Best Tattoo Needles for Lining – Find the Right one for your Needs

A good tattoo is only possible when the best tattoo needle for lining is used to engrave it into the skin with a great deal of precision.

As a tattoo artist, you must use the correct set of tattoo needles. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginnbrer, intermediate, or professional at tattooing. Without the right needles, you can’t do great things.

This is an extremely important part of a tattoo.

As there are thousands of brands in the market that promote themselves as the world’s best needles, how can you trust them?

After a meticulous research, our team of professionals shortlisted the ten best sets from hundreds of options offered by the market for your convenience.

Pirate Face Tattoo PFT 100 pcs Assorted Tattoo Needles - Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum Needle - 100pk by Pirate Face TattooPirate Face Tattoo NeedleView on
Dragonhawk Tattoo Needles Assorted Liners and Shaders 200 Pcs Sterilized Mixed Size Tattooing Needle BoxDragonhawk Tattoo NeedleView on
YILONG 200pcs Assorted Mixed Size Tattoo Needles Set (100Pc Liner and 100 Shader) 25Pc-3RL, 50Pc - 5RL, 25Pc-7RL, 25Pc-5RS, 25Pc-7RS, 25Pc - 9RS, 10Pc-5M1, 15Pc- 7M1 for TattooYilong Tattoo NeedleView on
ACE Needles 50 pcs. 9 Round Liner Pre-made Sterile Tattoo Needles - 9RLAce NeedlesView on

Tattoo Needle Sizes and Uses Chart

There are different tattoo needle codes that are associated with different things on tattoo needles. RL is short for round liner, which forms a round shape normally used as a lining needle. There’s also F for flats, M1 for weaved magnum, RS for round shader, M2 for stacked magnum, and RM for round magnum.

Needle GroupingTube SizeCommon uses

4F, 5F4 – 5 flatLines and detail
6F, 7F6 – 7 flatShading, thick lines, and color fill
9F8 – 9 flatShading and color fill
5M14 – 5 flatThick lines, color fill, and shading
7M16 – 7 flatLines, shading, and color fill
9M18 – 9 flatThick outlines, shading, color fill
11M111 flatColor fill and shading
13M113 flatColor fill and shading
15M115 flatColor fill and shading
5M2, 7M2, 9M24 – 5 flatOutlines, lines, detail, and shading
11M2, 13M26 -7 flatThick outlines, thick lines, shading, and color fill
15M28 – 9 flatColor fill and shading
5MR4 – 5 flatSmall lines, detail work, and intricate shading
7MR6 – 7 flatLines, shading, color fill, and detail work
9MR8 – 9 flatOutlines, shading, and color fills
11MR11 flatColor fill and shading
13MR13 flatColor fill and shading
15MR15 flatColor fill and shading
1RL, 3RL1 – 3 roundLines, intricate shading, and fill-in
4RL, 5RL4 – 5 roundOutlines, shading, and fill-in
7RL7 roundShading and color fill
8RL, 9RL8 – 9 roundShading, thick outlines, and color fill
11RL, 14 RL11 – 14 roundShading and colors
3RS1 – 3 roundLines and detail
5RS4 – 5 roundLines, small shading areas, and small detail
7RS7 roundShading, lines, small area fill in
8RS, 9RS8 – 9 roundShading, thick outlines, and color fill in
14RS11 – 14 roundShading and color
4F, 5F4 – 5 flatLines and detail
6F, 7F6 – 7 flatShading, thick lines, and fill
9F8 – 9 flatShading and color fill
5M14 – 5 flatThick lines, color fill, and shading
7M16 – 7 flatLines, shading, and color fill
9M18 – 9 flatThick outlines, shading, color fill
11M111 flatColor fill and shading
13M113 flatColor fill and shading
15M115 flatColor fill and shading
5M2, 7M2, 9M24 – 5 flatOutlines, lines, detail, and shading
11M2, 13M26 -7 flatThick outlines/lines, shading, and color fill
15M28 – 9 flatColor fill and shading
5MR4 – 5 flatSmall lines, detail work, and intricate shading
7MR6 – 7 flatLines, shading, color fill, and detail work
9MR8 – 9 flatOutlines, shading, and color fill
11MR11 flatColor fill and shading
13MR13 flatColor fill and shading
15 flatColor fill and shading

Needle size has a great impact on ink flow from the machine into the skin. Two different tattoo needle sizes are available. The first is the actual length. Tattoo needle size (combined with tube) assists in determining how much ink penetrates the skin. They are as follows:

Most Common Tattoo Needle Diameters

  • 8 Gauge – 0.25mm diameter. These are called Bugpins. Ink flows slower with #8 gauge for complicated or detailed work. It’s more convenient to work with the 8 gauge needles because they can hold more ink.
  • 10 Gauge – 0.3mm diameter. The 10 gauge is also known as the double zero. They are popular with all styles of tattooing and needle groupings, since they are inherently middle gauge sizes (assuming 8, 10 and 12 as primary gauges).
  • 12 Gauge – 0.35mm diameter. It’s called Standards and it has the most inkflow, so it’s best for shading.
  • 6, 14, and 16 Gauge – 0.2, 0.4, and 0.45mm in diameter. These needles are extremely specific and hard to find.

I’ve put together a handy chart with tattoo needle sizes and their configurations that will help you choose:

Understanding Tattoo Needle Groupings

There are six basic groupings of tattoo needles: Magnum Shaders, Curved Magnum Shaders, Double Stacks, Flat Shaders, Round Shaders, and Round Liners. Each grouping has a specific purpose that is suited for different parts of the body and different types of tattoos. Knowing which grouping to use is essential for getting the desired results from your tattoo.

Here is a list of the most common different types of needles that you will find in retail packs of most brands.
Needle Types

As far as needles go, there are three main categories you have to learn; round needles, magnum needles, and flat needles.

1. Round Needles

A round needle is soldered on a circular bar (hence “round”). With the needles close together, you can shade, line, or color.


The Round Liner is the simplest needle type and is good for producing clean lines. It has welded pins that are clustered into one point and are circular in shape.


Round shaders consist of multiple pins grouped together at their tip. It is used to deposit color evenly into the skin and give it a softer look. Additionally, they can be used both for creating thicker lines as well as for colour filling and basic shading.

2. MAGNUM SHADER (denoted as M1 or MS)

Generally, this needle type is used for all types of shading as it can deliver an adequate amount of ink to fill up a large surface area quickly.

Weaved Magnum

Flat Needles are similar to Weaved Magnums, but have alternating sides. The Regular Magnum puts the needles close together in a line. The edges will be well defined when tattooed, so it’s great for creating dense shading and geometric shapes.

Double Stack /Stacked Magnum

The name ‘double stacked’ is derived from the fact that there are two rows of needles stacked together. It’s basically a tighter weaved magnum. The most distinguishing feature of stacked magnum needles is their double row of needles that are closely attached to each other.


They’re also called soft edge magnums. Magnum shaders with rounded edges are placed at the center. The edges of the needle run more smoothly on the skin, allowing for better ink dispersion and a better line. It is also less abrasive on the skin and makes shading easier.

Each round magnum is marked with the number of needles followed by RM. Hence, a 9RM refers to a nine-round magnum needle.


Double stack magnum shader needles are used primarily for shading and colour packing. They have a large ink capacity and can produce a lot of detail, making them a popular choice among tattoo artists. However, they are not as common as they once were because newer needle configurations have been developed that are better suited for certain tasks.

3. Flat Needles (denoted as FL for Flat Liner)

Flat needles are those that are soldered in a straight line to the needle bar. It’s appropriate to use black for lines, shading, and even mandala work. The flat shader needles are often used for semi-permanent makeup applications.

4. Bugpin Needles

A BugPin needle is specifically designed for shading work; no other needle can provide you with the same level of results that BugPin needles can provide.

16 Best Tattoo Needle Brands: Most Commonly Used Tattoo Needles

1. Pirate Face Tattoo Assorted Needle Pack- Best Tattoo Needle for Shading

Pirate Face Tattoo needles are made of medical-grade stainless steel material of the highest quality, which is pre-sterilized and made of quality materials. You can choose from a variety of needles such as Round Liner Needles, Round Shader Needles, and Magnum Shader Needles for tattooing.

An outstanding noticeable feature of the needles is that each needle is packed singly in a blister pack and stamped with a date of expiration, as well as a barcode.

You will also find a variety of needle sizes in the set. It will come with most of the most commonly used needles. This includes round liners, round shaders, and magnum shades.

bugpin needles

Each box contains the following quantity.

  • Ten pieces each: 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL (Round Liner)
  • Ten pieces each: 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS (Round Shader)
  • Ten pieces each: 5M1, 7M1 (Magnum Shader)
If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo, here’s some reasons why it might not be the best idea.

2. Dragonhawk Needles Liners and Shaders 200 Pcs- Best Tattoo Needle for Thick Lines

Some tattoo styles may seem challenging to achieve with other common needle types; however, that will be a breeze with Dragonhawk.

In addition, it came with a total of 60 round shader (of which 20 were of 5RS, 7RS, 9RS), 100 round liners (30 3RL, 7RL, and 60 5RL) and only 40 rounds of magazines (20 5M, 7M).

Once you get the set, you can use it immediately since it comes pre-made for ready use. With this setup, you have to temporarily open the rest of the needles every time you grab one. The needle is made out of stainless steel, and the needles are soldered cleanly. It’s packaged separately, sterile, and ready to use. 

bugpin needles

Hence, Dragonhawk Tattoo Needles would be a great choice for coil tattoo machines if you’re on a budget.

3. Yuelong 50PCS Needles- Best Needle for Blackout Tattoo

The YILONG tattoo set is the best for coloring or shading work. The needles’ excellent features, from crafting to high sterilization, contribute to high performance and outstanding results.

If you’re just starting out as a tattoo artist, you can’t go wrong with Yilong disposable needles. It includes round liners, round shaders, and single stack magnums.

I also love the price. That’s a great deal. Although there are no size options provided, you get what you’re given, so if you don’t use a variety of tattoo needle sizes then a lot will go to waste.

Each tattoo needle comes in a single stack, (3RL,5RL,7RL,9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS,7M1,9M1), with ten pieces for each configuration, but each is in the individual compartment. All needles are pre-sterilized with EO gas and made from 316L stainless steel.

bugpin needles

In this pack, the standard sizing and clean soldering ensure compatibility with all regular rotary machines so they can be used for coloring, shading, lining, or shading.

Tattoo blowouts are very common and can be a real bummer to deal with. Thankfully, you have this article on how to fix them

4. Ace Needles 50 Pcs- Best Tattoo Needle for Line Work

This is by far one of the leading sets in the market you don’t want to miss. The Ace package has more to offer than just handling tattoo work.

Ace needles are made of surgicially quality stainless steel and are pre-sterilised with steam. They include a 50-pack of high-quality, single-use round liner needles with six different configurations: 1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL and 11RL.

An important part of each needle is a piece called the standard-length loop bar. The bar is vital because it eliminates the hassle you undergo when fixing the needles into different machines that are commonly used alongside them.

bugpin needles

In addition, ACE takes extra measures to make sure your client is safe. Sterilized by EO gas, the ACE needles come in blister packs, which help keep them sterilized until you need them. The packs also come with an expiration date.

5. Bigwasp Premium Quality- Best Tattoo Needle for Fine Lines

If efficacy is what turns you on, then what needle is the best? Of course, Bigwasp. The needle guarantees your satisfaction by generously delivering tattoo ink in fewer passes. This makes the needles ideal for thicker lines and coloring work.

The needles in this box are all handpicked, burr-free, and sharp, so there’s no reason not to buy this set.

Made especially for artists, it’s great for lines and coloring because you’ll get more ink with fewer passes and you’ll always get straight, clean lines.

You can use these needles anywhere on the body as they are made of skin-friendly medical grade stainless steel 316L and are packaged in sterile blister packs.

6. Yosoo Round Liner Tattoo Set- Best Tattoo Needle for Solid Black

The stainless tattoo needles are perfectly designed to serve tattoo artists in the best way possible. The tattoo set is made out of quality materials to ensure you get the best results throughout your tattooing and tattoo lining work.

The tattoo needles are carefully crafted to ensure you get supper performance throughout your work. Its craftsmanship ensures the needles are Burr-free and sharp with no bent tips. The compatibility of the needles ensures you professionally accomplish your work.

curved magnum

It has five types of lining needles, so you can make a lot of different things out of it. The needles are made with 316L medical stainless steel. Before packing is done in an individual sterile blister pack, the hands are first sterilized thoroughly. 

7. Wormhole Tattoo Needles 50 Pcs- Best Needle for Filling Tattoo

The ideal needle you can get in the market is the wormhole tattoo needles. Due to wide commercial use, the needle is well crafted to cater to a tattoo artist’s need. The set of needles is reliable for utmost professionalism.

A wide range of configurations are available, including Liners, Shaders, Magnums, and Soft-Edge Magnums with textured needles.

curved magnum

For a quality needle, one should attain standards. This ensures your client does not suffer any skin irritation due to unclean needles. The needles are made to attain 316 stainless steel, which is medically approved.

Professional products exhibit a high degree of durability to ensure efficacy. For excellent artistry, wormhole needles are carefully crafted using solid materials to give you durable needles that deliver quality. 

8. Bishop DA VINCI V2 Premium Tattoo Cartridge- Best Tattoo Needle for Solid Coloring

Bishop DA VINCI Tattoo Cartridge Needles are considered to be among the finest needles available today. It’s known for its superior ink flow and needle quality. There is a membrane inside the needles that controls ink flow and prevents ink from backing up, which is imperative for keeping your tattoo machine healthy. 

It features a perfectly smooth surface, wide spout needle with good glide and no vacuuming, and sterilization and safety. Additionally, it comes with magnum needles that provide an ultra-smooth experience.

9. STIGMA Standard- Best Tattoo Needle Cartridges

This type of tattoo needles can be used for both lining and shading, which can help you to finish the entire tattooing process.

As an added bonus, they use more ink for a single pass, so they can be used for coloring and line work. Stigma tattoo machine needle Ring positioning design makes it safer and reduces skin damage.

The high-quality stainless steel needles ensure you have a good experience while using the tattoo machine. The tattoo cartridge needles are individually packaged to ensure your skin safety and avoid infection.

curved magnum

You will not be disappointed because the tattoo needle cartridges work great with incredible quality. The carts are not knock-offs, and the tattoo ink flows.

10. One Tattoo World 50pcs

One Tattoo World is the best pick if you are after reliability and convenience. The manufacturer tends to help you skip a step by sterilizing them before packaging.

To ensure your safety and that of your clients, all the 50 tattooing needles are well sterilized. You do not need to use some questionable tattoo needles to do your tattoos. With this brand, you are at liberty to enjoy your tattoo without even the slightest worry.

The needles from one tattoo are made of top-notch quality material to cater to tattooing needs efficiently. The needles are 5 round liners needles that provide precise outcomes each time. The sizes of the needles are ideal for tattoo lining and filling in your tattoo.

11. Dragonhawk Extreme Tattoo 20Pcs Cartridges

Dragonhawk Extreme Tattoo 20Pcs Cartridges Disposable Needles Standard 1201 Round Liner (1RL)

Dragonhawk Extreme Tattoo Cartridges are some of the best tattoo needles on the market. They are made with high-toughness silicone materials that make them both strong and powerful. Additionally, they have a rebound performance that makes them pretty reliable in the long run. This package contains five different types of bug pin magnum needles, 1007RM, 1009RM, 1011RM, 1013RM, and 1017RM.

Its uninterrupted ink flow produced a smooth finish every time. They were excellent at color packing, blending, and micro shading, and produced fine detail lines. These tattoo needles are super thin and work perfectly with nano strokes. I drew a few tattoos that required detailed work, and it turned out awesome.

A minimum of vibration was detected, no rattling or wobbling of the needles. The pins were perfectly aligned with high precision, resulting in a smooth ink flow. We were able to switch needle configurations in less than 30 seconds between cartridges and they were consistent. It’s compatible with all kinds of rotary machines and cartridge grips.

12. BIGTEDDY – 200pcs Assorted Disposable Sterile Tattoo Needles

BIGTEDDY - 200pcs Assorted Disposable Sterile Tattoo Needles Kit Steel Round Liner Shader Varied Sizes Supplies

The kit contains different types of needles such as shading needles for use in shadowing and lining needles for use in lining and shading.

  • Round Liners (RL): 1RL / 3RL / 5RL / 7RL / 9RL / 11RL / 13RL / 15RL
  • Round Shaders (RS): 3RS / 5RS / 7RS / 9RS / 11RS / 13RS / 15RS
  • Single Stack Magnum (M1) : 5M1 / 7M1 / 9M1 / 11M1 / 13M1

The needles come ready to use since they are already sterilized before packaging using EO gas.

13. Kwadron Tattoo Needles 

Kwadron Tattoo Needles Box of 50 - .25mm 11 Round Liner Long Taper

Kwadron is a well-known and established tattoo machine needle manufacturer. There are various types of KWADRON needles on the market, including Liner, Shader, Magnums, Soft-Edge Magnums, Flats, and all of those needles have texture on them.

They are suitable for experienced and beginner artists alike, with the best price-quality ratio.

14. ATOMUS Sterilized Tattoo Needles and Tips

Tattoo Needles & Tips Set, ATOMUS 50pcs Disposable Mixed Tattoo Needles + 50pcs Assorted Sterilized Tattoo Needles Tips, 5pcs of each-3rl 5rl 7rl 9rl 3rs 5rs 7rs 9rs 5m1 7m1 3RT 5RT 7RT 9RT 3DT 5DT

There are many tattoo needle brands available, ATOMUS is a reliable brand in tattoo needles, this lot contains a wide variety of tattoo needles at a great price. It contains five each of 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5M1, 7M1 and five each of 3RT, 5RT, 7RT, 9RT, 3DT, 5DT, 7DT, 9DT, 5FT, 7FT tattoo needles.

All tattoo needles are pre-sterilized with EO gas and also individually packaged for safety. They’re all disposable. It is made of 304L stainless steel as well as being pre-sterilized. You can choose from a variety of needle configurations to suit your needs.

FT tips are also available, so they’re great for beginner and experienced tattoo artists. Its versatility lets you use it for both inking and lining. Plus, they’re individually packaged to keep things as hygienic as possible.

15. HAWINK Tattoo Cartridge Needles

HAWINK Tattoo Cartridge Needles #10 Bugpin 3 Round Liner X-Taper 50PCS with Membrane Professional Disposable EN05C-50-1003RL

The art of tattooing is incredibly difficult because it does not come naturally to you. If you’re a pro tattoo artist and want smooth needles with the right tension, HAWINK Tattoo Cartridge Needles are worth a shot.

They are made with a strong steel that can accommodate for heavy duty tattooing. This makes them ideal for lining and inking tattoos.

The tattoo needles can be used for linework and shading, which makes it easier to finish all the tattoo work. Also, each needle comes with a safety membrane inside the Quelle cartridge system, which helps keep leaks away from tubes and machines.

The indentation at the tip will enhance the ink flow, and the saturation and membrane mechanism will keep it from spitting back out.

16. Autdor Mixed Tattoo Needles Set

Tattoo Needles Set - Autdor 50PCS Mixed Tattoo Needles 3RL,5RL,7RL,9RL,3RS,5RS,7RS,9RS,5M1,7M1 Disposable Sterile Tattoo Gun Needles Assorted Liners,Shaders and Magnum (Mixed-RL/RS/M1-50pcs)

A great set of mixed tattoo needles that offers high quality and precision. It’s made of 316-grade stainless steel that’s pre-sterilized with EO gas, and it’s made from 316-grade stainless steel. Additionally, there are 50 tattoo needles in the set, all of which are round shaders, round liner needles, and magnum shader needles. A needle set contains five different pieces, and they are packaged in blister packs, and each set contains five different needles. 

The Autdor Mixed Tattoo Needles Set works with most tattoo machines and offers great tattoo results.

Tattoo Needle buying and what to look out for

What is the difference between a tattoo cartridge and a standard needle?

A tattoo cartridge is a small, disposable container with an opening at one end that holds the ink. A standard needle is a large, reusable needle with a hollow shaft and an opening at the end that holds the ink.

The difference between a tattoo cartridge and a standard needle is that standard needles are reusable while tattoo cartridges are disposable.

The cartridge has a standard set-up grouping, so you have to make sure that you have a cartridge machine hooked up to it.

Open vs. Closed Tip Needle

You can also classify needles as open tip or closed tip. Open tip needles are open at the top, allowing the needle bar to be exposed fully. On the other hand, its closed tip has an enclosure around the needle bar that prevents the ink from escaping.

What Size Tattoo Needle is best for Lining?

#12 Gauge (0.35mm Diameter) #12 gauge is popular with all needle groups and tattoo styles. Standard needles are also known as #12 needles or 0.35mm needles. They’re used in lining and traditional art because they let ink flow faster. I love using them for large areas and shading or colour packing.

What are the best needles for lining tattoos?

I suggest round tattoo needles if you want to line your tattoo because they can draw intricate shading details and thin lines better than flat shader needles or magnum shader needles.

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Picking The Tattoo Liner Needles for You

Hopefully, this article helped you pick the best needle for lining in any way.

After checking the above reviews, it is impossible to say a particular brand of needles is better than the other.

Therefore, the finest tattoo needle is the one that ensures both the artiste and the client go home happy. HAWINK needle tube is the best pick from the list. It comes with unending features to compliment the high performance. However, go through the reviews and ascertain the ideal needle set.