Best Coil Tattoo Machine Reviews & Guide for 2022

The best coil tattoo machines are essential to creating top-notch results. These machines have become more versatile, precise, and durable with the advancement in technology.

They may have their own drawbacks but they’re still the more established tool for the job, so they have this compelling appeal to those who are interested in the art.

Micky Sharpz Machine


  • Billet brass frame
  • Nice vintage vibe
  • Smooth lines
  • Easy handling
OTW tattoo machine

Budget Friendly

  • Best for lining
  • Standard tube vise
  • Unlimited customer support
  • Speed Armature Bar
Dragonhawk 2pcs Coil

Editors Pick

  • Brass frames gun
  • Made in the usa
  • Contact screw
  • Standard tube fitting

We’ll touch on various areas related to these traditional coil tattoo machines, so you can expect to learn everything you need about them.

What You Need To Know About Coil Vs Rotary Tattoo Machines

Both coil and rotary tattoo machines achieve the same end result, which is insertion of ink into the skin through tattoo needles that are pushed back and forth by the operation of the machine. However, the specific mechanism used to drive the needle movement sets these two machines apart. 

There are pros and cons to both machines. As a result, we cannot conclude that coil-based machines are superior to rotary machines.

Coils are popular because they are cheaper to buy, they are easier to maintain, they require less power to function, and they are the steady handiest machines. Rotary tattoo machines are more expensive, louder, require more power, and are harder to control.

The coil is much more versatile than the rotary. The rotary is limited to shading, lining, and surface filling, whereas the coil is capable of shading, lining, surface filling, and three-dimensional effects. Many tattoo artists who specialize in intricate designs with precise lines go with coil tattoo machines for one-shot inking.


Types of Coil Tattoo Machines

In general, there are three types of coil tattoo machines: liners, shaders, and color packers. For those who are interested in coil devices, they’ll have to get the Coil Tattoo Machine Liner And Shader that they need.

Basically, a shader machine has a longer front spring, while a liner has a shorter spring. On the other hand, a Color packer is a device for applying color to somebody’s skin. It is used in the industry of tattooing.

11 Best Coil Tattoo Machines On The Market

Here is a list of the top picks you need to check if you want to find the best coil machines on the market. I hope that you will be able to find the correct tattoo equipment from below in order to run your successful tattoo parlor.

1. Pirate – Best Coil Tattoo Machines for Beginners

Let’s start off with what many consider as the Pirate Face best tattoo kit. While it’s marketed to professional tattoo artists of all skill levels, it gained a lot of attention from newbies.

This grinder tattoo kit includes with four coil tattoo machines, tattoo needle, a digital power supply, disposable grips, and a carrying case. Also included is US-made tattoo ink Radiant Colors.

It has also surprised many with its performance. For its low price, some folks expected that they might need to adjust and compromise a little but there’s not a lot of need for that with the grinder coil tattoo machine kit.



  • Its 10-wrap coils are powerful enough to provide great output, especially when handled by someone who knows how to work such devices in terms of shader and liner. The liner machine has a shorter back spring.
  • With its long list of inclusions, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Grinder is a complete coil tattoo machine kit. Usually, you can find this machine in almost any tattoo shop.
  • This kit isn’t for everyone, but if you want to know what tattoo irons are like, try it out.

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2. Dragonhawk Complete Kit- Best Coil Cheap Tattoo Machine

You read that right, Dragonhawk, one of the leaders in the tattoo industry, put together this complete coil tattoo kit. It’s an all-in-one solution.

Like the tattoo device above, this full set of tattoo equipment offers 4 coils, each machine is made for specific functionality.

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit includes a conventional liner, power liner, soft shader, and color packer coil, 10 ink colors, ink cups, assorted gel grip tube, needles, tattoo tips, digital power supply, practice skins, o rings, carrying case, other machine’s accessories and the copper coils also come with a carbon steel frame tattoo machine.



  • It comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the way it works you can return it.
  • With this expertise combined with Dragonhawk’s manufacturing tattooing experience, you can be sure that these lining machines will deliver great results.
  • As mentioned above, Dragonhawk is a well-known budget-friendly brand so you can expect the same thing from this complete tattoo kit.

3. One tattoo world OTW-M702 – Best Handmade Tattoo Machines

When you’re starting out as a tattoo artist, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of gears available. It does two things for you. Both lining and shading can be done with it. There are typically two machines used by tattooists, one for lining and one for shading. In essence, you get both, but you have to change the setting every time you are switching from lining to shading.



  • The manufacturer also offers this item with 10 wraps of manual coiling. This machine is equipped with a coil induced using the latest technology. This is an excellent deal since you will get 10 top-quality laps made using the solenoid valve.
  • There are many aspects of this machine that are incredible in their construction. One of the most impressive aspects is the solid brass binding. The frame is made of brass, one of the strongest and most durable metals. It keeps your device strong and lasts a long time.
  • The machine operates quietly, has a medium speed, and delivers a hard hit with a long throw. There’s a high elastic spring in it to give you relief after working a long time.

4. Micky Sharpz– Best Coil Tattoo Machine Brands

If you’re after the best coil tattoo machines, give the Micky Sharpz Tattoo Gun a try. It promises accuracy, stable working speed for precise lines, and a high-quality tattoo coil machine gun that will keep it from overheating even after 8 hours of continuous use.

10 Wraps


  • Comes with 10 wrap coils and a capacitor of 47 of capacity.
  • CNC cut brass is used to build this device, so it can last for many years.
  • Its corrosion-resistant trait will help you rest assured that it can take on the tasks required from such equipment.
  • Despite its heavy duty nature, it will not overheat even when used continuously for long hours on end. It also has a stable working speed and high strength.

5. Redscorpion Cast- Best Coil Liner Tattoo Machine

The redscorpion coil tattoo machine is an excellent choice if you are looking for both liner and shader machines at the same time.

With this tattoo liner machine, you will get precise, stable, and powerful results. More significantly, this cast iron liner coil machine has 8 wrap coils in the lining that ensure continuous operation for up to 8 hours without generating any heat.

If you’re looking for two coil tattoo machines that have the right balance of speed, stroke length, and power, the Shader, Liner, or both from Redscorpion are your best bets. Furthermore, you are also entitled to a 3-month warranty and a full refund option.



  • Each machine built with cast iron armature bar, it adds a little weight, but also increases electrical and magnetic conductivity. They give you a uniform speed and stability. As a result, the lines and shades are smoother and uniform in appearance.
  • Although the shader feature isn’t super-enhanced, it’s flawless for drawing the most refined and sharp lines.
  • Let me know what you think! To protect your cast iron machine from rust, you should smear it with rust oil after use. Otherwise, its iron frame may corrode and be degraded. As a consequence, the machine will fail to function properly.

6. Dragonhawk 2pcs – Best Coil Machine for Lining

It consists of 10 shader coils and 8 liner coils. Shader coils operate at 115 to 120 Hz, and liner coils operate at 140 to 150 Hz with 7 volts to 8 volts. A high elastic spring keeps you from getting fatigued.

As it includes a lining and a shading machine as well as an instruction manual, it is a two coil machine kit.



  • Overall, we were happy with the design and build quality. All the little touches just made it feel luxurious.
  • A special power supply is used, allowing for quick and precise voltage adjustments and activation.
  • While some folks do not recommend using them on the skin, they can still come in handy for beginners and experienced artists alike. You can always use them on practice skins and fruits anyway.
  • After continuous use for long hours without interruption, there would be no heating issue
  • Additionally, this machine offers a refund policy.

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7. FK Irons-  Best Brand Coil Tattoo Machine

Want a best liner coil tattoo machine for its great performance but the thought of having to master the use of multiple machines as a beginner seems daunting to you? It’s the first time I’ve seen a coil shorter than the other one, so perhaps that’s the reason it’s smoother and more balanced.

This makes it quite an interesting buy as it will let you enjoy the benefits of a rotary tattoo machine while getting the performance of a coil gun.



  • Its superior functionality is also owed to 12 wrap coil. Moreover, the product includes an enamel-coated 24-gauge magnet wire. The run cycle is pretty smooth and consistent. This is an excellent value for money product.
  • It allows you to achieve a medium running speed with a long throw and very precision, heavy-hitting performance by using the 47UF capacitor.

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8. RICK SAVERIAS- Best Coil Shader Tattoo Machine

RICK SAVERIAS shader machine is another of our choices for the best coil tattoo machines. It’s also said to be quite durable. Its listings do not include details about its materials and construction but many buyers can attest to its sturdiness.

Tattoo Skull


  • This iron liner coil tattoo gun is tuned, you will need to tweak it to suit your tattoo style and power supply.
  • The frame has an iron structure with a brass plated finish, along with a brass post and contact screw. Vice screw is so strong, you won’t have to worry about it slipping while you’re working.
  • It is able to handle a lot of pressure for a long time. This coil here is paired with a 47uf capacitor that can handle 50V.

9. Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional (Liner and Shader)

Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Coil Machine (Liner+Shader)

Mast Tattoo is also a successful brand due to its affordability. In consequence, the new tattoo artist prefers to work with this brand. There are 12 coils in this coil tattoo machine gun. The coils are copper wire imported from Japan. This makes it great for lining and shading tattoos.



  • The design prevents vibrations and makes the machine more stable. Plus it makes low noise. In comparison to a rotary machine, people may feel more pain with a coil machine.
  • A durable iron frame with a standard tube vise makes this a great tool. Anti-slipping silicone grip makes it comfortable to hold. 
  • Despite having a 4 volt starting voltage, it keeps a working voltage between 6 and 8 v. There is a running speed of 2500 to 2800 revolutions per minute of the machine. 

10. Hawink Tattoo Machine

Hawink Tattoo Machine Traditional Italy Handmade Coil Machine Carved by Aircraft Aluminium Enclosure 12 Wrap for Liner&Shader TMSL003

HAWINK offers three machine options: liner, shader, or both. You can easily distinguish them by their different frame colors. There are ten copper coils that are wrapped around the steel frame structure. With the latest technology used on this device, you can even adjust the voltage readings for different shading or lining requirements.

Designed with a silicone grip, it provides an anti-slipping feature, making it comfortable to hold. It contains a tattoo coils machine, a 25 mm grip, a 30 mm grip cover, stainless steel 5F and 5R tips, as well as an easy-to-store iron box. 



  • It’s made from pure copper, so it’s long-lasting and fast. Plus, they provide unlimited customer support.
  • This model is designed for long tattooing sessions due to its ability to withstand heat.
  • There’s a 6-month warranty on these machines from the manufacturer. Finally, this shader and liner coil tattoo machine gun will suit all your needs.

11. Vlad Blad Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine

Vlad Blad Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine — Limited Edition Model #121016DL1

The liner tattoo machines are the best option if you want a machine to draw lines. Vlad Blad produces a wide variety of guns. There is no doubt that Vlad Blad’s is among the best coil tattoo machines out there and can handle all types of designs.

It has a strong liner, so you don’t have to run twice. Due to its inertia, the clarity and sharpness of the stroke, and the frequency of needle movement, the device leaves the maximum amount of pigment in the skin after one stroke. This means that the contours are stunningly clear! It’s just what you need for fine portraits, thin lines and dotwork.



  • You get more power and speed with the improved front spring design. I recommend vlad blad for traditional tattoo designs.
  • Featuring a brass front section and super-strong low carbon steel binding posts powder-coated to prevent rusting.
  • One of the best pick around, this has a unique black and red design. It also has pure iron armature bar with great magnetic properties.

What You Should Look for in a Coil Tattoo Machine

A coil machine is the most common type of machine you’ll encounter in a tattoo studio. Getting a coil tattooing gun is a smart idea because it’s slightly cheaper than a rotary tattoo machine, and it comes with some perks. It’s most effective if you work with impeccable accuracy (for lines and contours mostly). This machine type is also durable and has a strong motor, so you’ll get great value.

Consider these points when making your decision. Coil tattoo machine frame play a significant role in the rest of the process.


Coils and wrap- When looking at cheaper coil tattoo machines with opaque insulation, you should be cautious since they may hide a poor wrapping job or fewer coils than they claim.

Motor Strength– Stronger motors allow the tattooing devices to create a wider needle grouping and a more defined line. Compare the motor size of the machine you are interested in with that of similar machines.

Spring– It is important to consider your comfort level here. Shaders and liners differ mostly in their spring length. Additionally, the shader’s spring is longer than the liner’s. So, you can choose one or both, depending on your tattoo style.

Keep in mind, you won’t get all the features of a high end machine if you have a low budget. A low-quality tattoo machine can make your life hard. The machines you use could break or not work right, which could result in you or someone else getting hurt.

High-quality materials– The material of your equipment is also essential if you want it to perform well and last a while. Brass, copper, and cast iron are highly recommended because of various reasons.

Brass is corrosion resistant so it tends to last long. Cast tattoo irons is highly conductive so it boosts the performance of the liner tattoo machine. Keep such details in mind and you’ll surely find a great match.

Always read reviews– Reviews offer insight and accounts of people who actually used the tattooing gun so they’re great sources of information that you won’t find in marketing materials and online listings. They’re not foolproof as some can be fake but it’s not impossible to find reliable feedback.

Consider your needs and preferences– As mentioned before, the machine comes in different shapes and sizes so you should also look into those details when choosing one. If you’re on the big side, opt for something with bigger grips and accessories. If you’re small, go for smaller ones. This way, you can be sure that your shader and liner will be manageable easy to handle.

Keep in mind the functionality of the coil gun as well. The liner is often different from the coil shader, so you should also know what you need before you start the tattoo studio.

Guide To Coil Tattoo Machine Setup

The tattoo gun setup needs to be properly customized if you are using the most reliable gun. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Needles: Before you begin to use a needle, make sure it is the right one for the job you have at hand.
  • Rubber bands: You will need to set the rubber band according to their length. Tighten the screws on the needle bar to secure it with a silicone band.
  • Operating voltage range: The operating voltage scale should be adjusted so that it fits within the limits of the settings.



It is always better to follow the instructions in the manual if you are using a coil gun for the first time.

A coil gun is the most common type of tattoo machine used by professional and amateur artists. It works on the principle of using an electromagnetic current to heat up metal needles that are dipped in ink, which then transfer the ink onto the skin. It will begin the release and drawing mechanism by activating an armature bar.

In some cases, the buzzing sound can get a little bit irritating so if possible, you might want to bring headphones to listen to music instead.


There are actually lots of best coil tattoo machines brands and choosing just one is nearly impossible. There are quite a few options for every price point as well. However, as our list above proves, Dragonhawk is certainly one of them.


Anyone who is interested and willing to put in the work to master the use of the machine will find it beneficial to get one. When it comes to this device, it’s not really about who should get it but who will have the zeal for it.

Despite its popularity, are not the easiest kind of machine to work with. They require some refined skill to use effectively. They can be a bit tricky to handle, so those who are not patient enough to master their operation might find them difficult to use. However, once you learn the ropes, they will prove to be excellent tools to work with.


One of the reasons why a lot of professionals stick with coil tattoo machines is the fact that you can easily swap out their parts for better ones. In fact, some artists like to put together the parts of different machines, as if making their own version of Frankenstein, in order to achieve the results they want. It’s possible and can be quite easy to do if you know what you should do.

The process of replacing machine parts depends largely on the very part you wish to swap out. It’s best machine to look specifically into the procedure that you wish to take on so you can know how exactly what you have to do. There are many step-by-step guides and tutorials online that can assist you in this task, so you don’t have to worry about finding the information you need.

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Picking the Best Tattoo Coil Machines for You

To be quite honest, buying a tattooing machine requires a good amount of knowledge, if you know what you’re looking for in a tattoo gun, you’ll be able to easily find the coil for you.

Tattoo machines for beginners models are very different from intermediate and professional ones as our list above can show you, so you just need to pay attention to know which ones will suit you.

But if we’re to choose just one, we’ll have to pick the Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Machine.

This set is the best for beginners and intermediate users alike so it will suit a lot of people’s needs. In comparison with the coil tattooing gun, this is heavier, more stable, and generates thicker and more well-defined lines, as it can handle larger needle groupings.

How about you? Using our buying guide and everything you’ve learned from our tips, we hope you get to find the perfect match for your needs and requirements.