A Quick Guide on the Best Tattoo Machine Brands Names

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One of the trickiest things to do when starting out as a tattoo artist is choosing the right machine for the job. With so many different options available, picking one can be a major challenge. To make things simpler, it would be ideal to take a look at the best tattoo machine brands reviews in the market first.

It can be particularly difficult to find your match especially if you don’t know where to start looking.

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine


  • Made in Berlin
  • Low Vibration
  • Faster
  • 12-month warranty
Dragonhawk machine

Budget Friendly

  • Hand-assembled
  • Excellent performance
  • Power triangle
  • Aircraft aluminum
Bishop Tattoo machine

Editors Pick

  • Aircraft Aluminum
  • Swiss Maxon motor
  • Outstanding quality
  • Interchangeable stroke

This way, you can have an idea which makers are the most popular and reliable. With such information, you’ll be able to narrow down your options and prioritize the machines that are proven to be worth one’s while.

To help you with this, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular tattoo machine companies in the market today. Check them out below.

Best Tattoo Gun Brands

Which brand are worth looking into, you might be wondering? Here are a few that lots of professional artists recommend and can vouch for.

1. Cheyenne- Best Tattoo Machine Brand for Beginners

Quick Summary
  • Cheyenne Hawk pen-style machine is one of the most popular products
  • Their each machine mainly made in Berlin, Germany
  • Cheyenne hawk pen style comes with grips, cartridge needles in various configurations, and other tattoo accessories
  • High quality Anodized Aluminum
  • It feels like a real pen
  • It can run off most power supplies and the machine comes with its own power cable
  • Fantastic performance
  • Low Vibration with strong spring system
  • Cheyenne hawk pen has a 3.5 mm stroke length pushed by a quiet 5W motor
  • Triplesix Studios designed this machine power triangle system
  • They give you a 12 or 24 month warranty and money-back guarantee

Cheyenne is one of the most popular rotary tattoo machine brand in the market today. They’re best known for their tattoo machine quality craftsmanship as well as product quality.

With a tagline declaring that their each machine are ‘made for artists’, you can easily tell that this brand means serious business.

Established in 2006, Cheyenne tattoo brands isn’t exactly an old brand but it was able to propel itself to the top through its hard work and strong grasp on the tattoo industry.

They know what the market needs and are always looking for ways to improve the tattooing process for the artists who are always hard at work.

This explains why Cheyenne rotary tattoo pens and coil machines are widely known for their innovation. One of their most popular tattoo equipments, the pen machine, is highly recommended for this very reason.

Cheyenne Tattoo Machine

Its award-winning and modern design make it very easy to use and handle that it’s considered as the ultimate tattoo rotary machine for beginners. Lots of veterans and professional tattoo artist love it, too, further affirming its fantastic performance.

Since cheyenne cheyenne rotary tattoo pens and coil machine collaborates with a professional artist, they also get to develop and tweak their each machine according to the market’s demands.

These partnerships ensure that the brand gets to manufacture rotary/coil machine that suit and answer the needs of actual tattooist. As a result, their tattoo machines are usually replicated and imitated by other companies.

Another major draw of the Cheyenne brand for many is their tattoo products quality. Their tattoo equipment are made in Berlin, Germany, so they come with the promise of German ingenuity.

As most of us know, tattoo machines made in Germany are manufactured and tested to meet high standards that they sometimes surpass American-made tattoo machines.

With this, Cheyenne rotary pen-style machine and coil machine tends to have a major edge over its competition.

It works faster than any other machine, with a 3.5 mm stroke length that making it appropriate for lining, shading.

The only downside to this rotary tattoo machine brand is its pricing. Cheyenne rotary and coil machine is definitely considered top-of-the-line so they are quite expensive.

You should look at them as investment pieces, however, as their tattoo machine quality will surely make you realize that they’re worth the splurge.

2. Dragonhawk – Best Coil Tattoo Machine Brands

Quick Summary
  • It’s hand-assembled and polished from a Japanese coreless motor with advanced gear system
  • Power triangle system for quick and easy configuration
  • It’s compatible with most tattoo brands and all sizes of cartridge needles
  • The machine comes with 2.8mm, 3.5 mm, and 4.0mm stroke wheels
  • You can change the stroke length that is quick and easy to adjust
  • It can handles 5 to 13 mag needle groupings
  • Its package includes a DragonHawk power supplies
  • Foot press to control the power supply
  • Aircraft aluminum frame and sterling silver contact screws
  • Tattoo kits come with tattoo needles, razors, rubber bands, stainless steel tips, tattoo ink, disposable tubes, and ink cartridges
  • Excellent customer service with a 100% money-back guarantee, 24X7 support

If the Cheyenne wireless pen feels too intimidating for you with its fancy German make and hefty price tag, then the dragonhawk dragonhawk brand might be more up your alley. It is the best cheap tattoo machine.

Dragonhawk was founded in Hong Kong in 2001. This premium tattoo machine company is on the other end of the scale, so if you don’t think you’re ready to spend an arm and a leg on a coil tattoo machine just yet, you should check out their offerings.

Founded in 2001 by two tattoo artists in Hong Kong, the primary goal of the Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply brand is to offer affordable tattoo coil machines to the public.

It took them a while to take off and start offering their wares but once they got a good foothold, the company soared greatly. By 2008, they were already operating globally by opening warehouses in the US, Europe, and China which exponentially expanded their operations.

By 2012, Dragonhawk further solidified its standing in the tattoo industry when it released the Compass.

This coil tattoo machine became a major hit for its excellent performance and friendly price tag that lots of experts and tattooists fell in love with it.

What should be noted about Dragonhawk’s coil tattoo machines is that they’re usually considered as dupes for more expensive machines.

Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk dragonhawk rotary and coil tattoo machine performance is comparable with high-end machines, so with their friendlier price tag, their coil tattoo machines truly make a solid case for themselves.

Unlike other companies, Dragonhawk’s coil and rotary guns are also well-known. This is a huge plus as it can make things simpler for a lot of budding tattooist. Instead of looking at other companies to give you great options, you can just stick with Dragonhawk for all types of tattoo machines.

Finally, with the world-famous Gabe Shum endorsing Dragonhawk tattoo machine, it’s really hard to shun such a brand. Shum is arguably the most many tattoo artist in Hong Kong with a very posh clientele that includes Lebron James and David Beckham. So if such a big-shot professional artist trusts such a brand, there’s really no reason not to give Dragonhawk a shot.

3. Bishop Rotary Tattoo Supplies – Best Tattoo Kit Brand

Quick Summary
  • Bishop rotary developed by franco vescovi
  • Aircraft Aluminum Frame
  • This rotary tattoo machine is based in the United Kingdom
  • Best known for its tattoo rotary machine
  • This is a hand-assembled with swiss Maxon motor and a needle clip instead of rubber bands
  • It has sterling silver contact screws, 8-wrap coils, and a 47 µF capacitor
  • Awe-inspiring in both form and function
  • It can handles 5 to 13 mag needle groupings
  • The maximum needle size it supports is 50 magnum
  • 3.5 mm stroke length good for lining and shading
  • It’s compatible with standard needle cartridges and grips.
  • The machine comes in a kit with adjustment tools and a power cable and torsion bars
  • This American brand offers a 1-year warranty

Another best tattoo machine brands names that is a solid choice for those who don’t want to compromise is Bishop Tattoo Supply. Bishop is owned by Franco Vescovi who created the company and tattoo machine in 2009.

With their streamlined tattoo machine line, outstanding quality, and reliable performance, it’s not surprising that they have secured a top spot in the industry despite being a relatively new player in the game.

Created in 2008 by Franco Vescovi, Bishop Tattoo Supply was born as a result of his long-running love affair with the tattoo industry. As a veteran tattooist with 25 years of experience, creating his own coil tattoo machines was a logical next step for Vescovi.

As he became obsessed with the idea of creating equipment that will helpprofessional artist further explore and perform at their highest potential, he created Bishop, the brand.

Bishop tattoo machine brands is well known for its rotary tattoo machines. In fact, they are also widely known as Bishop Rotary. They focused on creating some of the best varieties of this type of machine and became famous for it. So if that doesn’t really spell excellence to you, nothing will.

The best thing about Bishop’s rotary tattoo machine is that they’re awe-inspiring in both form and function.

While they did not re-design rotary tattoo guns into tattoo pens to make them easier for newbies to handle, they still made sure that they’re very powerful and easy to wield.

Bishop Tattoo Machine

As a result, they offer the best of both worlds for beginners and experienced tattooists alike.

Bishop’s rotary tattoo guns are also nice on the eyes. They have this edgy look to them that makes them quite stylish and appealing. So if you’re a big fan of the swirls and Western-style of aesthetics, their tattoo machines will surely tickle your fancy.

Guaranteeing Bishop’s product quality is the fact that its tattoo machines are made in the US. They also use Swiss Maxon motor, German bearings, and high-grade aircraft aluminum for their frames.

As a result, they promise to come with top-notch construction and materials. Bishop Microangelo with interchangeable 3.5 mm and 4.2 mm magnetic cams.

4. FK Irons – Best Tattoo Gun Brand

Quick Summary
  • Fallen King Irons started small in 2007
  • Made in the USA
  • Gaston Siciliano developed
  • Made with aircraft-grade aluminum that’s anodized in your choice of 7 different colors
  • Interchangeable stroke wheels
  • It sports a Swiss MAXON motor
  • It has eight handmade wrap coils with sterling silver contact screws
  • Silent during high or low voltages
  • Each machine is compatible with all types of standard and cartridge needles.
  • Lighter armature bar
  • Guarantees high quality work and provides innovative equipment
  • Lifetime warranty

FK Irons (Fallen King Irons) is one of the best tattoo machine brands in the market today and it’s not hard to see why. Many professional tattoo artists choose fk irons brand for their everyday equipment, affirming the many praises that the brand has received over time.

Established in 2007 by Gaston Siciliano, the success of FK Irons can be greatly attributed to the background of its founder.

Unlike the other professional tattoo artists that created their own rotary machine companies on this list, Siciliano is also a design engineer aside from being a professional tattoo artist.

As a result, he knows more about how rotary tattoo machines are designed and engineered. This gave gaston siciliano a leg up in the competition, as he was capable of tweaking and customizing this rotary tattoo machines.

With his knowledge and experience, we can dare say that FK Irons’ tattoo mchines are expertly designed in every aspect.

To prove the superiority of FK Irons’ machines, their first rotary tattoo machine, the Spektra Halo 2 continues to be a very popular pick amongst professional artists all over the world.

They have also exhibited their innovation with all of their rotary machines with the Spektra Xion pen-style machine as another famous testament to their craftsmanship.

FK Irons’ fallen king irons success can also be attributed to the main focus of their tattoo accosories design. Siciliano crafted his Halo 2 with the artists’ comfort in mind. As a result, each machine is easy to work with, making them highly desirable for tattooists of all skill levels.

FK Irons Rotary Tattoo Machine

What’s even better is that they’re made in the USA with great quality, as well as cutting-edge design and technology. With this, you’re guaranteed that your tattoo machine will last you a long while and can be your most reliable everyday workhorse.

The price can be a bit of a drawback but with the lifetime warranty their tattoo machines come with, it all evens out. You can certainly rest assured that their tattoo machine are worth the investment.

5. Stigma Machines- Best Tattoo Power Supply Brand

Quick Summary
  • Ergonomic design
  • Impressive appearance
  • Made in Germany
  • Made of Space Aluminum frame and hand crafted
  • Additionally, it comes with rubber bands, Immortal brand tattoo ink, a carrying case, practice skin, and cartridge needles included
  • Compatible with all needle cartridges
  • It has a needle clip to keep your needle fixed in place
  • For color packing it is best to use large needle groupings
  • Guarantees high quality work
  • Professional tattoo artist prefer to use more often
  • 1-year warranty

Those who are interested in the best of the lining and shading machines should also check out the Stigma Rotary Tattoo brand or tattoo supplies. Like the Cheyenne, it boasts of German engineering and manufacturing so its tattoo machines are reputed to be cut above the rest.

Stigma-Rotary was established in 2005 by a couple of tattooists who have been in the industry for over 20 years.

Their tattoo machine were designed, built, and invented by rotary pioneer and professional tattoo artist Artemis Rosakis, now also known as the father of every Stigma-Rotary in existence.

While there are tons of innovative brand in the market, Stigma-rotary/coil tattoo machines were set apart by their groundbreaking adjustable hit.

Unlike other tattoo shading machines, you can select how you want your needle to hit the canvas. You can adjust it to become soft or hard depending on the part you’re working on.

As a result, such rotary machines can be used for lining and shading, packing in color. With this versatility, a Stigma– Rotary Tattoo machine can be the only thing you need to complete a piece.

Combined with an ergonomic design, top-notch precision, and an impressive appearance, the first Stigma-rotary machine wowed the industry and helped the new brand make a mark in the trade.

Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine

To be very honest, even if you don’t know that Stigma Rotary’s guns are German-made, the sheer number of clones their tattoo machines have will clue you in on the fact that it’s one of the excellent tattoo machine brands in the market today.

Even reputable brand have patterned their Stigma Hyper, and actual knock-offs are available online. It really doesn’t help that these tattoo shading machines are always out of stock as well, highlighting the fact that they’re extremely popular.

The beautiful thing about Stigma-Rotary is that they never stop innovating and improving their tattoo machines. They have frequent releases that revamp of their older models, providing better tattoo shading machines to artists.

6. Solong – Best Tattoo Supply Brands

Quick Summary
  • Made with high-quality tattoo irons are hand-crafted in the USA
  • Made with stainless steel
  • They have machines of three categories, Rotary, pen style, and coil tattoo machine
  • It comes with a 1.5m RCA power cable
  • It feels like a real pen
  • The cartridge use Spring system and not easy broken
  • Power triangle system
  • The stroke length on the pen is 3.5 mm that making it appropriate for lining, shading
  • They serve a function as the front and back spring system
  • It’s powerful enough to run large needle groupings
  • It is the tattoo supplies of power supplies
  • Available this rotary pen machine in most of the tattoo shop
  • The company offers 6 month warranty

When it comes to a no-frills budget option, Solong rotary and coil tattoo machine could be the best tattoo machine brands choice for you.

This company has a solid background in providing tattoo machines even without a prestigious background in the field.

It can be a little iffy for some but since the company is very honest and straightforward about their credentials, it’s not hard to see them as a reliable brand.

Founded in 2008, Solong Tattoo claims to be one of the biggest rotary tattoo machine manufacturers in China. They have a solid foundation in the country’s beauty and tattoo industry which they are now trying to expand globally.

It’s very fascinating how Solong Tattoo isn’t shy about how they do business. They’re actually very open about how they make OEM and ODM items for other tattoo machine manufacturer around the globe.

They’re also very open about making their own versions of the most popular rotary tattoo machines in the market today like the “Stigma” and “Tornado”.

With their unbelievably low prices, Solong’s tattoo rotary/coil machines are considered as some of the best dupes for the most well-known tattoo guns on the market. Also, each machine is impressively lightweight.

Most of coil tattoo machines look exactly like the real thing and perform much like them as well.

These helped Solong coil tattoo machines get on the world stage, breaking out from the confines of the Chinese wholesale e-commerce marketplace.

Best Tattoo Machine Brands

Being incredibly cheap, Solong’s rotary and coil tattoo machines are gaining a lot of traction lately. As quality and performance don’t always have to come with a steep price tag, this brand is slowly but surely making a name for itself nowadays.

Coupled with good tattoo machine brands reviews, they are proving themselves to be great alternatives to the most expensive, high-performing tattoo guns.

7. Dragonfly- Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Brands Reviews

Quick Summary
  • The manufacturers tattoo tattoo machines in the United Kingdom
  • Premium tattoo irons are hand-crafted from bronze, steel, and cast iron
  • Durable coreless motor and it’s extra precise because of the needle clip
  • High-quality aluminum aircraft materials fabricated in the construction
  • Swiss Made Motor
  • It has an injection-molded ABS plastic frame with a stainless steel grip
  • It also has an armature bar
  • They make needle cartridges, grips, and other accessories
  • It requires 7 to 9 volts for black and grey work or color packing
  • Smaller mag needle groupings will yield the best results
  • Comes with a needle clip-on and stabiliser system
  • Anodized frame finish
  • Lighter armature bar
  • Top-notch quality and performance

Dragonfly ink rotary tattoo machine isn’t exactly a brand of its own but as the most popular range from Ink Rotary Machines, the line created a following and became widely known on its own. Despite this odd turn of events, it still proves that Ink Machines’ creation made its mark in the industry.

Ink Machines is a Swedish tattoo machine manufacturer. They take pride in offering tattoo guns that are extensively tested and created in close collaboration with expert tattooists. With these, they promise some of the utmost tattoo machines equipment in the market.

The Dragonfly line makes the perfect representative for the brand as they embody what Ink Machines are all about.

As their goal is to provide tattoo artists unique tools that can make tattooing more enjoyable, they have designed the Dragonfly line in a way that makes it powerful but still easy to use.

Dragonfly Tattoo Machine

They’re lightweight, ergonomically designed, and have low vibrations, promising your comfort without sacrificing the results. It only requires to rotate the needle size to work with.

With Swiss motors being some of the excellent components for tattoo rotary machines, this brand certainly draws customers in for their rotary machines’ quality. Since these tattoo machines are made in Sweden, they get to guarantee that their motors are locally made and of the highest quality.

Housed in aircraft-grade aluminum, customers can be sure that these premium tattoo machines are durable and well-built.

While Ink Machines’ Dragonfly range is quite pricey, they’re considered as an investment. Their top-notch quality and performance will surely make them worth every penny.

8. Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite Rotary Machine

Quick Summary
  • CNC with billet aircraft aluminum
  • Torsion bars are unique and special
  • Power triangle system
  • Taiwan mute high-speed motor
  • Custom-made motor in nanotechnology
  • Up to 9V operating voltage
  • Lighter armature bar
  • It also has a 3.5mm stroke length and operating voltage depending on the needle size
  • Deliver powerful thrusts especially with large needle groupings
  • Compatible with all power supplies and needle cartridges
  • 8 mm maximum tube diameter
  • Available in different colors
  • 18 month warranty

From one of the most expensive options, let’s take a look at what could be the best tattoo machine brands reviews today, the Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite tattoo supplies.

This rotary tattoo machine is so affordable that many tend to hesitate before giving it a shot. The low price seems too good to be true but with its performance, it truly brings a pleasant surprise to many.

Despite being so affordable, Inkjecta Flite Nano Elite tattoo equipment rotary machine is it’s made from aluminum alloy so you can count on its frame to be reliable.

The tattoo machine also CNC-crafted so it’s made with accuracy and precision in mind. This also guarantees its effective operation and easy control.

Many users also appreciate that it’s designed with their comfort in mind. The tattoo machine easily dissipates heat so it won’t get too hot while you use it. Even after 4 hours of use, it will still be comfortable to hold and handle.

9. EGO Tattoo Machine Manufacturer

Quick Summary
  • Triplesix Studios designed EGO
  • EGO tattoo is based in the United Kingdom
  • Unique power triangle system
  • High-grade aircraft aluminum, and they use high-quality materials
  • Two interchangeable stroke wheels
  • Offer contact screws and binding screws
  • High-end proprietary medical-grade made motor
  • Suitable for smaller needle groupings
  • Versatile selection of needle cartridges for all concepts and styles
  • Don’t need rubber bands to hold the needle
  • Available in different colors

If you ask a lot of artists right now, they’ll tell you that the EGO is one of the best tattoo machine brands for shading and lining on the market right now.

The Ego tattoo machine is created by the world-famous tattoo artist Bez of Triplesix Studios .

To help you better understand why this ego tattoo machine is such a hit, allow us to highlight a few of its key features. Let’s start with its innovative design that is nicely balanced and ergonomic.

This ego tattoo machine makes it very easy to use and wield, giving many tattoo artist great freedom in their movements. It has also spurred lots of knockoffs so you know that it’s good.

Then there’s its wide hitting adjustment. You can set it to hit really softly or very hard, giving you the freedom to achieve your desired results without a hitch. Ego tattoo gun use high-quality materials for their machines.

With the help of its Swiss motor, it’s deemed as one of the most flexible rotary tattoo machines available today.

10. Saveria CTPS Saveria Coil Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • Saveria manufacturers tattoo products in the United Kingdom
  • It’s hand-assembled and polished
  • Durable coreless motor
  • Lighter armature bar
  • Uses a double-sized needle clip
  • It has sterling silver contact screws
  • Crafted from a solid block of aircraft aluminum
  • Effective with large needle groupings
  • Creates solid lines and makes light work of color-packing
  • Made from premium tattoo irons
  • It has a 1 year warranty with a 100% money-back guarantee

Another one of the best tattoo machine brands is the Saveria CTPS Saveria made by the United Kingdom. This coil machine tattoo brands item is solidly built with its copper frame so it guarantees reliable performance.

It might not look like it but it can be a reliable pick for beginners, especially those who want to become apprentices of professional tattooists who prefer using coil tattoo machines.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Tattoo Machine Brand

What to Look for in a Tattoo Machine Brand

What makes a tattoo machine brand a good one? Here are a few qualifications that they should have.

1. An expert background.

A lot of expert tattooists will tell you that the best tattoo machine brands are the ones established by actual tattoo artists. Why? Because they know exactly what professionals like them need and want in a work tool. So if you’re after the finest tattoo machines, look for something that is made, designed, or developed by an actual tattoo artist.

As our list above shows, there are quite a few tattoo brand that is started by many tattoo artists. They’re often commended for their performance and comfortable use, making them worth looking into.

2. Reasonable pricing.

As most of us know, pricing is never a reliable indicator of quality or performance. Not because a product is expensive does it automatically mean that it’s a superior item.

This proves true even for tattoo machines, so you shouldn’t just buy for your tattoo shop, the first expensive machine you come across with.

However, a brand’s pricing can still tell you a lot about their tattoo machines. It’s easy to tell if a brand sells overpriced stuff or if their pricing is reasonable for their wares.

Take the high-end brand in our list above, for example. They’re quite expensive but as they come with innovative designs and unique features, it can be considered that they’re worth their steep price tags. Combined with sturdy construction and high-quality components and materials, then you can be guaranteed that your splurge is worth every penny.

3. Good brand reputation.

Established and even emerging companies build their reputations through their tattoo guns. So if a certain manufacturer produces great tattoo machines, then their reputation will also be positive.

Their tattoo accessories can speak for them in many cases, so it’s best to do some research about brands, too, aside from taking a look at individual tattoo machines.

The best thing about the tattoo community is that the members are very vocal about their opinions on the available tattoo kits in the market.

You can find lots of reviews on tattoo products pages and discussions on forums and community boards about specific tattoo machines and brands.

With these, you can gather the information you need to find the top tattoo machine leading the brand list for you.

How To Evaluate

Aside from looking for certain traits and characteristics in a tattoo machine brand, learning how to evaluate a tattoo machine brand is also essential. Doing this will help you further gauge their merit and whether their tattoo machines are worth getting.

How do you do this, though? Here are a few techniques that you can try.

1. Read product reviews

Among all of the techniques in gauging a brand’s worth, reading product reviews is possibly the best but trickiest of all. It’s the best because reviews contain details and information that you won’t get straight out of the brand’s marketing materials. They contain anecdotes and facts straight from the tattoo machines’ users, giving you a good insight into what the brand offerings are really like.

Using this method is tricky, however, because product reviews can be greatly conflicting. While most of them can be true, there’s also no way to prove their credibility. Fake and paid reviews are abundant nowadays with manufacturers and distributors wanting to pad their reputations. This is why you have to be very discerning with what you believe.

To get credible brand information from product reviews, make sure to read the feedbacks closely. Anger and frustration tend to cloud lots of people’s judgment but upon closer reading, you can easily discern whether their issue is caused by user error or not. These are not reliable reviews, so steer clear from them.

Lots of folks also write objective reviews nowadays so you should look for those instead. They will most likely contain the product’s pros and cons, so take note of such.

Keep your eyes peeled for their feedback on customer service as well. This will let you know whether the brand has a good support policy and whether they stand behind their tattoo machines. If a brand is notorious for providing poor aftersales service, even with impressive tattoo machines, they can’t really be considered as a good tattoo machine brand.

Also, be wary of the brand that only have positive feedback on their websites and product listings on e-commerce sites. There’s a high likelihood that they’re paying or exchanging items for positive reviews. You can’t really trust such a brand as doing this can only mean that their tattoo machines aren’t of good quality.

2. Look at their offerings.

Aside from the reviews, a manufacturer’s product range can also clue you in whether it’s a good brand or not. Most items will not shine even with the fluffiest of descriptions and well-decorated listings. If they don’t have a special offering, they really won’t stand out and grab people’s attention. So if you want to make sure that you’ll end up with a good brand, look for one with a solid product selection.

Important Questions to Think About

What else should you know in order to find the top tattoo rotary machine or coil tattoo machine companies in the market today? The answers to these questions should be of great help to you:

1. What is the best machine brand?

This is possibly one of the most frequently asked questions in the tattoo community. And to be honest, there’s no one answer to this question. Even experts will tell you this.

Why? Because the best tattoo gun brand differs from one user to another. The best tattoo coil machines, rotary for one artist doesn’t have to be the same for different professional artists, so there’s no definitive answer to this question.

However, it’s possible to know what is the best machine brand for you. A manufacturer that makes tattoo machines that match your needs and preferences will be the right fit for you. As not all manufacturers use the same design and techniques in creating their tattoo machines, there will be significant differences in their offerings. By finding the one that suits you best will help you find the right tattoo coil or rotary machines brand for you.

2. What is the best budget tattoo gun brand?

When it comes to the best budget tattoo gun brand, you have to be more generous when judging. The most you can expect from them is that they perform well and are made of decent quality materials and components.

You shouldn’t expect them to be identical with pricier models as that just doesn’t make any business sense. As you often get what you pay for when it comes to equipment of this kind, you should manage your expectations well if you’re opting for a tattoo gun brand.


How much does a good tattoo gun cost?

A good tattoo gun can come at just about any price point. There are really good cheap tattoo guns but the more expensive ones are also famous for their top-notch quality and performance. This is why, as we mentioned earlier, the price of such equipment isn’t a reliable marker for their quality or performance.

If you’re looking for a nice cheap tattoo machine, you’ll be able to find some below $100. There may be some compromises that you need to make with them, however, but their friendly price tags are great trade-offs. Highly coveted and recommended tattoo guns can also go beyond $400 easily, especially the ones made by professional artists. 

What to buy for your tattoo shop to start tattooing?

If you want to get started in tattooing, you’ll need quite a few supplies and pieces of equipment. Here are the basics that you absolutely must have:

  • A tattoo gun or two (for lining, shading, and coloring)
  • Starter ink set
  • Tubes
  • Needles
  • Gloves
  • Power supply
  • Disinfecting solution
  • Cleaning tools
  • Machine cover
  • Rubber bands
  • Cover sheets for chairs and other surfaces
  • Holding tray
  • Ointment
  • Practice skin

The upfront costs of starting out in tattooing is not a small matter, so you should come in prepared. 

Is tattooing hard to learn?

Yes, tattooing can be hard to learn. Even if you’re good at drawing and other sorts of illustration, it doesn’t mean that you can automatically translate those skills into skin inking. These two processes are very different so it’s safe to say that tattooing can be challenging to learn.

Tattooing is also not just about making skin art, so the difficulty of the process is further heightened by other factors. At the top of this list are hygiene and sanitation as you also have to observe both if you want to safely practice your craft.

Skincare is also an important aspect of tattooing and is another tricky area to navigate. Becoming knowledgeable about how the skin reacts to trauma and foreign substance injected into it can also prove to be a major challenge to many.

How long does it take to learn tattooing?

The duration of learning tattooing can be greatly different from one person to another. Some might be able to pick up the skill quite quickly while others can take a while. To give you a good idea about the learning process, most experts say that tattoo apprenticeships can take two to five years.

While this time frame will also include the time you’ll spend honing and improving your skills, it’s still a reliable measure of how much time you should allocate in your own career timeline. 

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Picking the Best Brand Name Tattoo Machine

There is, without a doubt, lots of amazing tattoo gun companies in the market today that choosing just one can be a great challenge. However, if you know what you need and prefer, you shouldn’t have too much of a hard time making a choice.

You just need to be a bit thorough in making your search, however, as there really are quite a lot of impressive options out there. Use our guide above as a starting point and you might just find yourself easily navigating your search for the right tattoo gun.