Best Tattoo Coil Machines Reviews & Guide for 2022

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Taking the classic route to make skin art? Then you need the best coil tattoo machine liner and shader to get you started.

As the traditional coil tattoo machine used in modern tattooing, it’s not surprising that even with the many alternatives machines available, artists are still trying their hand with such equipment.

Micky Sharpz Machine


  • Brass frame
  • Nice vintage vibe
  • Smooth lines
  • Easy handling
OTW tattoo machine

Budget Friendly

  • Best for lining
  • Made for Beginner
  • High-performance
  • Speed Armature Bar
Dragonhawk 2pcs Coil

Editors Pick

  • Brass frames gun
  • Solid performance
  • Quality gurrenteed
  • Budget friendly

They may have their own drawbacks but they’re still the more established tool for the job, so they have this compelling appeal to those who are interested in the art.

Buying a coil tattoo machine would not be easy, so need to know more about the coil tattoo machines on the market, this buying guide is for you.

We’ll touch various areas related to these traditional coil tattoo machines, so you can expect to learn everything you need about them.

5 Best Tattoo Coil Machines on the Market

To further establish what these tools really are, here’s our roundup of the top coil tattoo machines today.

By looking closer at these high-quality tattoo machines, you’ll get a better idea of what a coil tattoo machine is and what to expect from the best tattoo machines on the market.

Check out our buying guide that helps you get the best one.

1. Pirate Grinder Coil Tattoo Machine- Best Coil Tattoo Machines for Beginners

Quick Summary
  • It comes with nearly everything to let the tattoo studio start
  • Each component of every machine is hand-crafted, from their wraps coils to their silver contact screw
  • The kit includes with 10-wrap coils and grips, tips, stainless steel ink cups, transfer paper, rubber bands, foot pedal, and needles, 1 stencil transfer paper, and 7 Radiant Colors inks

Let’s start off with what many consider as the best coil tattoo kit, the Pirate Face Tattoo Kit Grinder.

While it’s marketed to professional tattoo artists of all skill levels, it gained a lot of attention from newbies.

The machines comes with 10-wrap coils and grips, tips, and needles.

What makes it one of the best machine for beginners is the fact that the machine comes with all of the auxiliary tools and accessories to get the job done.

It even comes with an instructional book that will tell you all about the basics of tattooing so it can really be a handy resource for those who are just starting out in the tattoo industry.

These take out the fussiness from getting started in learning tattooing with shader coil tattoo machine.

It has also surprised many with its performance. For its low price, some folks expected that they might need to adjust and compromise a little but there’s not a lot of need for that with the grinder tattoo kit.

Its 10-wrap coils are powerful enough to provide great output, especially when handled by someone who knows how to work such tattoo coil machines in terms of shader and liner. The liner has a shorter back spring.

1. complete coil tattoo machine Kit

With its long list of inclusions, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Grinder is a complete coil tattoo machine kit.

It has everything you need to get started in its use, so you don’t have to look around for additional accessories or tools. This machine liner is available in most of the tattoo shops.

2. Affordable Price

The coil tattoo machine liner is a very affordable price as well. For 4 brass coil tattoo machines and a good load of accessories, its price is already quite the steal.

3. Versatility

The coil tattoo machine isn’t known for being versatile but the Grinder can be put in this single-use tattoo tubes for coil machines. How?

The brass coils tattoo machines included in this tattoo gun kit are not necessarily designated as liner and shader but you can tune them as such, therefore giving you more control over your equipment.

4. Good for Starters

While coil tattoo machines aren’t the friendliest coil machines for newbies in general, the Grinder Kit might be a solid choice since tattoo machine comes with beginners’ resources like the book Basic Fundamentals Of Modern Tattoo by Charles Jordan and the Welcome to Tattoo DVD.

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  • Heavy duty machine
  • Versatile brass coil tattoo machines
  • More popular than any other type of tattoo machines
  • This kit includes Radiant Colors tattoo inks that are made in South America
  • Some experienced power supply issues
  • Coil Machines can hit too hard without proper control

2. Dragonhawk Complete Kit- Best Coil Cheap Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • Brass frames gun
  • Made from anodized CNC-machined
  • The machines come with a satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee
  • It comes with a needle bar retainer
  • Fitted with standard tube vise
  • 50 sterile tattoo needles

From one of the more popular affordable tattoo supply manufacturers comes our second coil tattoo machine pick, the Dragonhawk Complete coil Tattoo Kit.

Like the tattoo machine above, this full set of tattoo equipment offers 4 coil tattoo machines, each machine is made for specific functionality.

You’ll get a conventional liner, power liner, soft shader, and color packer machines coil and more for a very friendly price tag.

The best thing about this pro tattoo machine is its solid performance.

This makes it one of the top-quality coil tattoo gun available since its rather robust and very reliable despite its very low price.

In addition to the brass coil tattoo machines, you’ll also get everything like power supply, foot pedal, and clip cord to get started in tattooing – from the machine’s accessories to inks and practice skins.

So if you don’t want to make separate purchases or you wish to start tattooing right away, this shading machine can be a solid choice.

1. Coil tattoo Machines are Designed with Gabe Shum

Guaranteeing that these coil tattoo guns are perfectly useful for professional tattoo artist of all skill levels is the fact that it’s designed with the help of a globally-renowned tattoo artist, Gabe Shum.

Based in Hong Kong, he’s inked global celebs and is also deemed as one of the region’s most inspired professional artists.

With his expertise combined with Dragonhawk’s manufacturing tattooing experience, you can be sure that these lining machines will deliver great results.

2. Quality Guaranteed

All of Dragonhawk’s coil tattoo guns are checked manually by workers to ensure that everything works well and accordingly.

This means that you can rest assured that you’ll get a reliable liner and shader machine with your purchase.

3. Budget-Friendly

As mentioned above, Dragonhawk is a well-known budget-friendly brand so you can expect the same thing from this liner tattoo kit.

  • Come with a satisfaction guarantee and money back guarantee
  • Designed with the help of a famous tattoo artist
  • Suitable for beginner skill level person
  • Vague list of inclusions
  • Requires most amount of skill to use than any other machine type of a tattoo gun
  • Power supply might not be as durable as many want it to be

3. One tattoo world OTW-M702 Coil Tattoo Machine- Best Handmade Tattoo Machines

Quick Summary
  • Coil tattoo machine for lining
  • CNC billet brass frame with brass finish as well as brass posts and contact screw
  • 8 wrap coil
  • 7.2 oz weight

The best thing to note about one tattoo world is its very affordable. While coil tattoo machines are often very affordable, this coil tattoo machine one is possibly one of the lowest priced available.

It certainly won’t hurt your budget to give it a try.

This makes it a solid coil tattoo machine pick for beginners and experienced tattooists on a budget who wants to explore or add new tools to their arsenals.

It can be a great choice for those who want to create their own kit or test out how well they’ll like using shader coil tattoo machine.

With its price, there’s a very good chance that it can be a great buy no matter what purpose you may have for it in mind.

Despite its low price, though, this 1TattooWorld pick is of great quality product.

The manufacturer has established its name in the industry for its affordable but high-performance picks, so this shouldn’t be too surprising.

Can anyone buy a coil or rotary machine?” Yes, anyone can buy a coil or rotary tattoo machines without any difficulties. This is seen both as a pro and con by many because the ease in purchasing makes the art very accessible.

However, the lack of regulation also puts many people in danger if they don’t have the proper guidance in using the said kinds of equipment.

  • Runs nicely at a low voltage for each tattooing session
  • Good customer service
  • Special surface treatment
  • Nice weight
  • Speed Armature Bar
  • Appealing vintage design
  • Some users needed to replace parts before use
  • Information about its build and materials are hard to find

4. Micky Sharpz Coil Tattoo Machine– Best Coil Tattoo Machine Brands

Quick Summary
  • 10 wrap coils
  • The material is the unique selling point
  • Comes with a convenient contact screw
  • Brass frame with standard tube vise fittings
  • Works on casting technology that creates simple and smooth lines

If you’re after the best professional coil tattoo machines, give the Micky Sharpz Tattoo Gun a try.

This brass coils tattoo machine may not necessarily be from one of the most or the best coil tattoo machines right now but it’s proving to be the best option for its solid performance.

Featuring a lovely brass frame that gives it a nice vintage vibe, this best coil tattoo machine for the liner, shader work is also like the Dragonhawk coils tattoo machine listed above.

It promises accuracy, stable working speed for smooth lines, and a high-quality tattoo coil machine that will keep it from overheating even after 8 hours of continuous use.

The coil tattoo machine comes with 10 wrap coils and a capacitor of 47 of capacity.

1. Affordable

As one would expect from an emerging tattoo gun manufacturer from China, Micky Sharpz comes with a very friendly price tag.

It’s not necessarily as cheap as the ones in the tattoo coil machine kits mentioned above but it’s still very affordably priced for the kind of materials and construction it offers. This makes it a solid pick for many.

2. Solid Build

Made from CNC cut machined billet brass frame, you can also count on this high-end tattoo machine liner shader gun to last you a while.

Its corrosion-resistant trait will help you rest assured that it can take on the tasks required from such equipment.

3. Easy Handling

As 10 wrap coil tattoo machines aren’t exactly known for quick results, this liner coil tattoo machine is designed to be handled nicely for long hours.

It has a stable working speed and high strength. It’s also made in a way that will keep it from overheating even when used for hours on end.

  • Attractive vintage design
  • Steady handling
  • Will not overheat even when used for long hours
  • Great price
  • Rear binding post is short
  • Poor wrapping job
  • Not a lot of info about the tattoo gun is available online

5. Redscorpion Cast Iron Liner Machine- best coil liner tattoo machine

Quick Summary
  • Cast iron frame
  • 8- wrap coils and it can push needle groupings up to size 15
  • 28mm height solenoid valve technology
  • Speed Armature Bar to know how deep the needle will penetrate the skin
  • The company also offers a free online guide, as well as several tattoo designs

Another hidden gem that pleasantly surprised many tattoo artists is the best tattoo machine Redscorpion Liner Coil Tattoo Gun 8 Wrap Coil for Tattoo.

This affordable cast tattoo irons liner coil machine pick is so good that many agree that it’s possibly one of the best coil tattoo machines for lining and shading.

What makes it so great is its accuracy. With an iron frame that is made with a precision line cut, this liner coil tattoo machine was crafted with exactitude in mind.

As a result, tattooists get the exact results they want, proving it to be very easy to use with as well. In this coil tattoo machine you can see the 10 coil wraps.

Aside from being spot on, this redscorpion cast iron liner coil tattoo machine is also very consistent.

Thanks to its high magnetic and electric conductivity, you don’t have to worry about it cutting in and out.

1. Easy Setup

The most common praise this redscorpion coil cast tattoo irons liner machine got from various users is how easy it is to set up.

Just some tuning and tightening of screws and this redscorpion cast iron liner coil tattoo machine is already good to go.

Some even go as far to say as it’s nicely tuned straight out of the box. This is a good sign for its reliability and performance.

2. Accuracy

Aside from its quick setup, the Red Scorpion cast iron liner coil tattoo machine is also well known for its accuracy.

Its Precision Line tattoo session and cut frame makes it possible for the device to create very accurate dimensions which also makes it easier to handle and control.

3. Great Choice of Materials

Made from cast iron, this tattoo machine has excellent magnetic and electric conductivity. As a result, it doesn’t cut in and out so you can always expect to get clean, smooth, and exact lines.

The equipment is designed in such a way that it reduces any possible skin damage.

4. budget Friendly

On top of its great performance, this redscorpion coil machine is very affordable. It might not come with other machines but it’s still worth the investment because it offers great value for the money.

  • Consistently and therefore results in a smoother needle motion
  • Great power strength
  • High accuracy and stable tattoo session that allow you to work for 8 hours without any heating effect
  • Has a larger contact gap and a low saturation level
  • Poor wrapping job
  • Can be a bit heavy

6. Complete Kit 2 Machine Both Shader and Liner – Best Coil Shader Tattoo Machines

Quick Summary
  • Two coil tattoo machines for lining and shading
  • 10 wrap coils
  • Brass frame build quality
  • Casting technology
  • Sturdy armature bar
  • The front spring comes with impressive power
  • It has plenty of power to push large needle groupings
  • Several accessories are available with this shader coil tattoo kit to make your tattooing sessions comfortable

As its name suggests, we choose the Dragonhawk 2pcs brass, Tattoo Power Supply, Needles, 20 Inks L3 as our pick for the best coil tattoo machines today.

It might not seem like much based on the amount of electronics on the list but it still suits the description perfectly.

It’s a two coils tattoo machine kit since it comes with 2 coil tattoo machines for lining and shading, a power supply, practice skin, foot pedal, and almost everything you need to start tattooing. So in terms of the tattoo machine set up, this is a complete set.

It even comes with practice skin, so you can really start tattooing as soon as your order arrives at your front door.

1. Lots of supplies included

While this high-quality tattoo kits may not contain lots of coil tattoo machines like the other Dragonhawk best type of machine listed above, you can still say that this comes with a lot of stuff.

The dragonhawk complete coil tattoo starter kit may be pretty basic but its inclusions are plenty.

For starters it comes with 20 bottles of inks with different colors. This high-end machine liner alone is already a treat since the starter kit is very affordable.

While some folks do not recommend using them on the skin, they can still come in handy for beginners and experienced tattoo artists alike. You can always use them on practice skins and fruits anyway.

2. Very affordable

Lots of buyers get this tattoo coil machine for its low price thinking that it’s nice to practice equipment.

They are often proved correct and even blown away as these two coils tattoo machine deliver good results. most people don’t really expect much from cheap picks nowadays, so this coil machine is quite a breath of fresh air.

It will give you solid results without hurting your wallet.

3. Solid build

Despite the affordable price, the machines and supplies included in this items are nicely constructed. This is exactly what Dragonhawk is known for, so it shouldn’t be too surprising.

It’s still worth mentioning, however, since it’s the tattoo machine brands major draw.

No heating issue would be experienced even after continuous use for 8 hours

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  • Tattoo ink is said to be only for practicing
  • No carrying case included
  • Some experienced issues with the power supply

7. FK Irons – AL 13 Exactor III Tattoo Machine-  best brand coil tattoo machine

Quick Summary
  • 1 coil tattoo machine for both lining and shading
  • The machine is made from aircraft aluminum
  • Easy to use, precise, and intricate line work
  • Has a 47 µF 8 V capacitor and short front spring for speed
  • Sturdy armature bar while the binding posts are brass

Want a best coil tattoo machine for beginners for its great performance but the thought of having to master the use of multiple machines as a beginner seems daunting to you?

This is understandable, so make sure to check out FK Irons coils tattoo machine.

This item features a coil tattoo machine that can both line and shade so it’s a different breed of device from many on this list.

This makes it quite an interesting buy as it will let you enjoy the benefits of a rotary tattoo machine while getting the performance of a coil machine.

At first glance, this shader and liner complete coil tattoo machine kit may not seem like much since it only comes with one coil tattoo machine. This liner tattoo machine usually comes in pairs as coil tattoo machines tend to have specific purposes.

Having just one machine in the kit does not really guarantee that you can do everything you need to start designs that require coloring and shading.

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  • High accuracy and stable tattoo session
  • No carrying case included

8. RICK SAVERIAS Tattoo Machine

Quick Summary
  • Handmade machine made in South America
  • The machine is made of quality materials and well structured
  • Lightweight so your hand veins will not get tired
  • The armature bar is a heavy one
  • Has a shorter back spring
  • Needs more than 8 V
  • Very quick work for the tattooing process

The RICK SAVERIAS Tattoo Machine is another of our picks for the best coil liner and shader tattoo machine title.

This classic-looking coil machine may not seem like much but its very friendly price point, combined with its reliable performance is certainly noteworthy.

It’s also said to be quite durable. Its listings do not include details about its materials and construction but many buyers can attest to its sturdiness.

This makes it quite a reliable coil machines for various lining tasks. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

You just need to compare with a rotary tattoo machine and be discerning about the tone of the review and its content and you can be sure to get something out of tattoo gun feedback.

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Picking the Best Coils for Tattoo Machine for You

To be quite honest, buying a coil tattoo machine requires a good amount of knowledge, if you know what you’re looking for in a tattoo gun, you’ll be able to easily find the coil tattoo machine for you.

Tattoo machines for beginners models are very different from intermediate and professional ones as our list above can show you, so you just need to pay attention to know which ones will suit you best coil tattoo machines.

But if we’re to choose just one, we’ll have to pick the Dragonhawk 2pcs Brass Coil Tattoo Machine.

This set is the best coil tattoo machines for beginners and intermediate users alike so it will suit a lot of people’s needs. It’s also designed for accuracy, so you can count on it to be highly manageable and easy to coil tattoo gun work with.

How about you? Using our buying guide and everything you’ve learned from our tips, we hope you get to find the perfect match for your needs and requirements.