What to do after getting a tattoo

You got your first tattoo on your forearm. Now, you are waiting for the end of the healing process to show it to the world. To heal the tattoo completely, you must follow the aftercare instructions completely.  But the aftercare guide your tattoo artist provides seems a bit confusing. You looked for clear instructions on … Read more

What to Do Before Getting a Tattoo

You are planning on getting your first tattoo tomorrow. It will be a small and simple tattoo. But you are worried about the tattoo pain as you heard a lot of horror stories about it. That’s why you would love to get tips on what to do before getting a tattoo and what you should … Read more

Does Getting Tattoos Hurt

You want to get your feet wet in the tattoo world and decide you place your first tattoos on your inner wrist. So, you go to your nearby tattoo studio and tell the artist about your wish.  But the tattoo artists start sharing the horror stories of tattooing on the inner wrist. After hearing the … Read more

Do Colored Tattoos Fade? The Truth About Colored Ink

Yes, all tattoos, whether it may be color tattoos or any watercolour tattoo, fade over time. It’s natural and normal. You can get the tattoo idea of any traditional tattoo with colored ink from specialized tattoo designers. Poor aftercare practice, tattooed with low-quality ink, or an inexperienced artist is responsible for tattoo fading. Apart from … Read more

How long do finger tattoos last – The Ins and Outs at a Glance!

Remarkably, if we look back to the history of tattooing, you are absolutely amazing that more than five thousand years ago and enormously  3000  years before Christ was born, it started. Hence, you can consider it as an ancient form and permanent kind of body art. Apart from expressing internal thoughts, tattoos represent devotion, inspiration, … Read more