round liner. Pirate face tattoo is one of the best tattoo needle brands you can rely on to cater to the needs of your work.

Good Packaging

Quality products are often packaged well compared to substandard ones. Pirate face tattoo needles depict not less than high-quality packaging of their needle. An outstanding noticeable feature of the needles is that each needle is packed singly in a blister pack. For each size, you will find ten pieces.


Tattooing is fun; therefore, it is critical to ensure that the equipment you use is of quality and brings satisfaction to you and your client. Because of the same, I recommend pirate face tattoo because it attains to standards. The package in which they come in has an expiry date on them to ensure quality is upheld all the time.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, here’s some reasons why it might not be the best idea.

  • Mixed package with ten different needle configurations: 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5M1, 7M1
  • Work with all types of tattoo gun
  • Ideal for any tattoo
  • You will get 100 different tattoo needles
  • Made of medical stainless steel
  • Easy to mount on a tattoo machine
  • Come with 10pcs for any needle types
  • Complaints of expired needles
  • The needles are short for some tattoo guns

2. Dragonhawk Tattoo Needles- Best Tattoo Needles for Lining

Quick Summary
  • Intricate and pre-sterilized
  • The needles come in sterile blister packs
  • Medical grade Stainless Steel and 100% sterilized
  • 304 surgical stainless steel material
  • If you’re not happy, they have a satisfaction guarantee

Some tattoo styles may seem challenging to achieve with other common needle types; however, that will be a breeze with dragonhawk.

If you aim to handle complex tattoo patterns, this set should be the first in your mind. Compared to other models of tattoo needles, its complex nature equates it to too complex tasks.

High Quality

Considering all the features that dragonhawk comes with and its complex nature, it cannot compromise its quality. The needles’ quality is evident from the neat soldering and the complete control you have when working with them. Quality means you and your client get the utmost satisfaction from the set. Get the set and have a smooth experience.


These are the best tattoo needles for lining because they are convenient for use at any time. Once you get the set, you can use it immediately since it comes pre-made for ready use. The pre-made feature of the needles makes your work easier, thus improving your application and general use. It is by far the best you can go for.

Excellent Performance

The best tattoo needles for the newbie are based on the quality, which compliments their performance. From the quality of dragonhawk and the convenience you can get, you can already tell that its results are excellent. Once you experience this set’s smoothness, you will not be thirsty to try any needle-types anymore.

  • The brand has a high reputation
  • It comes as a wholesome packing
  • Made of surgical stainless steel
  • Exhibits superior quality
  • Excellent outcomes
  • Only for experts
  • You can get only one needle type while other types miss.

3. Yilong 200pcs 3RL 5RL 7RL 9RL Assorted Tattoo Needles- Best Tattoo Needles for Shading

Quick Summary
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Medical grade stainless steel construction
  • Mixed sizes with ten different needle configurations: 3RL,5RL,7RL,9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS,7M1,9M1
  • Suitable for your requirements, with very few magnum shaders
  • Single stack magnum shader needles
  • Round liners
  • Round shaders

Yilong includes the best liner needles for tattoos in the package. The excellent set offers a top-notch performance you are looking for.

The individually packed needles pay close attention to standards by attaining 316L stainless steel and pre-sterilization using Ethylene Oxide gas.

Health Standards

The needles are made in such a way to attain high medical standards to avoid skin trauma. They are crafted from 316L stainless steel and neat soldering to achieve excellent outcomes and optimal control.

Individual Packaging

The tattoo needles come in a single stack pack, (3RL,5RL,7RL,9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS,7M1,9M1), with ten pieces for each configuration, but each is in the individual compartment.

This ensures none is lost, therefore, contributing to orderliness and safety. Also, the needles are pre-sterilized using ethylene oxide gas.

The gas is highly efficient in sterilizing tattoo needles before packing, making your work easier since you will not worry about sterilizing before working.

Excellent Results

The YILONG tattoo set is the best tattoo needles for coloring or shading work. The needles’ excellent features, from crafting to high sterilization, contribute to high performance and outstanding results.

Superior Quality

The needles are made of rigid material to boost their durability. They are Burr free and sharp enough for their tasks. The tips are perfectly pointed without bent.

Tattoo blowouts are very common and can be a real bummer to deal with. Thankfully, you have this article on how to fix them

  • Made with surgical stainless steel
  • Medically safe
  • Excellent design
  • Give excellent outcomes
  • Well packaged
  • Made with surgical stainless steel
  • Medically safe
  • Excellent design
  • Give excellent outcomes
  • Well packaged

4. Ace Needles 50 Pcs 9 Round Liners- Best Tattoo Needles for Stick and Poke

Quick Summary
  • High-quality material
  • Have CE Approval Individual Packaging
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel construction
  • Standard length loop bar
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Here, you get 50pcs of different size: 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 7M1, and 9M1

This is by far one of the leading set in the market you don’t want to miss. The package has more to offer than just handling tattoo work.

If you are continuously operating under a tight schedule, then you need to look no further. Ace is here for your rescue.

Ready To Use

Unlike other needles, the Ace needles come when ready for use since they come when pre-made. Due to the needles’ pre-sterilization, you can handle your tight schedule without hassle since you do not have to worry about sterilizing the needle before working.

Resistant To Corrosion

The needles can resist any type of damage and corrosion for a long time. This is possible because the set is first sterilized thoroughly before it is packed for use. Sterilization is achieved using ethylene oxide gas which is powerful and enables the needles to go a long while without losing their stature.

Standard Loop Length Bar

The needle has a critical part called the standard-length loop bar. The bar is vital because it eliminates the hassle you undergo when fixing the needles into different machines that are used alongside them.

  • Made of premium surgical stainless steel
  • Unlikely to sustain corrosion
  • It comes in an individual blister pack
  • No need for autoclaving
  • It comes ready for use
  • Only for basic handling and application

5. Bigwasp Premium Quality- Best Tattoo Needles for Beginners

Quick Summary
  • Sharp and burr-free
  • Have CE Approval Individual Packaging
  • 50 pre-made tattooing needles
  • Professional-grade single-use round liner needles
  • Medical grade stainless steel
  • 30 mm needle diameter

The best in the tattoo needles market can cater to the needs of both professional tattoo artists and first-timers. If you are one of them, then you need not look further.

You can handle the needles seamlessly since it features all the necessary trappings you might need to get challenging tasks done.

Superior Quality

 The needle that you are about to see is reliable in every sense and efficient for use all the time. Every tattoo artist would be interested in quality; therefore, you need a quality set for your tasks. Bigwasp is made of quality material that makes the overall needles of superior quality.

Professional Use

Quality products give excellent results, and if you are keen, professional tattoo artists will go for Bigwasp rain come sunshine. This is because the quality needles are ideal for professional application. Also, the needle comes when it is ready for use since it needs no additional interventions. Due to the readiness to use, the needles save your effort and time.


If efficacy is what turns you on, then what needle is the best? Of course, Bigwasp. The needle guarantees your satisfaction by generously delivering tattoo ink in fewer passes. This makes the needles ideal for lines and coloring work.

  • Delivers optimal results
  • Ideal for neat lines
  • Safe for medical-level applications
  • Allows easy handling and retrieval
  • Affordable to operate
  • Does not dispose of well

6. ITATOO Silicone Blue Disposable Tattoo Tubes- Best Cartridge Tattoo Needles

Quick Summary
  • Clear long tips
  • Rubber band loaded tattoo cartridges with a plastic membrane
  • Individually packed with sterilized blister packs
  • Medical grade Stainless steel and medical grade plastic
  • The model number is curved on the tip

The best cartridge needles tattoo is ITATOO from wormhole tattoo brand. The brand is concerned with innovation to ensure it is up to date. The constant in innovation tend to put the ITATOO on top of the market if you are concerned about keeping up with the market trends.

Therefore, the product is committed to providing better customer services through high-quality products. Tattoo being popular recently, it is becoming part of our culture; hence, to have a quality tattoo, you need high-quality tattoo products.

Soft and Non-Slip Tattoo Tubes

ITATOO disposable tattoo tubes are made of quality soft material to ensure flexibility and prevent them from causing any harm to the hands.

Also, the disposable tattoo needle model offers a comfortable design that makes it easy to hold in many people’s hands. This comfort makes it ideal for professionals and first-timers. The tattoo tubes non-slip design makes them easy to control, and with the ergonomic craft, you can have an easy time handling your tasks.

Disposable Sterile Package

The rubber band loaded tattoo cartridges with a plastic membrane comes neatly packed with 25* sterile tattoo tubes in individual vacuum packs. To maintain standards, the tattoo tubes are recommended for one-time use only. The one-time-use has proven to be safer and efficient compared to the equipment you sterilize and clean.

  • Non-slip design
  • One-time use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made with medical grade plastic
  • Can use it with standard needles
  • Hard and clear plastic tips
  • Doesn’t have any safety membrane inside
  • Tubes sometimes crack when fitting into machines

7. 50pcs Disposable Professional Stainless Tattoo Steel- Best Homemade Tattoo Needle

Quick Summary
  • Good material
  • Mixed needle sizes
  • More practical
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel alloy core
  • Professional-grade single-use round liner needles
  • Individually packed with sterilized blister packs
  • Super performance

The stainless tattoo needles are perfectly designed to serve tattoo artists in the best way possible. The tattoo set is made out of quality materials to ensure you get the best results throughout your tattooing and tattoo lining work.

The admirable thing about this set is that it combines the features of many standard tattoo needles to attain excellent performance. With the mixed sizes of needles, the tattoo needles can be operated using any tattoo machine since it makes them compatible.

Wide Use

The tattoo needles are carefully crafted to ensure you get supper performance throughout your work. Its craftsmanship ensures the needles are Burr-free and sharp with no bent tips. Due to excellent welding, the needles appear to be extremely sharp. Also, needles are more practical. This is because they are made in different sizes to ensure compatibility with all machine types. The compatibility of the needles ensures you professionally accomplish your work.

High Quality

Quality is the key for any product, and this tattoo needle set is no exception. For that reason, the needles contribute to excellent performance. Talking of quality, the needles are made with 316L medical stainless steel. Before packing is done in an individual sterile blister pack, the hands are first sterilized thoroughly. Sterilization is critical in the enhancement of safety and time-saving.

  • Made with high-quality surgical stainless steel
  • Excellent performance
  • Wide range of use
  • Compatible with all machines
  • No tattoo needle tips

8. Wormhole 11rl Tattoo Needles- Best Single Needle Tattoo Artists

Quick Summary
  • 50 tattoo lining needles
  • Made of 316 medical stainless steel
  • Come in different sizes
  • Each needle has a safety membrane
  • The needles are all individually blister pack
  • Sharp and burr-free
  • High quality

The ideal needle you can get in the market is the wormhole tattoo needles. Due to wide commercial use, the needle is well crafted to cater to a tattoo artist’s need. The set of needles is reliable for utmost professionalism.

When you choose wormhole tattoo needles, you select the best tattoo needles for coloring has to offer. Who doesn’t want to work with the best? Not you, I believe.

skin Standards

For a quality needle, one should attain standards. This ensures your client does not suffer any skin irritation due to unclean needles. Therefore, to create a good image and client satisfaction, wormhole needles offer you clean needles which uphold wellbeing during use. The needles are made to attain 316 stainless steel, which is medically approved.


Professional products exhibit a high degree of durability to ensure efficacy. For excellent artistry, wormhole needles are carefully crafted using solid materials to give you durable needles that deliver quality. The quality of durability of the needles is proportional to the excellent results of the needles.

Excellent Results

With all features taken into consideration, it is undebatable that the wormhole needles’ results are exceptional. This can be attributed to the medical standards of the needles that minimize skin irritation. Also, the quality of the durable materials used to make them equally contributes to the needles’ excellent performance.

  • Durable and available in various sizes
  • Compatible with many machines
  • Can handle several tattooing tasks
  • Bulky to handle
  • Tattoo ink doesn’t stick well
  • Some come expired so you should check expiration date

9. Youzone 44pcs Assorted Tattoo Needles Pre-Sterilized- Best Needles for Hand Poke Tattoo

Quick Summary
  • Set contains tube
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Professional-grade single-use round liner needles
  • Medical grade stainless steel and medical-grade plastic construction
  • It has a safety membrane
  • Mainly use for coloring in or shading tattoos

Youzone tattoo needles are the best tattoo needles for smooth shading innovatively crafted to meet your professional standards. The tattoo needles enable you and your client to have a fantastic experience during tattoo work.

Excellent Tattoo Needles

Youzone features plenty of tattoo needles in the market. With 44 pieces of tattoo needles, you get four pieces of each size of the needle. To cater to regular tattooing tattoo and lining tasks, the brand features a bar that is 4.41 inches long. Also, the Youzone features needles of ideal length which makes it possible to handle critical tattooing needs.


The brand gives you quality tattoo needles to ensure professionalism is attained during your tattooing work. The set features a tattoo tube which is ideal for excellent tattoo results. The tube features a diameter of 0.26 inches and 1.81 inches for the grip. This ensures you have your needles in place throughout your tattooing work.


The tattoo needles from Youzone feature skin standards to ensure you have a great outcome and customer satisfaction. This is achieved by the level of the neatness of packaging the needles.

The pack also comes with an engraved expiry date to ensure needles used are safe for humans during the tattooing course. The needles come ready to use since they are already sterilized before packaging using E.O gas.

  • Comprehensive kit with various sizes
  • Reasonable expiry dates
  • Made with medical grade plastic
  • Pre-sterilized
  • It comes with a tube making it a productive set
  • There can be issues with bent needles

10. 100pcs Mixed Tattoo Cartridge- Best Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Quick Summary
  • 100 pcs of pre-sterilized needles with rubber band grip
  • Semi-transparent tips
  • It has a safety membrane inside the cartridges system
  • Made of medical stainless steel and medical grade plastic construction
  • High elastic silicone

The ATOMUS disposable tattoo needles are the best cartridge needles tattoo you can trust. The needles are efficient and easy to handle as compared to other tattoo needles in the market.

They are safe for use since they have their expiry dates printed on the package and have medical-quality sterilized stainless steel. The disposable tattoo cartridge needles come with unique features which immensely contribute to their excellent performance.

Safe for Use

The carefully crafted ATOMUS disposable tattoo needles are made to avoid any possible effect on the skin. This ensures you get comfortable working on your clients, giving them satisfaction. The manufacturer guarantees the needles attain 316L medical stainless steel. Also, they are individually and neatly packaged. The one-time use of disposable needles ensures higher safety.


While other disposable tattoo needles are compatible with a particular tattoo machine model, ATOMUS needles are designed to be compatible with any other tattooing machine. This enhances the efficiency and reliability of the needles.

Excellent Features

ATOMUS disposable tattoo needles are unbeatable in terms of features and this makes them the best tattoo needle for thick lines. They are fitted with semi-transparent tips to enable you to monitor the ticking of the ink. Also, they are designed to prevent any possible leakage of the ink. Instead of the usual spring in other models, ATOMUS needles come with silicone gel to ensure smooth operation.

  • Individually packed
  • Silicone gel replaces springs
  • Compatible
  • Semi-transparent tips
  • Wrongly printed expiry dates

11. STIGMA (9RM) Standard Disposable Tattoo Tattoo Needle for Professional Tattoo Artist

Quick Summary
  • Stigma EN05 Series Disposable tattoo needle cartridges
  • Sterilized stainless steel needles
  • A highly elastic rubber band with a plastic membrane
  • Slender needle port
  • Medical grade plastic and stainless steel
  • Only suitable for tattoo artists

Are you looking for the best tattoo needle cartridges at an affordable price, go for STIGMA #12. The needles lock securely, do not pop off the grip, and have good membrane tension.

Also, they are considered efficient due to the highly elastic rubber ring that increases the needle rebound’s speed. It primarily works best for tattoo artists.


The high-quality stainless steel needles ensure you have a good experience while using the machine. The tattoo cartridge needles are individually packaged to ensure your skin safety and avoid infection.

The needle tips are either round with a slope or flat with an arc suitable for detailed artwork. Each need is carefully designed to be compatible with standard cartridge tattoo machines and grips.

Value For Money

Stigma makes good quality disposable tattoo needles that are very affordable to every individual. The carts are excellent; they lock securely and have good membrane tension. You will not be disappointed because the tattoo needle cartridges work great with incredible quality. The carts are not knock-offs, and the tattoo ink flows.

  • Good quality needles
  • Affordable price
  • The ink flows effortlessly
  • Liners are of excellent quality
  • The needle gets stuck out by nearly half an inch

12. One Tattoo World 50pcs Sterilized Assorted Tattoo Needles

Quick Summary
  • Individually packed
  • Mainly use for coloring in or shading tattoos
  • Each needle has a safety membrane
  • Medical grade Stainless Steel and 100% sterilized
  • Precision needles

One tattoo needles are the best pick if you are after reliability and convenience. The manufacturer tends to help you skip a step by sterilizing them before packaging.

Since tattoos are meant for decoration, symbolism, and pictorial to exhibit an individual’s interest, why don’t you make them excellent?

Well, it is not time to worry much; one tattoo needle got you covered. The needles are designed to handle any tattoo type, from the simple ones to the very complex ones.

Pre-Sterilized For Safety

To ensure your safety and that of your clients, all the 50 tattooing needles are well sterilized. You do not need to use some questionable tattoo needles to do your tattoos. With this brand, you are at liberty to enjoy your tattoo without even the slightest worry.

Precision Needles

The needles from one tattoo are made of top-notch quality material to cater to tattooing needs efficiently. The needles are 5 round liners needles that provide precise outcomes each time. When tattooing, with these needles, you can do home DIY tattooing for yourself or someone else. Attention to detail and accuracy is critical for excellent results. The sizes of the needles are ideal for tattoo lining and filling in your tattoo.

Individually Packed

With one tattoo brand, safety is a priority. Therefore, the needles are sterilized and packed singly. Individual packaging also enhances a high degree of convenience.

  • Individual packing
  • Pre-sterilized for safety
  • Superior quality
  • Precision needles
  • Individual packing
  • Pre-sterilized for safety
  • Superior quality
  • Precision needles

Buying Guide and FAQ- Best Brand Tattoo Needles

What to Look for In Tattoo Needles

It may be confusing if you are a newbie because you will have to pick from various companies and brands. You will need to consider several factors that you need in making a good art on your body and tattoo needle is one of them.

Unless you want to keep autoclaving brand new needles, confirm that your buying needles are pre-sterilized. Pre-sterilized needles are marked with an expiration date, labeled as sterile, and individually packaged.

Tattoo needles vary depending on their sizes, and accessing a tattoo needle chart helps you understand the different types of tattoo needles. Choosing the correct needle is all about matching up what you need to achieve as a tattoo artist and using different needle styles for various uses, such as shading or outlining. All these call for the best needle size for tattoo shading or the best needle for outlining a tattoo It will ensure positive results in the long run.

How Do Tattoo Needle Cartridges Work

Tattoo needle cartridges are only used in Rotary Machines and have two tip styles; open and closed. Open tips are free at the top, exposing the full needle bar. Open tips are ideal for tattoo artists often going between varied colors because the exposed needle makes it easier to clean the pigment. Closed tips are entirely enclosed around the needle bar, controlling needle stability. A secure tip is ideal for grey and black work and shading.

Tattoo needle tattoo cartridges have smooth linear action for smooth needle flow with minimal tension and faster retraction. It enables artists to achieve higher speeds with minimal voltage. The cartridge needles have a rubber band drive which ensures a smooth linear action under a lower voltage. Theirs sealed casings are of high quality, and they mitigate any backflow into the tube and machine.

How to set up a tattoo gun needle depth

A successful design is pre-determined by a correct tattoo needle depth. If the needle goes too deep may cause disfigurement or permanent tattoo and bleed profusely. Going too shallow makes the deposited ink disappear quickly. All you need to do is push the a-bar down to extend the needles fully. Then adjust the tip, ensuring only 1-2 mm of the needle is sticking out.

Afterward, tattoo up to the depth of the tip. It provides you do not go too deep. However, some parts, such as the neck and wrists, require less depth.

First, to set up a tattoo gun needle depth, get acquainted with the tattoo gun and tattoo needles. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the human skin anatomy of different body parts. Then remove the needle from the individual package and gently bend it so that it arcs slightly.

Holding the tattoo machine’s top and bottom, carefully insert the needle through the front ad connect it to the tattoo gun’s bar. Turn the bar clockwise to secure the needle and test the needle depth. Also, tightening the lock on the needle bar helps to adjust the needle depth.

How Deep Should a Tattoo Needle Go?

A tattoo needle should go 1/16 of an inch into the skin. The human skin is made up of three layers; epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. A tattoo needle used to dye your skin needs to penetrate the dermis layer. Shallow depth will only penetrate the epidermal sublayers, and the ink will shed back out as the tattoo heals. The type of skin can affect the depth required.

The depth of the needle affects both the quality of the tattoo and the pain experienced. A well-experienced tattoo artist ensures the ink penetrates deep into the skin to be permanent but not so deep to damage the area’s flesh, leading to scar tissue formation.

How Fast a Tattoo Needle Goes

The speed at which a tattoo machine needle moves depends on the desired effect by the tattoo artist. A tattoo needle penetrates the skin between 50 and 3000 times per minute. If adequately attached to the tattoo machines, a tattoo needle pierces the skin every time it leaves an ink mark behind. The tattoo machine needle’s speed enables a tattoo to create complex images from the numerous ink-filled holes in your skin.

How to Sterilize Tattoo Needles

When tattooing different people, it is safer to use different needles for each individual. If you are tattooing yourself at home and intend on reusing the same needles, you need to be cautious when sterilizing them. Avoid boiling in hot water or cleaning with alcohol as they do not sterilize the tattoo needle. The only safest way to sterilize a tattoo needle is by autoclaving. An autoclave disinfects and sterilizes the needle by using extreme heat and pressure.

When using an autoclave, be keen on the instructions that come with it to ensure it is set up correctly. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and an apron. Pre-wash the needles in soap and water, then leave to soak for about five minutes in the hot soapy water.

Insert the washed needles in the autoclave bag and place them in the autoclave, ensuring the water level is between the high and low-level marks. Turn the autoclave on for 1 to 2 hours.

What is the Best Size Needle for a Tattoo Outline?

Flat tattoo needles are most preferred for outlining because, with a single stroke, they can give precise and more defined lines.  The best size needle for a tattoo outline is the # 12 gauge or 0.35mm diameter needle. It is also referred to as a standard. # 12 gauges are commonly used in the lining and traditional work because their ink flow is faster. They are also suitable for bold lines and color packing.

What Needle to Use for Coloring a Tattoo

Flat Shader needles are the best needle for coloring in a tattoo. These needles are soldered pins in a straight line on the needle bar. Larger flat needles quickly deliver more ink with one pass hence preferred for shading and color fills. To cover a larger tattoo area, use larger flat magnum shaders, such as an 11. Smaller flat magnum shaders like a 5 are more suitable for a smaller tattoo area.

How Many Needles are in a Tattoo Gun?

The number of needles in a tattoo gun depends on the needle type and size. For example, round shaders needles come in small and large. The optimal number of needles in a small round shaders varies from 1 to 5. In larger ones, it can vary between 7 and 21. A magnum can be small, medium, or large. A small magnum has 5; medium varies between 7 and 9, and largely varies between 11 and 17. Flats have needles between 7 and 11, while tights are clustered in seven to nine needles.

Are Tattoo Needles Reused, and Do Tattoo Artists Use a New Needle Every Time?

Tattoo needles are safer when used once and safely disposed of. A tattoo artist should observe good hygiene and high sanitation without any shortcuts. Tattoo needles are sometimes reused mostly by self-tattooist in their homes. If you are using the needle on yourself, you should know how to disinfect the needles with an autoclave correctly.

Most, if not all, tattoo artists use a new needle every time. There is bleeding involved during a tattoo session. Blood is a carrier of several diseases; hence it is evident that tattoo artists should do away with this risk.

How to Dispose of Tattoo Needles at Home

It would be best if you had the correct disposal equipment to dispose of tattoo needles properly. Some companies include containers for needle disposal in the tattoo kits to help mitigate needle sticks. In case your kit lacks the needle disposal container, you can improvise by using a bottle with a lid. Once you are done using the needles, drop them in the bottle and tightly screw on the cover. Then dispose of the bottle in the nearest waste disposal facility.

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Picking The Best Tattoo Liner Needles for You

After checking the above reviews, it is impossible to say a particular brand of needles is better than the other. Many reviewers can argue on the best tattoo needles in the market, but all that is futile. The best professional tattoo needles can vary from one artist to the other, depending on their work needs.

Therefore, the best tattoo needle is the one that ensures both the artiste and the client go home happy. ITATOO needle tube is the best pick from the list. It comes with unending features to compliment the high performance. However, go through the reviews and ascertain the ideal needle set.