what happens to tattoos when you get old

Once we started turning to tattoo our bodies at a younger stage of our life, most of us had a question- “what will happen to my tattoos when I get old”? Well, having this question in your mind is legit to be precise. Every organ of our body goes through changes as we get older. … Read more

How Fast Does a Tattoo Needle Move

When tattoo needles are connected to tattoo machines, they rapidly move up and down. Each time the tattoo needles pierce your skin, a tiny amount of ink is always left behind. When these tiny drips are combined, they form the tattoo image. The machine’s rapid movement enables the tattoo artists to produce complex and interesting … Read more

How To Sterilize Tattoo Needles: 7 Alternative Ways To Sterilize Needles

The Tattoo tube, tattoo ink, or needles are specially designed to use for single use. You shouldn’t reuse it. However, you are tattooing yourself at home, and if you know how to sterilize tattoo needles- nothing can stop you. Using an autoclave machine, pressure cooker, steaming & boiling the needle, and chemically sterilizing are effective … Read more

How To Know If A Tattoo Is Infected: The Answer You Must Know

Once your tattoo artist finishes the job of inserting contaminated ink into your skin, he gives you detailed tattoo aftercare instructions. He provides the aftercare guideline so that the tattooed area heals properly and doesn’t get infected. So, it’s a must to follow the aftercare tips. If you don’t follow the tattoo aftercare instructions, there … Read more

Best Tattoo Gun: A Comparison and Review of the Most Diverse and Popular Models

While it’s true that your skill will always determine your output, it wouldn’t hurt if you have great gear to work with. They can promise effectiveness and effficiency, making them really handy to have. Having a quality tattoo gun can greatly increase the efficiency of tattooists’ work. Tattoo artists who are just starting out often … Read more

Best Rotary Tattoo Machines

It’s likely you won’t be able to pick just one tattoo machine since there are so many types. The best rotary tattoo machines have many benefits that make them a good option. You will never know the true potential of your artistry until you try a rotary tattoo machine. Indeed, we are pretty much sure … Read more